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New Sonic Chronicles info and screens
By: Dale Gennard - 25th February 2008 (07:11) - [ 0 ] Comments

Sonic attacks revealed and Amy insults Rouge?
CVG have some exclusive info and screenshots of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood from the upcoming issue of NGamer. The article reveals controls for things like loop-de-loops, springboards and platform jumping. The story is revealed to be more linear than most Bioware titles.

Most surprising of the info is that the tone of the game will be darker than what has been previously shown such as at one moment in the game Amy says to Rouge "You're a tramp!".

One of the new screenshots reveal the character summary page where you can see each characters attack list. In the screenshot shown Sonic's attacks are revealed which all sound pretty interesting. Other screenshots display some battle sequences.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

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