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Exclusive Sonic Chronicles info

Issue twenty one of NGamer spills the dirt on DS RPG
In its latest issue (on sale from Wednesday), NGamer has spilled the dirt on the BioWare-developed Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, tapped for release later this year.

According to NGamer, the game makes extensive use of the stylus, with players not only controlling Sonic and chums with it, but also selecting context-sensitive level furniture for characters to use.

Loop-the-loops, springboards and platforms can all be selected using the stylus, whereby Sonic responds accordingly by spinning through the loop, leaping on the board and jumping up on the platform.

The context-sensitive items act as puzzles, calling on the unique abilities of different characters in order to use them and progress.

Combat is turn-based and shares similarities with the Mario and Luigi RPGs. Each round begins with a dry menu section, but attacks are augmented with mini-games and tests.

In terms of story, the game is more linear than typical Bioware titles. Different options in dialogue trees reveal more information, but all funnel the player towards the same conclusion.

NGamer also reveals that the tone of the game is darker than previously shown, citing a moment where Amy Rose says to Rogue the Bat, "You're a tramp!"

Sega can have our thirty-quid on the basis of that alone. Check out NGamer this Wednesday for more on what just shot up our most wanted list.




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