PART 1: Martial Arts Crew - PART 2: Elliot's Crew - PART 3: Ellen's Crew


STARTING DATE, PART 1 - April 30th, 2003
STARTING DATE, PART 2 - May 12th, 2003
STARTING DATE, PART 3 - June 7th, 2003
ENDING DATE, PART 3 - August 5th, 2003
COMICS IN PART 1: 8 Comics

Bill (BG) - 2
Brownie - 1, 2, 3
Duck (BG) - 2
Dunkel, Mr. - 2
Dunkel, Mrs. - 2
Ellen - 1, 3
Elliot - 1, 2, 3
Grace - 2, 3
Hedge - 2
Jason D Poit - 2
Justin - 1, 3
Madame Pompoms - 3
Melissa (BG) - 2
Nanase - 1, 2, 3
Sarah - 2
Susan - 2, 3
Tedd - 2, 3
Tensaided, Mr. - 3
Theater Clerk - 3
Tony - 2

Damien - 3

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SUMMARY - Part 2 - Part 3
Justin and Nanase are upset that Ellen hasn't been attending Martial Arts class, and worry it will be awkward when they finally start school with Ellen at Moperville South. Elliot would be out with Sarah, Tedd and Grace on Friday, and he suggests that Ellen, Justin, and Nanase should do something then. Nanase decides to ask Ellen right away by using her Fairy Doll spell. The Fairy Doll spell leaves Nanase's body where it is, but creates a fairy somewhere near the person she wishes to speak too, and she effectively becomes the fairy during the spell.

Brownie takes notice of fairy Nanase, and chases her. The commotion that results wakes up Ellen, who had been sleeping regardless of how early it was. While escaping from the playful Brownie, Nanase accidentally collides with Ellen, and winds up in Ellen's shirt. After Nanase explains herself, and expresses concern regarding Ellen sleeping at such an odd time of day, they agree that renting a movie on Friday night would be a fun idea.

When Nanase ends the spell, her mind returns to her real body, and the fairy body becomes a doll. Whenever she contacts someone for the first time with the Fairy Doll spell, a new fairy doll is created. After that, whenever she tries to contact that person with that spell, she replaces the existing fairy doll instead of creating a new one, assuming the fairy doll for that person isn't destroyed.

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Elliot and Sarah show up at Tedd's house looking forward to a "normal" evening. When they right the doorbell, they can hear Tedd and Grace speaking frantically on the other side. When they are finally let in, it appears that a cheerful Tedd is the one doing so, as Grace is standing behind him and looking irritated. Once Elliot and Sarah are inside, Grace claims that she threw off her favorite shirt in a moment of excitement downstairs, and that she and Tedd must go retrieve it.

Once downstairs, Tedd zaps Grace into Claire, only Grace was expecting to become Tedd. As it turns out, Tedd had made Grace and Tedd  forms for the Transformation Gun, and Grace was Tedd, and Tedd was Grace. Grace, who looks like Tedd, explains that she thought Tedd would enjoy being out among his friends as a girl without his friends knowing he was a girl. To this end, Tedd would go out as Claire, and Grace would go out as Tedd. Tedd quickly grew to love this idea, and they left the house in switched forms.

While on the way to the theater, Elliot comments that the movie they're seeing, Dragonliver, features his favorite actor, Jason D Poit. Grace almost reveals that she wasn't really Tedd when she asks what movie they're seeing, as Tedd had picked out Dragonliver himself.

Once at the theater, Grace goes to the men's room, while Tedd waits outside, and Elliot and Sarah get popcorn. Tedd had wanted to go to the ladies room as Claire, but lost sight of that dream after being grossed out by the concept of Grace using the bathroom while looking just like him. As Grace walked towards the men's room, Tedd yelled out to her in the alien language, Uryuomoco, to change back to her own form while in the bathroom stall. Grace understood what he said, which later baffled Tedd, as he couldn't comprehend how Grace could possibly know the alien language.

While Grace is in the men's room, Tony shows up. He attempts to make fun of Grace, as he thinks she is Tedd, but Grace's goofy response baffles him. Grace looks at Tony, and Tony quickly flees. Apparently, Tony gets really nervous around Tedd when Tedd doesn't have glasses on, as he seems to find Tedd's feminine face to be attractive. Grace shares this information with Tedd, which disturbs Tedd. While all this is going on, it's revealed that Elliot and Sarah have easily figured out that Claire is really Tedd, and that Tedd is really Grace. They do not share this with Tedd and Grace.

As the foursome make their way to their movie, Hedge watches with great interest from the concession stands. He asks himself who "Cat" is, and how Claire knew Uryuomoco. He loses his train of thought once his popcorn is ready.

After the horror that is the movie Dragonliver, it is time to leave the theater. It is apparent that Tedd would still like to see the wonder that is the ladies room, and Sarah takes pity on him. They go to the ladies room together, but once there, Tedd sees that there isn't really anything special to it. Not only that, but Sarah has no idea why some women go to the ladies room in groups, and has nothing for them to do. When she reveals that she had no reason to bring Tedd there other than the fact that Tedd seemed to want to go, Tedd says that it's ok, and that he appreciates the gesture.

As the foursome search for Elliot's car, which results in another shameless "Dude, Where's My Car?" quote, Hedge watches from the rooftop. He wonders who "Cat", actually Elliot, is, and why Elliot and Grace's animal forms are different from his and his brothers. He also thinks about how if he "successfully fails to locate Grace", then Elliot will have to do in her stead. His dramatic foreshadowing is interrupted by the movie theater clerk, along with a horde of territorial owls.

As Elliot returns home, his parents are wondering why some of the beers are missing. Meanwhile, Nanase is in Elliot's room as Ellen's fairy doll, crying for some unknown reason...

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Flashback to about six hours earlier, Nanase uses the fairy doll spell to contact Ellen. She finds the outfit of the fairy doll has been changed, and wakes up Ellen with her "fairy tail attack". Ellen reveals that Grace suggested earlier that they dress up the doll, and that she takes no credit for the scarf. Having informed Ellen that she and Justin are on their way, Nanase returns to Justin's car, only to find that Justin put her hair up in a ponytail while she was a fairy. They pick up Ellen, and make their way to the video store.

Susan is at the video store when they get there; she works at the store, and is attempting to get her paycheck from her boss, the somewhat demented Mr. Tensaided. Ellen invites Susan to join them, and upon learning what kind of video setup Susan has, they decide they should watch whatever they rent at Susan's house.

As Ellen swoons over a DVD that features Jason D Poit, it's obvious that Nanase isn't in the best of moods. She won't explain what the problem is, and says that it's not Ellen's fault. Ellen cheers Nanase up by playfully swatting at Nanase's ponytail. While Nanase agrees to have a fun time, she also states that Ellen being so nice to her is actually only making the problem worse.

Meanwhile, Justin and Susan had wondered off to the section of the store with Star Trek movies. Initially, Susan had responded with some hostility towards Justin, but after talking some and finding a common interest in Star Trek, they quickly became friends.

Nanase rationalized her problem, which was the fact that she was finding herself attracted to Ellen. Nanase blamed it all on Ellen being the physical embodiment of Female Variant #5 (AKA the Venus form) as applied to Elliot, which was supposed to mean that Ellen had special pheromones that attracted both men and women, regardless of sexual preference.

Upon selecting a wide variety of strange movies, they departed for Susan's house, which turned out to be a three-story monstrosity in the Snoot Creek subdivision. As Nanase and Ellen hunt for the room with the super-sized television, Justin accompanies Susan as she attempts to make contact with her mother. Her mother, Madame Pompoms, opposes Justin's staying the night until Susan says that Justin is gay. After Madame Pompoms exits, Justin asks how Susan knew he was gay. Susan tells Justin to call his parents to tell him where he'll be spending the night, then answers his question. It turns out that she didn't know he was gay, and that she was lying about something that turned out to be true. Susan walks away, and it appears that she might have feelings for Justin.

Upon locating Ellen and Nanase in the television room, Susan requests that Ellen join her upstairs. Once upstairs, Susan asks Ellen to transform her using the beam she can shoot from her hand, which seems to be the equivalent of the Venus form beam from the transformation gun. Susan's transformation results in her hair being half-blonde and half-dark blue due to her being a natural blonde who dyes her hair. Susan reveals that she wanted to be transformed in order to be a lesbian, and in turn, not have to deal with men. Ellen doesn't support this plan, and explains that the Venus form will increase her attraction to men anyway. Susan decides to return to normal, and winds up having blonde hair after all is said and done.

Everyone is able to spend the night at Susan's house, though Nanase had to lie quite a bit to her parents to get permission. As they're all hungry, particularly Nanase, they get to ordering pizza. While waiting for the pizza, Ellen explains to Nanase why she sleeps so much. Ellen stays up late a lot due to not having school yet, she gets up early in the morning to exercise with Elliot, and hanging out with Grace all result in her having a strange sleeping schedule.

Once the pizzas arrive, they devour their food, and watch one of their movies. During the movie, Nanase realizes that she's never really felt attracted to anyone but Ellen before, and that she needs to talk to someone about it. She winds up talking to Susan. Susan reveals that Tedd has informed her during lunch at school that the Venus form is flawed in that the special pheromones don't last the duration of the transformation, and that any attraction Nanase felt was how she naturally felt. Unable to take the news, Nanase retreats to Ellen's fairy doll using the fairy doll spell, thus bringing the story full circle.

As she sits upon Ellen's bed crying, Elliot enters the room. After misdirecting some of her anger towards Elliot, Nanase breaks down and explains what she's going through. She can no longer live in denial of her homosexuality, and she's terrified of what will happen if her homophobic mother finds out. Nanase spends some time sitting on a pillow on Elliot's lap and crying into a tissue far too large for her fairy form. During this, Elliot explains that the beer missing from the fridge in Part II had been removed by accident by Grace earlier, and that he'd put them back in the fridge behind the red herring after his parents go to bed.

Almost immediately after Elliot's beer explanation, Nanase decides to go back. She finds herself in a bed in one of the guest rooms of Susan's house with Ellen sitting in a chair next to the bed. Ellen had carried her there, and wasn't going to pressure Nanase to say anything. They agree to watch some more movies, and Ellen goes back downstairs before Nanase. Before Nanase comes down, it's revealed that Susan panicked when Nanase used her fairy doll spell, and revealed that Nanase was gay. As such, Ellen and Justin are aware that Nanase is gay, but Nanase thinks that they aren't.

The rest of the night is spent watching movies. Ellen and Nanase sit at opposite sides of the sofa, only occasionally glancing at each other. They watched movies until the break of dawn, which they might regret the following night, as that night will be Painted Black...

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- Nanase: Forms -

- Grace: Forms -
Tedd (male!), and Human
- Grace: Transformations - Grace morphs from looking like Tedd and back to her human form
- Nanase: Forms - Fairy
- Tedd: Forms - Human Grace, and Claire (is never in his actual form in this part)
- Tedd: Transformations - Tedd is zapped from a Grace-form to the Claire-form

- Ellen: Forms -
Ellen imagines herself in her Venus form, and in a cat-like chibi form.
- Ellen: Transformations - Ellen's outfit changes during several visual representations of conversations; includes a Western outfit, a "Matrix" outfit, a Frat Boy outfit, a Leopard-Spot Bikini, and a School Uniform
- Grace: Forms - Human, Half-Fox, and Claire
- Justin: Forms - Ellen pictures Justin in a Venus form twice in one comic, once with Justin's hair down, another in pig-tails. Later, a visual representation of a conversation results in Justin appearing to be female
- Justin: Transformations - During the previously mentioned visual representation, Justin goes from male to female, and his outfit changes slightly
- Nanase: Forms - Fairy, Chibi, and Ellen pictures her in a Venus form in her fantasy
- Nanase: Transformations - Nanase's outfit changes during several visual representations of conversations; includes a Chinese dress, a "Matrix" outfit, a Wet T-Shirt Contest Outfit, a "Jane" outfit, and her Long Skirt with Heart Sweater outfit
- Susan: Forms - Venus, Blonde Hair (otherwise normal), and a different take on Venus Susan in Ellen's fantasy
- Susan: Transformations - Ellen zaps Susan into her Venus form, then zaps her out of it. Susan dyes her hair a dark blue from blonde; her hair is half-blonde, half-dark blue when in Venus, then becomes blonde when zapped back to normal.
- Tedd: Forms - Half-Cat, and Chibi

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- Anime Dojo - 1
- Elliot's Car - 2
- Elliot's House - 1, 2, 3
- Flashback - 3
- Justin's Car - 3
- Movie Theater - 2
- Owls - 2
- Parodies - 2, 3
- Squirrel Teddy - 3
- Susan's House - 3
- Tedd's House - 2, 3
- Transformation Gun - 2, 3
- Uryuomoco - 2
- Video Store - 3

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