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It is well established that students who are involved in extracurricular activities get better grades in school.  There are numerous clubs and activities at Port Charlotte High School , which are responsive to the interests of our student body.  We encourage all students to become involved in some type of extracurricular activity.

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A-Team is open to all students in grades 9 through 12.  The team travels throughout the state to compete on various levels in a quiz bowl setting.  The club also participates in a team Jeopardy contest as well as a competition of students against the faculty.  Qualification is through practice contests.
A national club based on leadership, character, service, and academic achievement.  Beta Club is open to students in grades 9-12.  Students will be selected for membership based on a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
The PCHS Book Club is for anyone who loves to read!  Our purpose is to promote recreational reading.  The club gives students an opportunity to discuss literary works across different genres, feeling free to voice their opinions while listening to and being open to the opinions of others.  Students may also have the opportunity to hear published authors speak about their books and writing styles.  Meetings are held at least once a month throughout the school year, and at least eight different books are read and discussed.  Club members vote on the books to be read.  Club officers are elected at the end of each school year for the following year.  The Book Club is always welcoming new members who love to read and talk about what they’ve been reading!

The Creative Writing Club was formed with the intention of giving young writers a chance to critique their writing and develop a unique writing voice. The club is determined to provide a positive culture of writing at Port Charlotte High School .  Some of the projects in which this club is involved include: the formation of a PCHS "Writing Center”, promoting “open mike” nights, and writing contests, interacting with local writing resources, and exploring  opportunities for student publication.


Dance Team is a group that leads, practices and performs modern dancing.  Hip-hop and rap moves are combined with popular music to create dance routines.  The group performs at school events.  Members are responsible for coming to meetings, paying dues, learning routines and performing.  Team members are selected by try-outs held at various times during the year as needed.

DECA helps students develop skills and competencies for marketing and business careers, build self-confidence, experience leadership and practice community service. DECA is committed to the advocacy of marketing education and the growth of business and educational  partnerships.


The Environmental Club at PCHS is committed to the preservation of nature flora on campus and in the surrounding community.  This service-centered organization participates in the Adopt-A-Road Program and cleans, quarterly, a section of Quesada Boulevard in Port Charlotte .  The Environmental Club also cleans brush from various areas of the campus and works closely with the district office to aid in the beautification of gardens around the facility.  Club members also volunteer their time at several community endeavors and place service-learning as one of its most vital attributes.  Students in this club learn the fundamental procedures in planting flora and the basic concepts inherent in Xeriscaping.

FCA is a non-denominational, nationally affiliated organization that provides a spiritual outlet for students.  FCA’s weekly, student-led meetings are high energy, youth group style events, generally focused on important topics and issues faced by today’s teenagers.  FCA’s primary purposes include:  (1) providing relevant insight and perspective into teenage areas of concern (2) integrating the Christian faith into everyday life (3) providing support for students seeking to live a life of integrity and        (4)  serving as a positive influence on campus.  FCA is known for its creative special events as well as an opportunity for students to interact with each other in a discussion setting.  Presentations from student leaders and guest speakers, games, drama, and tasty breakfasts are also part of the FCA experience.  FCA has no specific membership and seeks to be open to all students regardless of religious or athletic involvement.  It provides a comfortable environment for Christian students to grow in their faith, as well as a pressure-free opportunity to welcome newcomers to explore the claims of Christianity for themselves.

Students of French have the opportunity to extend their learning of language and culture beyond the classroom by becoming members of the French Club.  Members elect officers who work with the faculty advisor to plan language and culture based activities based on the members’ interests.  Some examples of such activities are this year’s “Fete au Chocolat” in which students made and enjoyed traditional chocolate desserts, and a Mardi Gras celebration feature Cajun music, colorful beads, and King Cake.  Students watch two feature films in French and have a French breakfast.  Students interested in membership may sign up for the club through their French class.  All levels of French are welcome.

A gathering of students that like to game.  We have Xbox style tournaments, almost always have a group playing cards of one type or another.  There is always Chess available.  We even play dominos.  Whatever arrives on a Wednesday afternoon is what everybody plays and enjoys.  We also have the novel pastime of conversation.  We are very informal and meet once a week.


Interact is an international service organization dedicated to serve others.  
It is sponsored by the Port Charlotte 
Rotary Club.

Key Club is a service organization 
for students in grades 9-12.  It is 
sponsored by the Port Charlotte 
Kiwanis Club.


PCHS’ Mock trial team competes annually in local and area competitions.  The focus of the competitive season is the Charlotte County competition.  The local competition has the opportunity to advance to regional events, which PCHS has done on numerous occasions.  Students are trained to prepare criminal or civil case materials, serving in the roles of both attorney and witnesses.  The trial competition is based upon actual rules of procedure and resembles an authentic trial, complete with opening and closing statements, witness examinations, and procedural objections.  Students are judged on their knowledge of both the case and pertinent procedures, as well as their ability to think and react in a fast moving, dynamic environment.  While primarily made up of students of Law Studies and Court Procedures, other students who demonstrate superior academic skills and work ethic are occasionally invited to participate.  Since most of the training takes place in the classroom, no regular meetings are held, although preparing sessions are usually scheduled outside of school time as competition approaches.  Case materials are distributed in late October and competition takes place in late January or early February.


MODEL UNITED NATIONS ACADEMIC TEAM (MUN) Port Charlotte High School ’s Model U.N. Academic Team is the most successful competitive team of any kind in Charlotte County history.   The team has won 6 consecutive Florida state championships, 8 consecutive Georgia state championships, 8 national level and 8 international championships.  Our team competes at the most challenging and prestigious conferences in the country and internationally, including Harvard, Yale, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Duke, Georgia Tech, and McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  Students represent U.N. member nations and debate the same international issues as the real United Nations does.  Students develop a significant repertoire of skills, including research, public speaking, leadership, collaboration, writing, and global awareness. PCHS Model United Nations graduates are currently attending top universities such as Harvard, Duke, MIT, University of Chicago , Vanderbilt, Swarthmore, Emory, Cornell, and George Washington University .  Participation in this highly challenging academic activity will prepare your son or daughter for success at the university and professional levels.

The purpose of this club is to give serious math students the opportunity to participate in local and state math contests.  Students are recommended based on grade point average and math courses.
The NAHS emphasizes outstanding artistic scholarship and service to the school and community through the development of artistic endeavors together with a strong moral character.  The individual student members of the society promote an awareness of art and become active participants in the education process at their school and in their community.  Students in grades 10-12 who have a minimum of one semester in art and maintain a “B” average in art are eligible.  Ninth graders are eligible during the second semester of their freshmen year, on probation status to earn points toward upperclassmen status.

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarships, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.  Membership is a privilege, offered only to those meeting specific criteria after completion of the first semester of their sophomore year.  Each February, all sophomores and juniors that have maintained accumulative weighted GPA of 3.500 or higher in high school are invited to a meeting for instructions for completing the “Candidate Survey Packet”.  All students meeting the membership requirements are invited to join NHS.  In addition to a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.500 or higher, candidates must be able to document examples of school service, community service, and leadership activities.  Candidates will also be asked to have five teachers complete a character reference form before they can be considered for membership.  If you believe in the purposes of NHS, make sure to participate in activities that will allow you to meet all membership requirements during your freshman and sophomore years.

NJROTC has a Drill Team, Color Guard Team, Rifle Team, Academic Team and a Physical Fitness Team which meets before or after school hours.  These teams compete against other NJROTC, Air Force, JROTC, Army JROTC, and Marine Corps NJROTC units in the tri-state area of Alabama , Florida and Georgia .  All competitions are held at major colleges/universities with ROTC programs or at a military installation.  These teams also compete against all NJROTC units throughout the United States at home postal matches.  The practices are normally held two or three days a week after school during the entire school year.  This is an equivalent commitment as participating in a varsity sport.  Members of these teams are eligible to qualify for additional NJROTC medals and ribbons, including the PCHS letter.  
The PCHS Pirate Crew is a student driven organization designed to foster and continue the tradition of Pirate Pride.  Members are assessed an annual fee and are given a shirt to wear proudly.  This shirt is also their ticket to gain entry into ANY home athletic event absolutely FREE.  The savings alone are a worthwhile reason to join the Pirate Crew.  (For example, with 5 home football games and 15 home basketball games, a student would normally spend around $60.  Pirate Crew membership allows a student to attend not only those contests, but girls' basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling, swimming, and weightlifting.  The list includes ALL home sporting events.)  In addition to free entry into our home athletic venues, members are also invited to several “social” events during the year at which they are given the opportunity to have a snack (usually pizza or even ice cream) and socialize with other students and student athletes.  These socials occur during the school day and are quickly becoming a highlight to the school year.  Becoming a member of the Pirate Crew is an opportunity to greatly enrich a student’s high school career, getting them involved in activities and events that occur outside the range of the classroom.  As high school is a social time in a teenager’s life, Pirate Crew membership can be an integral part of the high school experience.

Gulfcoast South Area Education Center , a not-for-profit organization affiliated with USF College of medicine, in coordination with the Career Information Center (CIC) of Port Charlotte High School (PCHS) is offering the REACH program.  The REACH Program is for all PCHS students interested in health careers and career exploration.  The program is designed to provide students interested in health careers a rare and unique opportunity to explore and examine a variety of health career occupations.  It will also supply students with an abundance of knowledge about what is available to them within the health care industry, while encouraging them to envision it as a future employment opportunity. The REACH Program activities will include: *One-on-one guidance from the Program Coordinator to address students’ individual needs; *Guest speakers that will highlight different health professions; *Field trips to colleges, universities, and conferences; *Career Workshops and Skills Enhancement Classes; *Possible summer internships to provide the students with hands-on health care.  There is no cost to the students to participate in this program.  Transportation is provided for all field trips.  The group will be meeting in the PCHS CIC.  Dates and times are subject to change according to student’s needs.  Students can pick up an application in the CIC.

Since the founding of the Junior Red Cross in 1917, youth and the Red Cross have been partners.  Today, the involvement of young people with the Red Cross is more important than ever. Our goal is to provide young people with meaningful
opportunities for education, training, and volunteer/community service so that they remain a part of the Red Cross family throughout their lives.  Young people up to age 24 make up 35 percent of all Red Cross volunteers.

The Scholars Club was created to promote scholarship, education and a sense of inclusiveness among minority students.


The Volunteer Service Program (Silver Cord) is to encourage young people to offer their talents and energies in the service of others with no thought of earning money in return.  Documented voluntary service hours are a valuable addition to the college application.  Seventy-five hours of community volunteer service is a required component of the Florida Academic Scholar Certification Program; 150 hours is required for earning a Silver Cord to wear in the graduation ceremony.  Students who are actively pursuing the Silver Cord or the Florida Academic Certificate should have the necessary hours completed by May of their senior year.  Information and the necessary forms for documentation of hours are available from the Volunteer Coordinator.

Spanish Club is for those students who are interested in Hispanic dance, music and cultural activities.  Students do not have to be taking or even have taken Spanish classes in order to join!  Our activities vary from year to year, but include Latin dancing, trips to Hispanic festivals and cultural celebrations of the Hispanic community.  For the past two years we have also participated in Relay for Life, the first year as a team and the second as part of the Luminaria Committee.  The principal mission of Spanish Club is to promote Hispanic cultural awareness on the PCHS campus.

An organization committed to promoting scholarships, school morale, good citizenship, good student-faculty relations, leadership, service to school and community, and the general welfare of the school.

Thespian Society is an organization designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts.  The society provides opportunities required to compete in both the District individual events and one-act competition.  During competitions, expect a minimum of 2-3 hours per night plus all day competitions.

Tri-M Music Society is an international musical honorary whose members have excelled not only in the music field but also academically and have shown a willingness to assist through volunteering to better the community in which they live.  Students are selected for membership based on criteria established that are related to the above mentioned categories.

Water polo is a sport best described as mix of basketball and wrestling.  Water polo takes place in a pool; you do not have to be a good swimmer to play.  There are two 10’ by 3’ goals at the ends of the pool.  There are six players and one goalie in the pool at a time.  The players move up and down the pool trying to gain control of the ball and put it in the opposing goal.  The sport is very fast-paced with many quick direction changes like basketball.  Like wrestling you will learn how to turn and place opponents so that they are in a favorable position and your team can score.  This is a great sport to improve your stamina and cardio fitness  levels and have fun at the same time.  Anyone can play, just come to the pool after school and talk to one of the coaches.


Yearbook is a journalism class that produces, designs and markets the memories of PCHS in book form using words and pictures.  This is a class for sophomores and older and is all about leadership, writing skills, creativity, and school participation.  Our staff captures the highlights throughout the year and brings them into focus for the “scrapbook” of high school.  Members need to be self-motivated, responsible, and energetic to sell ads, interview subjects, and take photographs that will capsulate the year’s events.  It truly teaches lifelong skills of running a business and creating a product to market.




Club Websites
Active club websites are underlined.  Check back often for new websites added.

Academic Team Challenge (A-Team)
Beta Club
Book Club
Creative Writing Club
Dance Team
Environmental Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
French Club
Games Club
Interact Club
Key Club
Mock Trial
Model United Nations Academic Team (MUN)
Mu Alpha Theta
National Art Honor Society (NAHS)
National Honor Society
Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (NJROTC)
Pirate Crew
Pirate Pride Band
Recruitment and Educational Assistance for Careers in Health (REACH)
Red Cross Club
Scholars Club
Silver Cord
Spanish Club
Student Government Association
Thespian Society
Tri-M Music Society
Water Polo
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