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Geek of the Week: 2/06/98

February 6, 1998
Vol. 2: Issue 6Computer Game Developers' Conference
David Galloway -- 02/06/98 Geek
David Galloway
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Canopus Corporation
Lead Programmer
San Jose, CA

GamaGeek Summary:
Proof! An "unholy mix of Jolt Cola and Gatorade" will not kill you. Evidence available through this week's geek.

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Current Project:
Pure3D. It's a video card. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. oh sorry. It's a 3Dfx card with 4 megabytes of texture memory; TV output; and a devoted group of people to make sure you have a great gaming experience. All that fits on a regular PCI card!
Here are a few other projects:
Unnecessary Roughness 95 SEGA - programmer
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego SNES - programmer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles C64 - programmer
Ancient Land of YS Apple II GS - programmer

All of those projects involved at least one other programmer. Seems like most projects today have at least 4 or 5 involved. I have worked on more titles, but I have either forgot or want to forget. A fair amount of work doesn't get published.
Why I Got Into the Industry:
When I was 14, I decided that Silas Warner, Bill Budge, Bruce Artwick and the Kitchen Brothers must be having a damn good time. Now I'm a game programming professional (and I even got to meet Larry Kaplan!)
Plans for CGDC 98:
Stuff from the 70's is popular again so I thought I might 'streak' through one of the non-game presentations (like marketing or focus testing or some such nonsense)
Favorite Type of Game:
Action with Adventure.
Favorite Current Game:
Tomb Raider I + II
Favorite Game of all Time:
Robot War for the Apple II by Silas Warner
Favorite Geek Food:
Doughnuts unfortunately.
Favorite Geek Beverage:
An unholy mix of Jolt Cola and Gatorade.
Favorite Non-Geek Activity:
Ice Hockey twice a week. I almost lost an eyeball yesterday. Cool eh?... What? Come back here and I'll give you a taste of my boot snapperhead!
Pet Peeve:
Game development teams being treated like money making machines which can be turned on/off and redirected without any respect to their morale.
Why I Joined Gamasutra:
Not exactly sure. Maybe I had some half baked notion that I would meet some old buddies around here somewhere.
Favorite GamaSection:
Geek of the Week.
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Programmming.[go there]
Favorite Geeky Dream:
i had a dream that i was three hundred pounds and though i was very heavy i floated til i couldn't see the ground well i'm lying in bed just like brian wilson did.
The geeky dream sequence (credit - Bare Naked Ladies on the album Gordon)