Police Badge

Metropolitan Transit Police

Making the streets safe for bus drivers, customers and pedestrians

Metro Transit has its own police force committed to the safety of its customers and drivers, serving seven counties and 85 cities in the metropolitan region. There are 23 full-time officers, 146 part-time officers and five administrative staff dedicated to one thing: public safety.

You’ve probably seen Transit Police officers patrolling bus routes in squad cars or on foot. During visits with drivers, Transit Police either ride-along or they step on board to greet drivers and passengers. Sometimes officers patrol out of uniform – one could be on your next bus. The fare inspectors on Hiawatha light-rail trains are Transit Police officers.

Every new bus Metro Transit buys has an onboard security camera. Videotapes from these cameras help Transit Police identify and prosecute criminals.

Downtown patrols implemented in early 2002 have improved the quality of life for downtown residents and transit customers. Ten full-time police officers are assigned to the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown areas, providing a regular law enforcement presence.