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Home > Review Archive > Video Games > Results: Shadowgrounds: Survivor

Shadowgrounds: Survivor
by Michael Anderson
February 01, 2008

Old-school and modern and gory all at once, Shadowgrounds: Survivor is top-down shooter that is a blast to play for adults!

Reviewed for PC.

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GamerDad Seal Of Approval - Adult.  Click to learn more about our review seal. The ESRB Says
Blood and gore: GamerDad saw blood and alien bits spatter everywhere as he blew away aliens.
Language: From the very start you hear many uses of 'S' and 'F' and many others.
Violence: Brutal battles against overwhelming odds dominate the game.

Shadowgrounds: Survivor is a top-down 3D sci-fi shooter that is a sequel to Shadowgrounds and that takes place on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. You get to control three different characters - you start as a marine names Luke Giffords and eventually take on two other characters with very different personalities and skill sets. The first is a maintenance worker named Bruno Lastmann (yes, subtle naming I know!). Lastmann is a crazy old Russian who drinks flamethrower fuel - and loves heavy weapons such as the flamethrower. Finally you control Isabel Larosse, who is a special-ops sniper ... and also on the brink of going crazy. She maintains a tenuous hold on her mental state the entire tome you control her. These three share a goal given to them as they progress - get to the New Atlantis colony and shore up the defenses before the enemy hordes arrive ... then engage them in battle and pray for victory!

The game has excellent controls and graphics - both improved from the original. It also adds RPG-lite features that makes gaining experience by exploring levels much more rewarding. My original understanding was that Shadowgrounds: Survivor was going to be longer than the original. However, I completed the game in under ten hours, making it a bit shorter than Shadowgrounds. Adding on the co-op mode and replaying some of the survivor events helps, as does the ability to locate secret items and areas that unlock special features. These unlocks are only available during replay, so the message is clear - look everywhere, blow everything up, and play again! Fortunately the game is so much fun that you will enjoy replaying it

Click to learn more about GamerDad's Kid Factor review section. The original Shadowgrounds was a retro/modern shooter filled with blood and gore and strong language and all sorts of other things that made it a M-rated experience. There were many changes made in this sequel - but the level of content wasn't one of them. The game is still incredibly violent and intense ... and the constant stream of inappropriate language also remains. There's also the problem with constant blood and gore as you explode enemies with missiles and toast them with the flamethrower. So Shadowgrounds: Survivor remains an entertaining game for adults that is full of intense but fun action.

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Home > Review Archive > Video Games > Results: Shadowgrounds: Survivor
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Game Info:

ESRB rating:
M - Mature

Blood and Gore, Language, Violence


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