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File: 0HC68472-00043R
Date: 2 June 2004
Subject: Todd, K.
Classification: Confidential **Director's Eyes Only**
Prepared by: NCIS Special Agent Eugene Francis Hollingsworth

AGE:Late twenties.
EDUCATION: Attended a year of law school before dropping out to pursue a career as a Federal Agent.
PREVIOUS LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE: Prior Secret Service Agent assigned to the POTUS protection detail aboard Air Force One. Resigned when the Presidential "football" carrier she was romantically linked to was murdered.

**NOTE: Despite this one lapse of judgment subject's Secret Service record appears particularly flawless.
Time in Service [TIS]: One Year.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Profiling, counterfeit bill analysis, protection details, sketch artist, ballroom dancing, amateur figure skater, eating Chinese food.**

**NOTE: Sadly…almost always alone.
PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Subject is easy to talk to, attractive, open and not afraid to speak her mind, however she appears to over-compensate for frequently being the only female in a male cop locker room environment.**

**NOTE: A situation that Special Agent DiNozzo exacerbates with his childish behavior and jock mentality. **DOUBLE NOTE: As a former classmate of Agent DiNozzo at FLETC, I know first hand how cruel that can be.

Subject reports she was never a "doll person" as a child. This may explain her almost unnatural attachment to her Palm Pilot.

**NOTE: For some reason the subject felt the need to repeatedly inform me she sleeps with a loaded handgun under her pillow…always.
MEDICAL EVALUATION: Not available at this time. Subject missed her annual physical when Special Agent DiNozzo directed her to janitorial services instead of medical.

**NOTE: When will someone finally put a stop to this bastard?

From all outward appearances she appears robust and extremely fit...and I mean extremely. Judging from the remains of the lunch I retrieved from a trashcan under her desk, she has a penchant for organic health food, almonds and soy based energy drinks.
PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Once engaged, but never married. She rarely dates and seems to be looking for a man who is not only sensitive, but strong and intelligent.

**NOTE: It might help if she learns to look past surface "looks" and concentrates on what's important…a person's inner being.

Special Agent Gibbs has been particularly tough on the subject, but reports and I quote: "She has balls." It should be understood that to a former Marine this is actually a compliment and not considered sexual harassment.

With the exception of Special Agent DiNozzo, the subject has formed strong personal relationships within all the members of her team. Particularly with one of my former girlfriends, NCIS Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto.
TROUBLESOME FOOTNOTE: Has some kind of "thing" about people going through her trash.

**NCIS DIRECTOR COMMENT: Please have Special Agent Hollingsworth report to Medical for a full psychological profile. My apologies to Special Agent Todd in this most unfortunate matter.
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