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Players will be able to perform near-ridiculous levels of customizing. Besides custom faces and clothing, the game will allow a more freeform approach to personalizing the character. Clothes can be designed; the tweak factor seems awfully high. Want some spurs on your cop's boots? Done. Want some fat laces for those sneakers? You got it. The customization extends beyond gear, too.

Amazing details, allows you to almost recreate anyone.

Scars shown on this character shows you just how in depth, customization can go.

In All Points Bulletin, no two characters will look alike. That being said, all characters will still look human, so nothing unrealistic will be put into the customization options. You can see just how impressive the customization is for APB in this video.

At GDC, they even several people in real life and re-created them, which looked amazingly realistic.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 February 2008 09:41 )