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Serbia, Kosovo Officials To Meet

25 February 2008 Sofia _ Serbia and Kosovo officials will meet for the first time since Kosovo's declaration of independence at a conference in Sofia later this week, reports ReliefWeb.
EU Responds to Kosovo Independence

18 February 2008 Brussels_ Divisions among EU member states surfaced Monday ahead of a meeting at which the 27 foreign ministers were supposed to adopt a declaration concerning Kosovo independence.
Mihaljevic: Indictee's body examination

25 February 2008 The Trial Chamber has accepted the Prosecution's proposal to undertake a body examination of Zdravko Mihaljevic.

Balkan Christmas

Montenegro Students Protest

19 February 2008 Podgorica_ More than a hundred pupils of the Technical and Economic Secondary School in Podgorica protested on Tuesday against Kosovo's declaration of independence.

Forming an orderly procession the students marched to the US embassy and the city center, carrying Serbian flags and banners reading “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia” and “Serbia, Serbia”.

They said they would continue to protest over the next three days.

The Ministry of Education warned that there was a danger that the absence of pupils from lectures could be exploited for political and other purposes. It appealed to parents and school directors to address this issue and try to get students not to abandon their academic courses.

“Pedagogic measures in line with the Law will be taken in response to each unwarranted absence,” the Ministry said in a satement issued on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Montenegrin opposition parties have called a rally for Friday, February 22 to protest against Kosovo's independence.

The rally, to be held in front of the Parliament building, was proposed by Serb List, SL, and is being supported by the other parties from the former bloc for a common state with Montenegro.

Support from various Serb associations in Montenegro is also anticipated.

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Sarajevo _ The Grand Hall of Bosnia's State Parliament hosted a sell-out glamorous opera concert Saturday.

Petrovac _ The uber cool, soft crescendos of saxophones and soul will again while away Montenegro's long summer days, when it holds its second international jazz festival in August.

Macedonia will allow EU citizens and companies to buy residential and commercial property, the government announced at a news conference on Sunday.

Image 1725

What was once called the tavern of the Adriatic now looks more like a bar that barely survived a brawl, but deep underneath, Albania’s favourite holiday destination hides some forgotten treasures.

It’s not every day we have a genuine war in the middle of Europe involving medieval-style sieges. Instead, almost all we have is rows of history books and memoirs written by the likes of Lord Owen and various generals. Why no Hemingway in Bosnia?

Reviewed by Marcus Tanner

Corridor 8

“When you’ve never met someone, you start making things up about that person,” says young Bulgarian film director Boris Despodov, whose film Corridor 8 was selected for this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

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