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"To promote the economic viability of American Indian and Alaskan Natives by developing cooperative relationships with private sector, public sector and Native organizations in establishing a foundation for self-sustaining socio-economic development initiatives."

Founded in 1995 by the late John “Eagle” Sunchild, Sr., the National Tribal Development Association (NTDA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit national American Indian service organization that provides a wide range of economic development and governance type services to American Indian/Alaska Natives nationwide. Over the past eleven years, the NTDA has grown from a staff of two, to more than 25 individuals with the education, experience, and passion to create programs that have the potential to effectuate a sustained positive impact on the lives and living conditions of the people we serve. Over the years, our membership has grown from an initial 15 member Tribes to our current 38 member Tribes who are spread throughout the United States.

The NTDA was originally formed as a pro-active effort by tribal government leaders to advance issues and informationrelated to governance and economic development on Indian Reservations.As NTDA became a reality, other tribal organizations were seeking to promote Indian business in general, NTDA on the other hand, broke new ground by pursuing the specific goal of improving the governance and economy of Indian communities through the use of state-of-the-art computer hardware and software to enhance the marketability and exposure of NTDA members’ tribes. The tribal leaders that agreed to come together and form the NTDA were motivated by the desire to have tribal initiatives for governance and economic development considered at the national and international levels.

Our national headquarters are located on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in north-central Montana which is reflective of the attitude of our founder, which was, “the only way to be successful in providing meaningful and self-sustaining programs (social, economic, or governance) to the people we serve, is to conceptualize, design, and deliver those programs and services from within the communities we target for service.” In other words, if we’re administering programs that provide services to American Indians, then we must live and breath the same environment as our constituents so that we can fully comprehend (and adjust our strategies if necessary) the results of our efforts.   

The organization has adopted the following Vision and Mission Statements that provide the inspiration for all of our current, future and/or proposed projects:

The NTDA Executive Board consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and two at-large board members, all of whom are chosen from our at-large organization membership.