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Core base acl 2.2.45-2 Library for filesystem ACL support 2007-11-19
Core base attr 2.4.39-2 Extended attribute support library for ACL support 2007-11-19
Core base bash 3.2.033-2 The GNU Bourne Again shell 2008-02-01
Core base bzip2 1.0.4-3 A high-quality data compression program 2007-11-19
Core base coreutils 6.10-2 The basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system 2008-02-08
Core base cpio 2.9-3 A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive 2007-11-19
Core base cracklib 2.8.10-5 Password Checking Library 2007-11-19
Core base cryptsetup 1.0.5-5 Userspace setup tool for transparent encryption of block devices using the Linux 2.6 cryptoapi 2007-11-19
Core base dash 0.5.4-3 A POSIX compliant shell that aims to be as small as possible 2007-12-02
Core base db 4.6.21-2 The Berkeley DB embedded database system 2007-11-19
Core base dcron 3.2-3 Dillon's Cron Daemon 2007-11-19
Core base device-mapper 1.02.24-1 Device mapper userspace library and tools. 2008-01-11
Core base dhcpcd 3.2.0-1 A DHCP client daemon 2008-02-06
Core base dialog 1.1_20071028-1 A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts 2007-12-19
Core base diffutils 2.8.1-5 Utility programs used for creating patch files 2007-12-30
Core base dmapi 2.2.8-3 Data migration API 2007-11-19
Core base dmraid 1.0.0.rc14-3 Device mapper RAID interface 2008-02-08
Core base e2fsprogs 1.40.4-1 Ext2 filesystem utilities 2008-01-20
Core base file 4.23-1 File type identification utility 2008-01-03
Core base filesystem 2007.11-6 Base filesystem 2008-02-01
Core base findutils 4.2.32-1 GNU utilities to locate files 2008-02-08
Core base gawk 3.1.6-2 Gnu version of awk 2007-11-19
Core base gcc-libs 4.2.3-3 Runtime libraries shipped by GCC for C and C++ languages 2008-02-07
Core base gdbm 1.8.3-5 GNU database library 2007-11-19
Core base gen-init-cpio 2.6.17-3 Program to compress initramfs images 2007-11-19
Core base gettext 0.17-1 GNU internationalization library 2007-11-20
Core base glibc 2.7-7 GNU C Library 2007-11-19
Core base grep 2.5.3-3 A string search utility 2007-12-12
Core base groff 1.19.2-4 GNU troff text-formatting system 2008-02-01
Core base grub 0.97-9 A GNU multiboot boot loader 2007-11-19
Core base gzip 1.3.12-4 GNU compression utility 2007-11-19
Core base hdparm 7.7-3 A shell utility for manipulating Linux IDE drive/driver parameters 2007-11-19
Core base hwdetect 0.9-1 Hardware detection script with loading modules and mkinitcpio.conf / rc.conf support 2007-12-02
Core base initscripts 2007.11-2 System initialization/bootup scripts 2007-10-23
Core base iputils 20070202-4 IP Configuration Utilities (and Ping) 2008-02-06
Core base jfsutils 1.1.12-2 JFS filesystem utilities 2007-11-19
Core base kbd 1.12.20070827-2 Keytable files and keyboard utilities 2007-11-19
Core base kernel-headers Kernel headers sanitized for use in userspace 2007-11-19
Core base kernel26 The Linux Kernel and modules 2008-02-10
Core base klibc 1.5-3 a minimal libc made for early-userspace 2007-11-20
Core base klibc-extras 2.3-1 Extra apps for klibc early-userspace 2007-11-20
Core base klibc-module-init-tools 3.2.2-1 Utilities for inserting and removing modules from the Linux kernel 2007-11-20
Core base klibc-udev 116-2 udevd compiled under klibc 2007-11-20
Core base less 418-1 A terminal based program for viewing text files 2008-01-14
Core base libarchive 2.4.11-1 library that can create and read several streaming archive formats 2008-01-02
Core base libdownload 1.3-1 URL based download library, forked from libfetch 2008-01-02
Core base libgcrypt 1.4.0-1.1 a general purpose crypto library based on the code used 2008-01-08
Core base libgpg-error 1.6-1 Support library for libgcrypt 2008-01-05
Core base libpcap 0.9.8-2 A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture 2007-11-19
Core base libusb 0.1.12-3 Library to enable user space application programs to communicate with USB devices 2007-11-19
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