Aisleyne knows four "secret" housemates

Aisleyne has already met at least four of the "secret" housemates, according to reports.

Five new housemates will enter a second house on the live show tonight, with either Susie or Aisleyne joining them instead of being evicted.

The Sun reports that at least four of the new group have taken part in a trial Big Brother run, which also included Aisleyne.

According to a source, Aisleyne wasn't the most popular test housemate: "Things should really kick off. No one liked her. She wound everybody up. It’s quite fishy as no one is supposed to know anyone."

Whichever housemate moves to the second house will have to choose one of the new group for eviction. But the "evicted" housemate will then join the main house, to become a regular member of the group.