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  • Aeon Dux  A picture of Splatter Phoenix in the style of Aeon Flux.
  • Duck Fiction  A takeoff of the Pulp Fiction poster.
  • Darkwing Forever  A poster for a movie that should have been!
  • From Duck Til Dawn  A parody of the poster (or a variation thereof) for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez movie From Dusk Till Dawn.
  • Know Fear Would you believe Negaduck has his own line of sportswear?!
  • Lame Duck A parody of the poster for the Chris Farley/David Spade movie Black Sheep, with Drake and Launchpad.


  • DARKQUIX.GIF  "What happens to a good natured mallard when he starts reading too many comic books? Why, he becomes a heroic champion of justice, of course!"
  • DRAKEY.GIF  A cover of Legends of the Dark Duck, put out by DAFT Comics. This issue features the story Enter Duckboy, based on a certain story by Esbeckras@aol.com.
  • DWSPAWN.GIF "Looks like Darkwing's dealings with Beelzebub have had some interesting results". YOU be the judge of just what it is. ;)
  • GOSNOEL.GIF A poster for As Duck Would Have It.
  • HARIVY9.GIF   Bushroot and Quackerjack (from Darkwing Duck) test their luck with two villains from another series.
  • JDA.GIF  A parody of DC's Justice League of America featuring the Justice Ducks. Coming to you from Daftmalgam comics!
  • JUNGLE.GIF  Launchpad from Darkwing Duck and Beth Webfoot from (among many other stories) Darkwing Duck: Prince of Thieves in a scene inspired by George of The Jungle.
  • MALLARD.GIF  New from DAFT Comics' Legends of The Dark Duck series, a cover based on Kim McFarland's Mallard 1/2. Is Drake's face red from embarrassment, or lack of oxygen? You decide.
  • NCRAWL.GIF  Darkwing Duck as.. Nightcrawler? "I am the terror that crawls in the night!"
  • NEGADUC3.GIF  A picture of the Negademon from Kim McFarland's Blazing Satellites (and the upcoming Pairaducks Lost).
  • Posiduck vs. Venom  Did you think Batman vs. the Predator was something? Then check this out!


  • ALEXA.GIF A B&W illustration of the mutation sequence in Ahiru, a Darkwing Duck story which can be found in the DAFT Archive. Note - this image may be a little disturbing, and if you've seen the end of Akira (on which Ahiru was based) you'll know why.



A pair of pictures by from a possible wedding between Darkwing and Morgana:

  • MORGWED.JPG - Morgana in her wedding dress.
  • GOSWED.JPG - Gosalyn in a dress (oh my!) strewing flower petals.


  • BWDRESS.GIF  Beth Webfoot posing in a dress, from The Webfoot Chronicles, part 4.
  • DRAKEHAN.JPG  A picture of Drake Mallard from as Han Solo.
  • DWARRIOR.JPG  Darkwing Duck in his "Dark Warrior Duck" incarnation.
  •  SPICEDUX.JPG 'This idea came to me as I was falling asleep one night, which just goes to show how weird my dreams tend to be. I thought it would be cute to use Darkwing characters - with one exception ;) - as the Spice Girls. The cast is Morgana as "Posh" Spice, Feathers Galore (from the DuckTales episode "Double-O Duck") as "Ginger" Spice, Splatter Phoenix as "Scary" Spice, Gosalyn as "Sporty" Spice, and a grudging Neptunia ("I'm not a duck!!") as "Baby" Spice.'
  • STEELBEA.JPG   A picture of Steelbeak.
  • STEERMIN.JPG  Taurus Bulba as he appeared in the Darkwing Duck episode Steerminator. B&W.

Larry deSouza aka Fresco@sentex.net


  • SIRN_01C.GIF  "This is a picture of Siren Ghoti, Villainess of the Darkwing fanfic Song of the Siren. A little taller and more evil version of Neptunia, with a few different mutations." B&W.
  • GZD2_02C.GIF "This is a picture of Gizmoduck Mark II, from the Darkwing fanfic Song of the Siren. I drew this based off the battle armor from the anime series "Bubblegum Crash," disney-fying it a bit. Unintentionally, it seems to have come out looking like the Mighty Ducks' battle armor. Makes one think." B&W.


  • BWCHARS.GIF  This is a black & white mouse drawn picture of characters from Darkwing Duck.




  • COLT45.JPG Negaduck with an ivory-handled Colt 45. B&W.
  • EMILYM.JPG An image of Emily Mallard, Negaduck's grandmother from Half Past Midnight.
  • FIVE.GIF  A picture of the Fearsome Five from Darkwing Duck. Negaduck has a little classier image, it seems...
  • GUITAR.JPG Negaduck jamming on a Gibson Les Pau, taken from a picture of the guitarist Slash. B&W.
  • MERCHA.JPG  "A sketch of Negaduck sitting and looking as I would picture him running the Fearsome Five." B&W.
  • MERNEGS.JPG  A B&W pencil sketch of Negaduck dressed in civilian clothes.
  • POOL2.JPG Negaduck staring down his competitors late at night while playing pool.
  • RIFLE.JPG  A picture of Negaduck as he would appear if he were to live during the Prohibition Age.
  • TERROR.GIF A picture of Gladys and Darkwing from The Terror That Flaps in the Night.


  • MEGAVOLT.GIF   A picture of Megavolt from Darkwing Duck.  "Insanity: It's what we do best."


  • BLACKV.GIF "Her name is Black Velvet. She's a crime fighter for St. Canard and her rival is Darkwing. Watch out!"
  • DARK.GIF Darkwing Duck in a dramatic pose.
  • DREAM.JPG  An image of Morgana McCawber in a wedding dress, inspired by the Darkwing Duck episode Ghoul of My Dreams.
  • MORGANA1.GIF A new look for Morgana.
  • MORGANA2.GIF  Mistress of the Night.
  • MOR2.GIF  Morgana McCawber.
  • MOZEDANE.GIF "Here's a pic of Mozenrath and Danielle (a character I made up). It is a pic showing that Mozenrath wasn't always evil, and he had a girlfriend named Danielle who is a sorceress or magician just like him. He used to be on the forces of good until untold power changed him!"
  • NEGAMOR.GIF A picture of Nega-Morgana (from Negaduck9@aol.com's stories) dressed in medieval clothes. It looks like she's been around for a while, doesn't it?
  • TKORTT.GIF  Gosalyn and Morgana McCawber go trick-or-treating.



  • GOS_14.JPG A B&W sketch of what Gosalyn might look in her early teens.
  • GOS14C2.JPG, colored by lundsmark@email.msn.com. Gosalyn Mallard at age 14.
  • QUIVER.JPG An image of the Quiverwing Quack in costume(teen years). B&W.



  • REGGY.JPG Everyone's favorite mutant plant-duck. Drawn from the episode Twin Beaks.


  • HUGGIN.JPG  A cleaned-up screen capture from the Darkwing Duck episode "GHOUL OF MY DREAMS".
  • LDNMORG1.JPG  A sultry picture of the Negaverse Morgana McCawber that was inspired by an image of "Lady Death".
  • MELTBRIX.GIF  Morgana is mad enough to, well, melt bricks with her glare. From MONSTERS R US.
  • NEGS.GIF  A portrait of Negaduck, suitable for framing, frightening small animals, or putting on a cheap lapel pin.
  • PD3.JPG An illustration of Posiduck as he appears at the end of Pairaducks Lost.
  • STAFF.JPG  A picture of Mozenrath with a new magical staff and some nifty atmospheric effects.


  • NEGSAX.JPG  A greyscale picture of Negaduck with an axe.




  • CLIQSHRG.GIF A graphic of The Liquidator.
  • FOWLOGO.GIF  The Darkwing Duck F.O.W.L. logo.
  • LIL.GIF A B&W picture of the Darkwing Duck villain Lilliput.


  • BRBUGS.GIF  A cartoon showing a meeting between Bushroot and a certain cartoon herbivore
  • FEARSSOM.JPG   A picture of Darkwing Duck's Fearsome Five, four of which seem determined to drive Negaduck out of his mind.
  • SPARKY-1.JPG An image of Megavolt from Darkwing Duck.


  • BRAINVLT.GIF "First I'll Destroy Darkwing Duck, then TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"



  • Fandom Come, a group shot by of some of the better-known fan characters created for the Darkwing Duck universe.


  • CG.JPG  A parody of the poster for the movie The Cable Guy, starring Megavolt in the title role.
  • TM.JPG  A parody the poster for The Mask, featuring Darkwing Duck in Jim Carrey's role.
  • TM2.JPG  A parody the poster for The Mask, featuring Negaduck in Jim Carrey's role.



  • MAIDDAME.JPG Maid Morgana and Dame Diamond as they might appear in a Robin Hood story. Morgana McCawber is from the series Darkwing Duck, Princess Diamond an original character.
  • REVENGE.GIF  A logo for Darkwing Duck's Derek Blunt, inspired by the upcoming Avengers movie. B&W.






  • Poems and songs
    • Crime Fighter  "My personal ode to Darkwing Duck and the mallard behind the mask. Dedicated to the terror that flaps on our minds and in our hearts." To be sung to the tune of Cool Rider performed by Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2."
    • The Longest Time  A song written for Gosalyn, to be sung to the tune of the Billy Joel song.
    • St. Canard A poem about Darkwing Duck, based upon the Savage Garden song Santa Monica.
    • This Costumed Clown A song about Darkwing Duck, to the tune of Bordertown by Dan Seals.
    • Way to Heaven, a short poem by about a particular couple of cartoons from the Disney Afternoon.
    • Nothing More Need Be Said This is a narrative poem about what the author thinks they should've gone more into during Dead Duck.
  • Stories
    • Dark Queen of The Sea  A Darkwing Duck story inspired by the Valentine's Day episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • The Return of Love's Labor Lost  "This story takes place about nine years after a little episode of Darkwing Duck called 'Life, the Negaverse, and Everything.' SLIGHT WARNING: This story is a bit sad. Not like 'Titanic' sad, but like 'Fried Green Tomatoes' sad. (Or, perhaps, "you've seen one too many movies" sad.) It's basically a fan-fic that deals with the end of someone's life."
    • the Revenge of the Jack-in-the-box, Too!  "This story takes place about eight years after Darkly Dawns the Duck, Darkwing Duck's pilot episode. It is also corresponding with an episode entitled The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain. If you haven't seen it, don't read this. Or, if you do, don't blame me for your confusion. Just e-mail me or someone else you know with a barrage of Darkwing info."
    • The Spies Girls It's ladies' night out in this post-Darkwing Duck story with elements from DuckTales.
    • Hero A short Darkwing Duck story, inspired by the song Hero.
  • Other
    • Profile of a Darkwing Fan-Fic Writer  (co written by CousnJowls@aol.com) The authors write: "This study delves into what thought processes are involved when a couple Darkwing fans actually sit down to write a story. After a certain point...we believe they actually *stop* thinking. We have conducted this research on ourselves, and it is completely honest (though probably somewhat censored for a DAFT audience."


  • All Rights Preserved   A bizarre little short story set in the Darkwing Duck universe in which an ordinary citizen defeats the Fearsome Five.
  • Soul of Souls A Darkwing Duck story featuring some new characters and some old but rarely used characters.



Christie and Lar deSouza




  • Call of the Siren   A Darkwing Duck story set in the future. Guess what - Darkwing's not the only heroic duck with a protege!

(formerly weber@engr.csulb.edu)

  • A Dramatic Entrance - In this story Darkwing Duck makes good use of his Trademark Dramatic Entrance.


JenWhite6 writes: "For those who are unfamiliar with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 concept, that is a cable TV show in which three characters watch old movies and make comments back at it, something like people do in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. People do something similar on the Internet, taking fan fiction and writing the characters' reactions to it (in script format) as they read it. I use a different cast - characters from the show 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' - to react to cartoon stories."


  • Until the Edge of Time In this Darkwing Duck story Darkwing Duck must go not only to the ends of the Earth, but to the end of time, for Morgana.


  • Pacifist Duck   Darkwing finds a very original way to defeat Negaduck without resorting to violence.






  • Remembering is Hard   A short Darkwing Duck story presenting an alternative background for Negaduck.



  • The Honeymoon A very short story about Drake Mallard and Morgana's honeymoon. Rated PG for theme.




  • The Hole at the End of the Universe (with Jim Phillips) This story features the return of Negaduck after his harrowing experience at the end of Life, The Negaverse, and Everything.
  • The End of A Hero  "Just a possible end to DW's career."  Note - this story is rather sad.


  • In Lieu of Treason   A Darkwing Duck story in which The Fearsome Five determine if there is indeed honor among thieves.



  • Biplanes in the Moonlight A parody of Big Wheels in the Moonlight (recorded by Dan Seals) for fans of Launchpad McQuack.
  • Places Where She Can't Go A poem inspired by All That Glitters Is Not Gold, recorded by Dan Seals. (Why Gosalyn hates to be left "home alone". . . )
  • Bad to the Bone Originally recorded by George Thorogood, rewritten for Negaduck.
  • St. Canard A poem/song about Darkwing Duck.


  • Bloodfire: Darkwing Duck/Mighty Mouse crossover in script form. How can these two superheroes work together? Will their egos get in the way? What do you think?


  • Deck the Hall - The Annual Bah Humbug Party at The DA Villains' Union Hall.



  • lpundies.jpg:  Launchpad McQuack in long johns (from the episode Can't Bayou Love).
  • Panini stickers:
    • DW-CRASH.JPG:  Darkwing and Launchpad, after crashing the Ratcatcher.
    • DW-GERMS.JPG:  Darkwing with his germ friends Blob and Ray.
    • GOSALYN1.JPG:  Gosalyn in jungle garb.
    • GOSALYN2.JPG:  Gosalyn pitching her horror film concept.
    • GOSALYN3.JPG:  Gosalyn in explorer garb, prying open a crate.
    • GOSALYN4.JPG:  Gosalyn in explorer garb, in the cockpit of the Thunderquack.


  • DWD-SWNG.JPG: A scan of a sticker of Darkwing Duck "trashing" a thug.


  • DWSTAMP1.JPG:  A set of postage stamps issued by St. Vincent, featuring the Darkwing Duck characters.
  • DWSTAMP2.JPG:  Stamps featuring Darkwing, Tuskernini, Megavolt, Bushroot, Steelbeak, an Eggman, Gryzlikoff, and J. Gander Hooter.
  • DWSTAMP3.JPG:  A large page featuring Gosalyn, Darkwing, Launchpad, and Honker.
  • DWSTAMP4.JPG:  Honker trying to restrain a miffed-looking Gosalyn.
  • DWSTAMP5.JPG:  Darkwing fights Quackerjack on the toymaker's home turf.
  • DWSTAMP6.JPG:  Darkwing and Launchpad in the Ratcatcher.


  • Panini stickers from Beauty and The Beet:
    • BRSPIKE1.JPG:  Spike stands guard as Bushroot carries Rhoda away.
    • BRDWRUN.JPG:  Darkwing chases Bushroot with a weed whacker.
    • BRTUX1.JPG:  Bushroot admires his manly/plantly figure in a full-length mirror.
    • DWSPIKE.JPG:  Darkwing holding a bone over Spike's head.
    • RHODA1.JPG:  Rhoda struggles against the bindings of Bushroot's invention.
    • RHODA2.JPG:  Rhoda Dendron looks pityingly at Reginald Bushroot (before his transformation).
  • From Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan:
    • GOSHONK1.JPG:  Gosalyn and Honker steal a "Phantom" costume.
    • GOSHONK2.JPG :  Gos and Honker are unmasked from their Phantom disguise.


  • Darkwing Duck Valentines


  • Twin Beaks: A montage from the episode.
  • Don't Forget the Milk! The "Breakfast workout" sequence in Darkly Dawns the Duck.
  • MTRONIC.JPG  From the Little Golden Book The Silly Canine Caper, showing Darkwing spying on Madam Matronic as she feeds a robot dog.



A Duck By Any Other Name

  • AONDECOY.JPG: Launchpad, as "Darkwing Decoy", trying to act dramatic.
  • AONCFFEE.JPG: Drake Mallard in the morning, suffering caffeine withdrawal.
  • AONJPOND.JPG: "Pond. James Pond. Registered to thrill."

Can't Bayou Love (1katkm@geocities.com)

Clash Reunion

  • CRBLOOPR.JPG: Whoever was placing the cels in front of the camera left something rather important out of this closeup of Drake Mallard.
  • CRELMO1.JPG: Elmo Sputterspark, as he was known before he became Megavolt.
  • CRMVDN.JPG: The first appearance of Megavolt.
  • CRDWLADR.JPG: Darkwing Duck's first appearance
  • CRMVCUP.JPG: Megavolt plays villainously to the camera.

Darkly Dawns the Duck

  • 3DBANDAG.JPG: Drake adopts Gosalyn.
  • 3DBULGNG.JPG: Taurus Bulba rants to Hammerhead Hannigan and Hoof 'n Mouth.
  • 3DDWPOS3.JPG: Darkwing realizes a moment too late how unwise it is to make his dramatic entrance in front of people armed with machine guns.
  • 3DFIBER.JPG: "Eat fiber, Horn-head!"
  • 3DGOSPIC.JPG: The picture of Gosalyn with her (late) Grampa. And a grape jelly stain.
  • 3DLULLBY.JPG: Darkwing sings "Little Girl Blue".
  • 3DPRIDE.JPG: A picture of Launchpad. (Why is this file titled "Pride"? You see the hole Launchpad is about to step in? You remember what pride goeth before...)
  • 3DTICKLE.JPG: "No fair tickling!"

DARKDAWN.ZIP - More screen grabs in a zip file format.  Does not include the images listed above.

Getting Antsy

  • FORE.JPG:  Gosalyn playing indoor golf, using her sleeping father's bill as a tee.
  • LPHMGM.JPG:  Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker, ready for a fight.

In Like Blunt

  • ILBMTRMC.JPG:  Madam Anna Matronic with a Beagle Boy and an unnamed thug.

Let's Get Respectable

Just Us Justice Ducks

  • BR-DAISY.JPG: Bushroot tries to look threatening while holding a daisy.
  • BR-REACH.JPG: Bushroot exhorts some seeds to "Reach for the skies".
  • GOSMMTWR.JPG: Gosalyn and Morgana in Darkwing Tower.
  • IRISOUT.JPG: Darkwing and Morgana finally can go on their Big Date.
  • MORGARCH.JPG: A closeup of Morgana casting a spell.

A Star is Scorned

  • DWDDD.JPG: Darkwing disguised as another Disney duck.

The Steerminator

  • SMNBLOOP.JPG: The Steerminator prepares to fire a blast from his arm-mounted gun - while his own body floats in a tank in the background.

Twin Beaks



Going Nowhere Fast contributed by

Life, the Universe and Everything

  • DARKGOS.JPG: A screen grab of Darkwing and the Negaverse Gosalyn.


Ghoul of My Dreams

  • GOMD1.JPG: Morgana McCawber and her spider, Archy.
  • GOMD2.JPG: Morgana and Darkwing.
  • GOMD3.JPG: Morgana and Darkwing ... getting closer.


  • ND1.JPG:  The first appearance of Negaduck in his "galvanized" form.
  • ND5.JPG:  The galvanized Negaduck versus Posiduck
  • ND7.JPG:  Gosalyn with Darkwing, wondering if her father has finally returned to normal.
  • ND8.JPG:  Negaduck and Posiduck face-to-face.

Quack of Ages

Time and Punishment

  • TAP-3.JPG: A head-and-shoulders shot of Dark Warrior Duck.



  • DWCOVER.JPG A scan of the cover of the Darkwing Duck Game Boy Game.


  • SLIDE.GIF  I'll bet they didn't invite Darkwing back for the next year's Christmas party...




A Brush With Oblivion
CREATYPE.WAV Darkwing Duck: "I've had it with these volatile creative types!"
DIALDUAL.WAV Splatter Phoenix: "Dialectical dualisms!"
LIAR.WAV Gosalyn: "My Dad always thinks I'm lying. Of course, he's usually right."
SPITOUT.WAV Drake Mallard: "Honkerrr... SPIT IT OUT!!"
SPLAT9.WAV Splatter Phoenix: "It's your fault I've sunk so low!"
SPLTENTR.WAV: Slplatter Phoenix's entrance sound effect.

Comic Book Capers
CRISPY.WAV Megavolt: "Regular ... or extra crispy?"
DEADBATT.WAV Megavolt: "Over my dead batteries!"
MVZAP.WAV The sound of Megavolt's electrical shock.
SHPHOING.WAV Darkwing's "SHPADEA-HOING" web-kick cry.

Darkly Dawns the Duck
BLURB1.WAV Darkwing: "Darkwing Duck. That's two words, not three, both Ds capitalized, here's my photo. If the papers need more glossies, my number's on the card, heh heh heh."
CLOWN2.WAV Darkwing: "I coulda had a life, but NOOO! I chose to be a clown in a mask and a cape!"
EATFIBER.WAV Gosalyn: "Eat fiber, horn-head!!"
GOSBIO.WAV Gosalyn: "After Mom and Dad died, Grampa was the only family I had in the whole world. But since he's been gone I've made lots of friends here, so it's not so bad. (sigh) until adoption day. Seems like I'm always saying goodbye ... to someone. You know, I'm NOT a problem child! Grampa said I just have a lot of spirit! He said when you're full of spirit, everyone else looks empty! Someday I'll meet somebody who understands that! Then I'll be adopted."
IRRESP.WAV Gosalyn: "Hey, I'm a kid. I'm supposed to be irresponsible."
PIGBROOM.WAV Gosalyn: "I don't know anything about a pig and I was nowhere near the boys' bathroom at the time!"
PIRATE.WAV Launchpad: "Hold it right there, ya pirate!"
PUNCTUAL.WAV Darkwing: "You'd think criminal masterminds would be more punctual."
RISKLIFE.WAV Gosalyn: "I'm sorry, Darkwing. If they hadn't caught me, you wouldn't have risked your life."
Darkwing: "Gos, before I met you, I didn't have a life worth risking."
SCHKN.WAV Darkwing: "I knew this job was dangerous when I took it."
SHRINK.WAV Darkwing: "I am the thing that goes bump in the night! I'm the neurosis that requires a five-hundred-dollar-an-hour shrink!"
SPINE.WAV Darkwing: "Clever of me to use my spine to break my fall like that."
STOCKING.WAV Darkwing: "A desperate criminal is at large, and terror runs through the streets like a pair of cheap stockings!"
STUPID.WAV Darkwing: "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the jailer who throws away the key! I am ... feeling really stupid!"
THWART.WAV Darkwing: "We have evildoers to thwart!"

Darkwing Doubloon
BACKOFF.WAV Gosalyn: "All right, you back off and I'll go easy on ya!"
NAAH.WAV Negaduck: "Nyaaaah!"
PARTPLAN.WAV Darkwing Doubloon: "This is all part of my plan. Really."
PLAYTIME.WAV Quackerjack: "Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! It's PLAAAAAYTIME!"
SHAKLEAF.WAV Bushroot: "Ooh, look at me. I'm shaking like a leaf."
SPIRIT1.WAV Negaduck: "Spirited, eh? Ha ha ha! ... I hate that."
WANTOWIN.WAV Darkwing Doubloon: "No no no! I want to win! I want to win! Me me me me me!

Just Us Justice Ducks
3MSTPAIN.WAV Darkwing: "This is the third most painful moment of my life."
BIGDATE.WAV Gizmoduck: "That's it! We'll all go on a big date!"
COOLBNS.WAV Gosalyn: "Cool beans!"
CUTITOUT.WAV Darkwing & Negaduck: "Oooooh, WOULD-YOU-CUT-THAT-OUT!"
DEVGORG1.WAV Neptunia: "Someone fell into Devil's Gorge and has a compound fracture of the lower mandible??"
DISGUISE.WAV Darkwing: "So much for the perfect disguise."
EYEOUT.WAV Dr. Sarah Bellum: "Be careful with that! You'll put someone's eye out."
FLWR4NEG.WAV Darkwing: "Flowers for Negaduck!"
HOTDEATH.WAV Negaduck: "All of you ... EAT HOT DEATH!!"
KINDANOW.WAV The Liquidator: "Kinda now, kinda wow!"
NOTASLUG.WAV Launchpad: "Aw, c'mon. You're not a slug."
OHDARK.WAV Morgana: "Ohh, Dark!"
PUTOUTDW.WAV Darkwing: "Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!"
SHUSHTOY.WAV Dr. Sarah Bellum: "And this is SHUSH's newest super-deadly toy."
SKUL4NEG.WAV Darkwing: "Skulls for Negaduck!"
SWITCH3.WAV Negaduck: "The fun begins when I throw-" Neptunia, Morgana, Gizmoduck, Stegmutt: "We know, we know, the switch."
TRIUMPH.WAV The Liquidator: "Triumph now with The Liquidator!"
VOLTAGE.WAV Megavolt: I love the smell of voltage in the evening!"

My Valentine Ghoul
CHOCDUCK.WAV Darkwing: "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the lollipop that sticks in your hair! I am-" *SPLAT*  
Negaduck: "Ha ha ha ha! Well, if it isn't Chocolate Dipped Duck!"
FORNFOR.WAV Morgana: "I know I said 'forgive and forget', but - this is NEGADUCK!"
NEGLAUGH.WAV Negaduck laughing nastily.
WARHEAD.WAV Negaduck: "I feel terrible, stooping to such petty crimes. But you just can't imagine how expensive a thermonuclear warhead is these days."

BUNNY2.WAV Cute Little Lost Bunny: "There he is! Let's wip him apart!"
BUNNY3.WAV Posi-Darkwing: "That poor bunny rabbit forgot his crowbar."
DELIGHT.WAV Nega-Drake: "Such a delight, those Muddlefoots."
NEGATDC1.WAV 'Negaduck': "Don't get mad - get EVEN!"
PLAGUE.WAV Gosalyn: "Dad's got the plague!"
POSIDUC1.WAV Posiduck: "Eat your vegetables. Respect your elders. And don't forget to recycle".
POSIDUC4.WAV Posiduck: "Don't forget to FLOSS!"
PRETPOIS.WAV Gosalyn: "The name's Pretty Poison!"
SAPS.WAV Nega-Drake: "SAPS!"

Night of The Living Spud
BRIDE.WAV Bushroot: "I've found the way to obtain the perfect bride!! ... I'm growing my own."
DIESEL.WAV Zeke: (striking a match) "Zach, get the diesel fuel."
SUCKGAS.WAV Darkwing: "Suck Gas, Evil Doer!"
TECHLGGY.WAV Herb Muddlefoot: "Ain't modern techno-loggy wonderful?"

The Quiverwing Quack
GOSTAY.WAV Gosalyn: "My Dad said go to my room, but he didn't say *stay*."
KICKSHIN.WAV Negaduck: "I think I'll go over to the convalescent home and kick some shins!"
QWQ.WAV Gosalyn: "You and the folks at home can call me QUIVERWING QUACK!"
SHAFT.WAV Gosalyn: "I am QUIVERWING QUACK, the hero who gives crooks the shaft! Pretty cool slogan, huh?"
SOSCARED.WAV Negaduck: "Ooooh, Darkwing Duck! I'm soooo scared."
TOOHIP.WAV Darkwing: "Too hip for words."
TYPCLJOB.WAV Drake: "Facing a criminal like Negaduck isn't a typical after-school job!"
WASTE.WAV Negaduck: "What IS this? Did I cross a black cat today? I can't waste one sappy hero?!"

Time and Punishment
BUMMER.WAV Gosalyn: "Bummer."
CHECKIT.WAV Gosalyn: "Whoooa, check it out!"
DARKWARR.WAV Dark Warrior Duck: "I am the terror that hunts in the night. I am the jackal that gnaws at your bones. I am Dark Warrior Duck!"
HOLDITPL.WAV Dark Warrior Duck: "Hold it right there, pal!!"
HUG.WAV Launchpad: "Heh, how about a hug for your little sidekick? Heh heh."
HURTS.WAV Dark Warrior Duck: "Gosh.. This, uh... sorta... hurts."
PERFECT.WAV Darkwing: "Ohhh, PERFECT!"

Twitching Channels
AUDITINT.WAV Darkwing: "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the auditor who wants to look at your books! I am Darkwing Duck!"
BIGBEAK.WAV Darkwing: "And they can't even draw my beak right! Why, that beak's big enough to land fighter planes on."
EDISON.WAV Megavolt: "Oh, thank Edison it's you!"
LIGHTNUP.WAV Megavolt: "Oh, lighten up!"
MEGARANT.WAV Megavolt: "They called me crazy! They called me insane! They called me LOONY!! And boy were they right."
NIFTY.WAV Darkwing: "Nifty."
NORMAL.WAV Darkwing: "Without supervillains to defeat or a city to protect, I'm ... I'm ... I'm ... normal."
TOONSTDO.WAV Darkwing: "I should've expected this from a cartoon studio."

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