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The New VTA: New Service, New Standards, New Commitment

VTA's NEW Bus Service begins on January 14, 2008.

Great Mall bus station

VTA will be increasing weekday service frequency to 15-minutes or better on many core routes. Eleven NEW Community Bus routes will begin providing local neighborhood service. Two NEW Express Bus routes will provide frequent service from South County and the Fremont BART Station to downtown San Jose.

VTA is working hard to prepare riders for the upcoming changes. Here are ways to learn more:

Look for the NEW VTA Bus Service Change brochures onboard VTA Buses and Light Rail beginning December 17, for specific information about how VTA Bus Service will change on January 14, 2008. VTA strongly encourages faithful and NEW riders to use this brochure, attend a trip planning session or call customer service to plan their bus and light rail trips before January 14, 2008.

Contact Information:

For more information on VTA's NEW Bus Service call VTA Customer Service: (408) 321-2300; TDD only: (408) 321-2330; For 650 & So. Santa Clara County TollAreas: (800) 894-9908.