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Luminance Reference Bar is a White Bar of standard amplitude. He was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, where, in his earlier years, White Bar had a band and got gigs playing high school parties and talent shows. He'd spend any money earned on Hoagie Haven's sandwich #1 with a side of hot peppers and Rush albums. Mmmm…Rush.

But it was in the early 80s when White Bar realized his purpose in life, to create a system that would test video equipment to guarantee the best viewing experience possible. White Bar then began to form a new group with a diverse collection of primary and complementary colors as well as an unmistakable sound, which would inspire countless listeners to cover their ears and scream "turn that dag-blasted racket down!" His vision was revolutionary, if obviously misunderstood, and the band's Bars & Tones video airs on Nick @ Nite and TV Land every month early in the morning. See schedule for dates and times.

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