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Eurovision 2004



The "Alexandra & Konstantin" Duo is the official representative of the Republic of Belarus at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.



The duo was formed in 1998 in Borisov, Belarus. Initially the musical programme consisted of cover versions of world-renowned songs. Since 1999 they have been working in the folk modern style. In 2000 they became the laureates of a TV contest of young performers Zornaya Rostan (Star Crossroads). They were awarded 100 hours of recording in Belarusian TV & Radio Co. In 2001 the duo Alexandra & Konstantin released the album Za Likhimi Za Marozami (Following Hard Frost). Since that the career of stars has begun. They perform in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Poland and Germany, successfully participate and win the international contests and festivals (Slavonic Bazaar 2002 in Belarus, Etnosphere 2002 in Poland, Astana 2003 in Kazakhstan, etc.). In 2003 the second album Soyka (The Jay) came to living.


Alexandra Kirsanova was born on May 22, 1980, Gemini. In A&K she is the vocalist, arranger and composer. Is fond of animals and travelling.



Konstantin Drapezo was born on March 11, 1972, Pisces. In the duo he is the guitarist, composer and arranger. Enjoys travelling and football.

Official site of song festival "Eurovision 2004"




"Belarus - 12 Points!" concert in support of first Belarusian participants of "Eurovision-2004":
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Will Belarusian music be in demand in Europe?

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yes, provided our performers display a high level of professionalism
yes, given we adapt modern trends of European music
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music Alexandra Kirsanova - Konstantin Drapezo,
lyrics Alexey Solomakha


I'm no stay-at-home, and heady
Is my quest and venture mode
And the road is there to tread it
All-dimensional road
Round I go
Desperate to reach new horizons
Circles grow
But you

You're my pier
Center in my life
My Galileo
I rotate to you
I'm here

Wind is high and branches rattle
On the shuttered window pane
And the dust has not yet settled
I am leaving again
Round I go
Desperate to reach new horizons
Circles grow
But you

You're my pier
Center in my life
My Galileo
I rotate to you
I'm here

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