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Congestion Charging

CO2 Charge and CO2 Discount: February 2008

The central London Congestion Charge will, from October 2008, include a new CO2 Charge for cars and extended cab pickups with the highest greenhouse gas emissions and a low CO2 Discount for cars with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. The CO2 Charge aims to discourage people who continue to drive in the zone from using higher polluting cars. The CO2 Charge will also seek to influence vehicle purchasing choices in the future and encourage the market for lower CO2 emitting cars.

The higher CO2 Charge of � will apply to cars that emit over 225g of CO2 per kilometre. This includes those cars in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) band G and equivalent and cars registered before March 2001 with engines over 3,000 cc in size. The majority of cars - VED bands C, D, E and those in F with emissions up to 225g CO2 per km, as well as those registered before March 2001 with engines up to and including 3,000 cc - will continue to pay the existing daily charge of �

The 100% discount will apply to cars with CO2 emissions of 120g per km or lower (equivalent to VED bands A and B) and which meet Euro 4 air pollution emissions standards.

Further details regarding the Mayor's decision can be found in the Mayor's decision statement, the Mayoral Approval Form and TfL's Report to the Mayor.

Decision statement PDF
Decision statement RTF

Table of modifications PDF
Table of modifications RTF

Mayoral Approval Form PDF
Mayoral Approval Form RTF

Annex 1 to Mayoral Approval Form: Made Variation Order PDF
Annex 1 to Mayoral Approval Form: Made Variation Order RTF

Annex 2 to Mayoral Approval Form: Instrument of Confirmation PDF
Annex 2 to Mayoral Approval Form: Instrument of Confirmation RTF

Amended Variation Order PDF
Amended Variation Order RTF

Annex 3 to Mayoral Approval Form is available from Transport for London's website

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