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  • SoM's balls / rofl
  • fredrik's english test

    • #zdoom :: ::: Mode: (schepe) sets (-o) (schepe)________ || [schepe]: i'm to drunk to have ops.

    • #zdoom :: [BigBadGangsta]: trollop : can you stretch your vagina open like the goatse guy stretches his ass?

    • <RvB> ane freundin ist wie sendmail ... keiner wei wie man sie konfugurieren soll, nichtmal sie selber, und keiner bringt sie unter kontrolle || <RvB> wie sendmail ist eine freundin ein monster, was leute tten indem es sie wahnsinnig macht

    • <Anarkavre> is that a processor? AMD?

    • <Mordeth> i forgot my chanserv op thingie || <arioch> too late || <arioch> you're already opped

    • <vel> what irc server is this on? || <vel> mirc

    • <arioch> does it make me gay if I liked using the female char to cybersex0r other players

    • <[vicious]> dos? || <recidivus> Disk Operating System. The black thing that Windows hates.

    • <fraggle> more bmps, nice || <Isle> ops || <Isle> bah || <Isle> it's as small as esco wang

    • <deth> some hacker wannabe ask me if I'd sell him The pud sent me an html email with a black background and black text. I guess that makes him cool. || <deth> I sent him a reply with a black background and no text. Let him figure that one out.

    • <arioch> ok I'm off 2 wurk || <arioch> i.e. IRC from my office chair

    • <locust> yay || <locust> I just love it when my isp vanishes off the face of the phone network at 2am

    • <arioch> I generally play in a resolution that's a multiple of 320x200 || <the_fish> 1024x800 ??

    • <prowlin> i believe in god because better safe than sorry

    • <skank> looking for love on openproject is like trying to find dog shit on a landfill

    • [ka] Join: Tobester (!) || [ka] Mode change "+o Tobester" by ChanServ || <Tobester> I WANT OPS

    • <Cacodemon_Leader> For my list of 0 MP3s, totaling MBs, type @Cacodemon_Leaderlist. Elite MP3 v1.3

    • [ka] Quit: Cacodemon_Leader (I hope someone has a solution to help me get rid of the colour code, and High Ping, I'm not gay)

    • <Fredrik> there's some damn dummy code in the doom source: if (planes > 128) crash("HAHAHA, VPO!!!1, YOU*RE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE MORE DETAIL LEVElS THAN WE!1")

    • <Jon^D> keybvoad is ka nmackeed spacebva equals retunm for/ example. using keymap to type

    • <recidivus> end-user license agreement || <recidivus> the thing you click past and don't read when you're installing something

    • <Linguica> I just realized that fps means both first person shooter and frames per second

    • <mantra> julian looks like the stereotypical child molestor that drives around town asking directions from children and offering them candy

    • [ka] Topic changed to " | Hi, I'm a topic-virus! Copy me to another channel!" by AdamW || [ka] Topic changed to "This Topic has been Quarantined by Arioch Anti-Virus Pro v666.0" by arioch || [ka] Topic changed to "Hi, I'm a topic-virus! Copy me to another channel! | Arioch Anti-Virus Pro exploit discovered: upgrade to new version or ki

    • <Isle> i wonder if i could fit my wang in the cybies RL || <arioch> your penis would literally explode

    • <Isle> i wonder if the romerohead gives good head

    • <Ralphis> Sielheig?

    • <Lu> tarin: is c++ the same as acs?

    • 06:57.12 <KNorton> idlers! || 06:57.15 <KNorton> damn u! || 06:57.16 * Dest is away: (Auto-Away after 30 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]

    • * SoM_ merges with Lut to become SLut

    • [ka] Topic for #zdaemon was set by RvB on Sat Sep 08 22:25:10 2001 || <Shockwav3> btw. doomnation is down, right? || <Xoap> dunno

    • <mantra> slipgate is just going to be my public pr0n repository

    • <rtc_marine> i have win 3.0, it runs in a dos box under win 98

    • <cph> damn australians, move your continent into a sensible time zone already :P

    • <Ralphis> actually || <Ralphis> ive had pubes for 3 years || <Ralphis> so stfu

    • <arioch> <- mao the merciless

    • <arioch> Linguica: wipe the partition, install win2k, and feel the power between your legs

    • <Tobester> we can't crash a plane into their skyscrapers || <Tobester> the best we can do is drive a yugo through a dung hut

    • <aurikan> computers should me measured in porn images per second

    • <arioch> where's tfm || <arioch> so I can r it

    • <Dest-X> what the fuck does "" mean?

    • <sdh^> julian what happened to the updated freedoom face || <Julian> dunno || <Julian> ask fraggle

    • <Linguica> you dont update even though its the easiest thing in the world to go steal news

    • <Dash|RD> hahahaha. || <Dash|RD> Someone's offended because mIRC sucks.

    • <Katarhyne> Guys, any time you have sex with a girl... || <Katarhyne> Please be courteous enough to keep it out of her HAIR. || <Katarhyne> Thank you.

    • <fredrik> heh i used a comp at school yesterday that had a 280mb hard drive || <fredrik> it ran out of space for the swap file and it couldn't display error messages because it was out of memory

    • <Quasar`> fraggle never gives people stuff :P || <Quasar`> he was supposed to give me the SMMU windows source like 2 years ago and he never did heh || <sdh^> oops

    • <Quasar`> I'm like batman, except I never come out of the cave || <boris_> hey, then I'm batman too || <chroz> boris except you dont fight crime || <chroz> but rather warez your ass off

    • * infirmity is away : Reason : away

    • <boris_> Julian: when your girlfriend is gone you fuck your neighbours? || <Julian> boris: something like that || <Julian> I'm french no?

    • <PeterH> Quasar`: watching womens 10 meter tower diving is hot

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