Youth of America

Recorded in 1981

YOA was a bit different from previous efforts and even
sounds different than other recordings made during the
same time frame and sessions.
The song YOA itself is out of a dream I had
about the future.
A time where people "over breed" themselves
to the point that even the most simple thing had become
the highest level of competition.
The dream had such a sense of realism and intensity to it
that I went overboard with the recording to symbolize it.

Also at the time of this recording, it was the trend
that most songs by bands were very fast and short,
to the point that some were doing songs as short
as 13 seconds or so.

I did just the opposite to make
some songs reach 10 minutes long.
This did not make us popular in the USA, but
overseas was a different story.

Wipers records, in the United States were received
poorly upon their release, due to us avoiding the current trends.

It would take sometimes 6 to 9 years before our
records would become relevant in the States.
Europe was always very receptive, most of our tours were focused there.

Taking Too Long
When It's Over
Can This Be
No Fair
Pushing The Extreme