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[edit] Welcome to the PepperWiki

This is a place to collect and share information about the Pepper Pad, a tablet-like device running Linux from Pepper Computer, Inc.

The Pepper Pad is the reason we're all here! It is a new wireless information appliance from Pepper Computer, Inc that connects to any Wi-Fi network, 802.11b or 802.11g (PP3 only), and includes a suite of easy to use, zero-maintenance applications (the Pepper Keeper) for web browsing, e-mail, note taking, media libaries, and more!

[edit] News

[edit] Information

[edit] HOWTO do stuff with your Pad

[edit] Hacking / Development

The Pad's standard Linux underpinnings mean easy customization for those of us who like to make computers do **exactly** what we want them to do.

[edit] About the PepperWiki

This site was setup by Victor Rehorst and supported by everyone! By all means sign up and start making pages. See the Community portal for ideas. This page needs to be niceified as well! Feel free.

[edit] Getting Help

New to MediaWiki? Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

[edit] Disclaimer

PepperWiki is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Pepper Computer, Inc. Information contained herein is submitted by Pepper Pad end users and enthusiasts. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Performing any of the software hacks or updates described on this site may VOID YOUR WARRANTY. It is strongly urged that you only attempt such procedures if you have backed up your device and know what you are doing. None of the writers, maintainers, or hosters of this site assume any responsibility for any damages whatsoever incurred while following instructions from this site.

Pepper Computer, Inc has this to say about messing around with your Pepper’s software:

The Pepper Pad is covered by a Limited Warranty which does not apply to any damage due to hardware or software modifications to this product by any party other than a Pepper Computer authorized service facility. Additionally, Pepper Computer will not provide support for any problems caused by unwarranted modifications.

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