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TrueDoc PFR Specification
The PFR specification defines the Bitstream portable font resource (PFR), which is a compact, platform-independent format for representing high-quality, scalable outline fonts. Many independent organizations responsible for setting digital TV standards have adopted the PFR font format as their standard font format, including:
  • ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee), which approved the DTV Application Software Environment, or DASE, standard. The DASE standard calls out the ISO standard for fonts

  • DAVIC (Digital Audio Visual Council) sets multimedia standards for international broadcasting

  • DVB ( Digital Video Broadcasting), a Swiss-based industry organization representing one standard for digital TV, which has been adopted extensively in Europe

  • DTG (Digital TV Group) coordinates standards for Digital TV broadcasting in the United Kingdom

  • MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), which many European set-top box and digital TV manufacturers are using as their standard development platform

  • ISO/IEC 16500-6:1999 International Organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission), which together form the specialized system for worldwide standardization. After DAVIC completed their work, they were disbanded. The DAVIC specification was then adopted as a standard by ISO. The ISO document includes an appendix on coding of outline fonts in PFR format for digital audio-visual systems

  • OCAP (OpenCable Application Platform), which supports the DVB-MHP standard, including support for PFRs. The OpenCable initiative is managed by the Advanced Platforms and Services group at CableLabs

Bitstream is making the PFR font format public to help anyone who wants to adopt these digital TV standards. Bitstream allows unrestricted use of the information in the PFR specification to make and use software that renders images from outlines coded in the PFR format, provided such rendering is used with one or more of these digital TV standards.

Click the link below to download a PDF document that describes the PFR specification.

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