About our fleet

Fly one of the worlds youngest fleet!
We currently operate 25 Q400s, the world�s first Embraer 195 and 11 BAe 146 aircraft which are being rapidly replaced on a one for one basis by the Embraer. By 2008 we will operate 45 Q400 and 14 Embraer 195s making us the biggest European regional and our fleet the youngest in Europe. We have options on a further 16 turboprops and 12 Embraers.

The Bombardier Q400
Bombardier Q400The Q400 is a world leader in fuel economy and passenger comfort. It is a glass cockpit, FMS based modern airliner with jet-like performance. Any resemblance to the turboprops of old is entirely accidental. The vast majority of pilots will start on this fleet and those who join as co-pilots will rapidly gain the experience required for command. With such an aggressive expansion, opportunities for command will abound in almost every base.

The Q400 will form the backbone of the Company in the years to come. Early investment in this aircraft has allowed the airline to operate competitively in the face of spiralling fuel prices. It�s eco credentials are second to none and along with the Embraer will allow us to operate routes on which others cannot compete.

The Embraer 195
Flybe Embraer 195Our first (and the world�s first) Embraer 195 went into passenger service on 22 September, a week early. This is a stunning aircraft which has gained universal approval from those pilots who have flown it.

The Embraer will replace all our BAe146 by the end of 2008. It has one of the best cockpit environments in the business and will be Cat III capable once it has flown sufficient sectors. The technology is spectacular with full-up glass and head up display. Again, the fuel economy, noise and carbon emissions are benchmark lows.

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