The Driver

The Driver

1991 WEA

noone sings better than terry reid

Tremendous return from the recording wilderness with his first album in 12 years.Don't know the whys and hows of how it came to pass but thank god it did . The album steams along mixing soulful ballads like 5th Of July with great rockers like If You Let Her . A great commercial mix that should satisfy wheelchair bound older survivors with the only slightly wounded amongst Terry's fans.
Got quite a bit of airplay when released and 3 tracks even made their way onto Baywatch(link) (did Pamela rock and bob to Gimme Some Lovin ? ) so should have produced a few new converts.
Not sure about the photo tho , Terry torching motors ?
The Voice ? yup still there , a little mellower maybe but still ethereal enough to set spines tingling and raw enough to need soothing with a large tumbler of throat juice.
The beginning of regular new output at last ...... or so we thought.
the lost legend terry reid


1) Fifth Of July : Written by Louise Goffin + Reid Savage Prod by Trevor Horn
2) There's Nothing Wrong : written by Terry Reid Prod by Leigh Gorman + Terry Reid
3) Right To The End : Written by Gerard McMahon Prod by Gerard McMahon
4) The Whole Of The Moon : Written by Michael Scott Prod by Sam Gamgee ( LOR character so who really ? )
5) Hand Of Dimes : Written by Terry Reid Prod by Trevor Horn
6)The Driver Pt 1 : : Written by Hans Zimmer, Terry Reid, Trevor Horn Prod by Trevor Horn
7)If You Let Her : : Written by Terry Reid Prod by Shep Lonsdale +Terry Reid
8)Turn Around : Written by Terry Reid Prod by Terry Reid
9)Gimme Some Lovin : Written by Steve winwood , Muff Winwood + Spencer Davis Prod by Trevor Horn
10 )Laugh At Life : Written by Terry Reid Prod by Terry Reid + Robert Brown .
11)The Driver Part 2 : Written by Hans Zimmer, Terry Reid, Trevor Horn Prod by Trevor Horn


Terry Reid - guitar and vocals

A few others I suppose , now where will I find out .
terry reid writes amazing songs

he lives , terry reid lives

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