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·1990 Nightime2:350n/a
·4 People Do Good2:000n/a
·Actually It's Darkness2:390n/a
·A Distant History4:360n/a
·A Film For The Future4:510n/a
·All This Information3:430n/a
·American English4:180n/a
·A Modern Way Of Letting Go3:320n/a
·Annihilate Now!3:330n/a
·As If I Hadn't Slept3:360n/a
·Blame It On The Obvious Ways3:240n/a
·Boys Don't Cry (live)n/a0n/a
·Broken Windows2:150n/a
·Century After Century4:010n/a
·Close The Door2:200n/a
·El Capitann/a0n/a
·El Captainn/a0n/a
·Everyone Says You're So Fragile2:200n/a
·Forgot To Follow5:220n/a
·House Alonen/a0n/a
·(I Am) What I Am Not3:200n/a
·Idea Track3:130n/a
·I Don't Have The Map2:140n/a
·I'm A Message3:310n/a
·I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight3:110n/a
·I Never Wanted3:550n/a
·In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction4:010n/a
·I Understand It3:320n/a
·I Want A Warning3:350n/a
·I Want To Be A Writern/a0n/a
·I Was Made To Think It3:590n/a
·Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks1:240n/a
·Listen To What You've Got2:320n/a
·Little Discourage4:040n/a
·Live In A Hiding Place4:120n/a
·Love Steals Us From Loneliness4:040n/a
·Low Light5:320n/a
·Meet Me At The Harbour3:190n/a
·Mince Showercap (Part 1)n/a0n/a
·Mistake Pageant2:490n/a
·No Generation6:150n/a
·Not Just Sometimes But Always3:330n/a
·Out Of Routine3:120n/a
·Paint Nothing3:220n/a
·Palace Flophouse3:570n/a
·Quiet Crown3:210n/a
·Safe And Soundn/a0n/a
·Satan Polaroidn/a0n/a
·Self Healer1:580n/a
·Space Between All Things7:200n/a
·Stay The Same3:100n/a
·Tell Me 10 Wordsn/a0n/a
·The Bronze Medal3:510n/a
·Theory Of Achievement1:530n/a
·There's Glory In Your Story1:590n/a
·These Are Just Years7:590n/a
·These Wooden Ideas4:530n/a
·This Is Worse3:370n/a
·Too Long Awake3:070n/a
·Welcome Home3:560n/a
·West Haven3:140n/a
·What I Am Notn/a0n/a
·When I Argue I See Shapes4:270n/a
·You Don't Have The Heartn/a0n/a
·You Held The World In Your Arms4:240n/a
·You Just Have To Be Who You Are3:510n/a
·You've Lost Your Way1:310n/a
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