Aliens (1986)

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Consensus: While Alien was a marvel of slow-building, atmospheric tension, Aliens packs a much more visceral punch, and features a typically strong performance from Sigourney Weaver. more
Runtime: 2 hrs 34 mins
Box Office: $0
Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the sole survivor from the original ALIEN, is awakened after 57 years of drifting through space, her stories disbelieved by Company executives who tell her that the alien's planet is now inhabited and colonized. When contact is suddenly lost with the colonists,... [More]

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Blockbuster combination of blistering action, smart sci-fi and gooey monsters. [More]
An extraordinary film. [More]
Where Alien was largely a gothic horror flick, packed with suspense, Aliens is an action adventure, loaded with thrills. (Alien Quadrilogy) [More]
This is what this film does to you: it leaves you completely drained, just like the characters in this movie. Some say that the fact that this is exhausting is a major flaw; I say it's ingenius filmmaking, not a shock from James Cameron. [More]
[A] modern sci-fi classic. [More]
Truly great cinema. [More]
A movie experience that sticks with you and begs for numerous revisits . . . the kind of film that marks career milestones and re-defines genres. [More]
Aliens never strives to be as accomplished as the original, but it�s wit and turbo-charged battles make it a wild and electric ride, one with the best replay value of the franchise. [More]
How can I put into worlds the terrifying atmosphere, the in-your-face violence or the nerve-wrenching suspense of the film? [More]
the ultimate science fiction war epic [More]
One sequel that surpasses the original. [More]
"Absolutely smashing!"
A flaming, flashing, crashing, crackling blow-'em-up show that keeps you popping from your seat despite your better instincts and the basically conventional scare tactics. [More]
The Director�s Cut of the film hauntingly amplifies Ripley�s disconnect from her dead daughter and her relationship to the young Newt. [More]
One of the few films that can be predicted perfectly, but it�s so well crafted -- and so damn exciting -- that we just don�t care. [More]
The ads for Aliens claim that this movie will frighten you as few movies have, and, for once, the ads don't lie. [More]
Aliens is an exercise in film craftsmanship that has rarely been equaled in the twelve years since its release. [More]
Scott's tension-building atmospherics are replaced by Cameron's high-octane punch. [More]
Features Sigourney Weaver as a female Rambo with nurturing instincts. [More]
When it comes to the logical marriage of action, adventure, and science fiction, few films are as effective or accomplished as Aliens. [More]
1 - 20 (sorted by critic Z-A; Australian critics are listed first)

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