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honorary MClub members

An honorary University of Michigan Athletic Letter is presented to those who may not have earned a letter at Michigan but have demonstrated outstanding service to the Athletic Department. This award grants them the opportunity to join the Letterwinners "M" Club.

Nominate someone for an Honorary "M"

If you would like to nominate someone for an Honorary "M", contact Pam Stevens at or at 734/647-1208.


Last Year's Winners

Ed and Leann Boullion

The Boullions are the founders of From the Heart, a non-profit organizations which promotes weekly visits by Michigan athletes to children at C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, and raises funds to take Motts patients to Michigan sporting events.

Steve Grafton

Steve has been president and CEO of the University Alumni Association for over a decade, during which time the association’s endowment fund has tripled, and paid membership has increased by 25 percent. Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr considers Grafton a man of “outstanding character, integrity, intelligence and discipline.”

Dr. Hazel “Doc” Losh

Doc Losh was a tireless supporter of Michigan athletics, and of hundreds of Michigan student-athletes on the academics side. She taught astronomy at the University of Michigan from the 1920’s until her retirement in 1968.

Pam St. John

Pam has been coach of the Michigan cheerleading squads from 1977 to 1987 and from 1993 to the present (after being an M cheerleader from 1972 to 1976). At the same time, she is a practicing dental hygienist and mother of two teenage boys.




Past Honorees

1969-1985 (continued)
Ralph W. Aigler
William S. Frieder
Alex A. Agase
Charles Baird
Stephen J. Galletti
Alvin L. Glick
Lon H. Barringer
Ralph M. Gibson
Francie Kraker Goodridge
Philip G. Bartelme
Jerry F. Hanlon
C. Corydon Randall
Thorne J. Brown
Joseph P. Hayden, Jr.
Donald R. Shepherd
William B. Crawford
Merle Henry
Herbert O. Crisler
Dorin L. Hinerman
Carol S. Hutchins
Philip Diamond
Nilus W. Hubble
J. Kenneth Doherty
E. Richard Hurst
J. Michael Gittleson
Louis Elbel
Robert G. Hurst
Warren Lockette
Stephen J. Farrell
D. Bruce Laing
Elizabeth (Bitsy) Ritt
Ray L. Fisher
Donald H. Lintz
Keene Fitzpatrick
Frederick C. Matthaei, Jr.
Kalvin M. Grove
W. Henry Hatch
J. Lindsy McLean
Marie Hartwig
Charles B. Hoyt
Arthur B. McWood, Jr.
Anne Monterio
Clifford P. Keen
Gerald A. O'Connor
Melvin K. Pearson
J. Fred Lawton
Johnny Orr
John J.H. Schwarz
Matthew Mann, II
William J. Perigo
Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr.
Harold Phelps
Lynn Koch
George A. May
Ronald L. Pulliam
James A. Murfin
Ward L. Quaal
Robert E. Kalmbach
Arthur D. Robinson
William R. Reed
Joyce I. Linderman
Alexander G. Ruthven
Glenn E. Schembechler
Paul W. Schmidt
Thomas C. Trueblood
Harold T. Shapiro
Fielding H. Yost
Ernest T. Siegler
Beverly Plocki
Kenneth "Red" Simmons
Bruce Madej
Carl E. Badgley
Allan F. Smith
Jim Schneider
Nathan Chestnut
John P. Weidenbach
Howard King
Alfred W. Coxon
Samuel Weiss
Al Burdi
Harlan H. Hatcher
John D. Hibbard
Warren G. Crouch
Tom Moss, Sr.
James E. Hunt
Ronald Warhurst
Charlie Green
Louis B. Hyde
Albert Katzenmeyer
Thomas Hemmingway
Frank Beckmann
Newton C. Loken
Russell E. Miller
Shelly Kovacs
Frank M. Mackey, Sr.
G.W. Stover, II
Harry McLaughlin
William M. Mazer, Sr.
William E. Murphy
Thomas G. Whittingham
Carl Isaacson
Lenwood Paddock
Fred Jackson
Marcus L. Plant
Gregory M. Barton
Ted Spencer
Hugh H. Rader, Jr.
Gary O. Moeller
Lois Isaacson Simmons
William B. Revelli
Dick Katcher
Branch Rickey
Leo Calhoun
Earl N. Riskey
James C. Richardson
Bob Bland
Murray D. Van Wagoner
Jim Plocki
Frederick J. Vogt
James J. Duderstadt
Robert A. Rosiek
Donald A. Weir
William C. Parkinson
Terry N. Smith
Ed and Leann Boullion
Robert E. Anderson
Steve Grafton
Gregory F. Bevis
Lloyd Carr, Jr.
Dr. Hazel "Doc" Losh
Tirrel Burton
James W. Carras
Pam St. John
George R. Cavender
Gary S. Sandall
Frank S. Day
John L. Denniston
Bob Chmiel
Brian W. Eisner
Jon Falk
Les F. Etter
Michael J. Stevenson
Steve Filipiak
Robben W. Fleming
Robert W. Browne
William Flemming
Phyllis M. Ocker
Robert G. Forman
Micki King