February 14, 2008
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Easy Ways To Stop Junk Mail

Download and sign this letter and ask your mail carrier to deliver it to Canada Post.

Place a No Junk Mail Sign on your mail box or mail slot.

Sign up with the Canadian Marketing Association's Do Not Contact Registry. This enables you to reduce the number of marketing offers received by mail, telephone and fax.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected with the Red Dot Campaign.

Count down to Earth Day

Choose to reduce paper waste and clutter by saying NO to Junk Mail through Canada Post’s eco-friendly Consumer Choice option. Canada Post will honour your request to say no to unaddressed advertising materials.
Quoting a Canada Post Jan. 2007 press release,
“Canada Post respects the wishes of consumers who indicate through a self-produced note on their mailbox or mail receptacle, that they do not wish to receive unaddressed material.”

Why the Red Dot Campaign?

Canada Post uses red dots to flag households that have said NO to Junk Mail. The Red Dot Campaign reminds you of your choice to say “NO” to unwanted advertising.

Our collective voice urges advertisers to be mindful of their use of paper in print advertising.
The intention of the Red Dot Campaign is to urge advertisers to re-allocate their advertising investments into socially responsible initiatives.

Check here frequently for updates about the Red Dot Campaign.