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^_^ - 16.10.2003

Hi. Long time no update. New level released. Bye.

Stuff - 30.04.2003

- Ok, the DVD writer is pretty cool. And very silent, you bascically don't hear any noise from it. But there don't seem to be any place to get cheap 4x DVD+R recordables, they cost like 4 Euro! 2.4x ones are pretty cheap though, around 2,50 Euro.
- My Plantronics .audio 90 completely broke. Got a new one though (same again).
- X-Men 2 r0x0rs my b0x0rs! Great movie. If you liked the first part, you'll definitely enjoy part 2! I also saw the new Matrix trailer, but I think it has 2-3 very short scenes that are not in the downloadable "final" trailer. Weird. Oh yeah, everybody who went to see X-Men 2 got a small toy Hulk, heh.

DVD - 28.04.2003

I ordered a NEC ND-1100A yesterday. Hoorj. I hope it'll be here tomorrow. Heh.

Dates - 22.04.2003

Well, quite some people seem to have the urge to tell me that the news on the page are all from the same date. The reason for this is that I switched the news system. The old one was fucked up, or maybe I simply forgot the password Anyways, I had to repost all the news, so they are from the same date. And I'm not gonna fix it. Muaha. Muahaha. Muahahahahahahahah

Wheee - 05.04.2003

Ok, I didn't update the page for a looooooong time. Reason: Ryan changed his server or something a couple months back, and I couldn't log in anymore. Plus I was too lazy to ask him to fix this
Anyway, yesterday I programmed a random map idea generator for Doom, check it out!

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