GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: “[O]ver the next 13 months, the American people are going to have the opportunity to sort through a lot of issues, sort through a lot of information. They’re going to look at the records of these candidates, they are going to determine who offers the real answers. And they’re going to figure out who is offering platitudes … and they’re going to look at who has the experience of a leader that can take us, particularly in times of crisis, take us forward.

“And as a border state governor, I can tell you that there’s no such thing as homeland security without border security. As a voter, I’m not looking for somebody with the best sound bite or an individual who’s just out talking over my head. I’m looking for a proven leader, who has been successful in disrupting, dismantling criminal enterprise, individuals that threaten our families and our way of life. Executive experience matters for the next President of the United States, whether they’re responding to a disaster or they’re slicing through bureaucratic red tape or they’re cutting taxes. The mayor of America’s largest city is amply prepared to be the next President of the United States. And I’m not talking about just any mayor, I’m talking about America’s Mayor.

“Today I’m endorsing Rudy Giuliani for the presidency of the United States because he’s got a record, a strong record of leadership. He’s got the right vision for a nation at war. He’s got clarity of purpose I think that’s unequaled by any candidate in this race. Rudy Giuliani is a leader who has a proven record of leadership. He gets things done. He is a results-oriented leader.

“Rudy Giuliani is best equipped to make the tough choices for a country at war. He’s a consistent leader with a track record of consistent results. He offers America a much better vision than another Clinton president. The office of president requires much of its occupant. We’ve got to be diligent in choosing the next leader of this great country. Our nation’s leader must be able to stare down the criminal element, whether they’re trafficking in drugs or whether they’re planting roadside bombs. Our nation’s leader must be willing to act precisely in response to threats without dialing up their lawyers first. Our nation’s leader must understand the stifling effect of runaway taxation and be willing to open up the path for growth. Our nation’s leader must be willing to do what’s right even when it’s unpopular. I strongly believe that Rudy Giuliani is that man. He’s not only seen first hand the devastation of a terrorist attack, but he knows what it takes to respond with resolve, with compassion, with clear leadership.

“Mayor, I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those tough calls from a neighboring government. They asked me to provide food and shelter and safe haven for thousands of their citizens in the midst of a very devastating hurricane. So I know in the times of crisis it demands of leaders to be decisive. It demands you to have good judgment. It demands you to be driven to do what is necessary to preserve the lives, and I might add the dignity, of our fellow human beings.

“Rudy Giuliani has made a career out of standing up for victims, prosecuting the worst criminals and by bringing them to justice. During his time leading one of the most liberal cities in America, Rudy Giuliani successfully cut taxes, he kept spending below the growth of inflation and population during that period of time, and he privatized and he deregulated many of the aspects of that city’s out-of-control bureaucracy.

“The time that we’ve spent together, whether it’s been on the phone or it’s been face-to-face, I’ve asked him some tough questions. I’ve looked him in his eye as he answered. I studied his positions. And I will tell you I have been highly impressed with his record. I’ve taken the measure of a man. And I believe that without a doubt or reservation that Rudy Giuliani is the most capable, the most prepared individual of either party to be the next President of the United States. He is the best of a strong field of Republican candidates and I’m proud to proclaim my support of his campaign. So I am proud to introduce to you America’s Mayor, a proven fiscal conservative, a leader who gets things done and the best hope of our nation’s future."…

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