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mobile SoC

Mobile SoC

System on a Chip(SoC) is a technology that integrates a variety of digital device systems into one chip.

SAMSUNG Electronics is leading the next generation IT industry represented by 'Ubiquitous' with the development of Hi-tech SoCs for mobile devices.

Today's mobile market is an era of 'Convergence', gradually integrating computer, telecommunications, home appliances and broadcasting. It is also an era of 'Ubiquitous' in which we can get and share information on the Internet with various devices anywhere, anytime. Therefore, SoC is inevitable for the ultra-small, high-performance and low-power consumption features of mobile devices. SAMSUNG Electronics is spearheading the next generation SoC market with high-performance mobile CPU and high-density SIP. SAMSUNG has its own SoC research center to focus on R&D and takes the lead in the Ubiquitous era with the development of advanced technologies as well as mobile SoC including core IP.

Mobile SoC
Mobile SoC
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