You are about to set forth on a great Quest for knowledge about the Anasazi people of ancient America.

It will be your mission to create an Exploration Team made up of four students. Since you will be working collaboratively, your Exploration Team will gather information from outside sources and through Internet research.

You will have three weeks to prepare and proceed with your mission.

Upon your return, the Exploration Team must present their findings in a creative way. Adding personal hypotheses and some imagination, your Team will create a communal database. This will be done in the form of a LOG or JOURNAL of your daily research studies and observations.

There are very specific questions that MUST be answered in your LOG/JOURNAL and in your final presentations. Please refer to the LOG/JOURNAL REQUIREMENTS page for detailed requirements. Additional items such as "artifacts", drawings, maps, demonstrations, diagrams, video movies and multi-media presentations are some activities that would enrich your final presentations.


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