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his game reminds me of gym class in elementary school, where you don’t play how the sport is designed to be played and the teacher adds made up rules so all the kids can feel good about themselves. None of these sports are fully fleshed out, and they simply represent a range of motions to perform with the controller. Fittingly, there’s even a Wii Fitness mode where you play the games to get your heart rate up. At least in multiplayer you aren’t the only person who looks like a fool waving the controller around. Here is our take on the minigames:

Tennis: One of the weaker sports in the game, which inexplicably only offers doubles play. Unfortunately, you can’t actually control the movement of your player, so there’s not much to this mode of Wii Sports except to hope it reads your cross-court and down-the-line shots correctly. Warning: It may bring out your inner McEnroe.

Baseball: Nothing more than a three-inning warm-up. This could have been more fun if you could actually field the ball, but that’s handled for you. There’s not much to pitching, but batting is cool and actually offers a modicum of bat control.

Bowling: You can’t bowl against the CPU, but this pretty much works as advertised.

Golf: Beats out tennis for the weakest sport in the package, primarily because the Wii sensor doesn’t read the full range of your clubs’ movements. I found the putting power to be erratic, and I didn’t like how you automatically slice or hook the ball if you strike the ball at full power.

Boxing: This sport produces the most inconsistent onscreen actions. Playing it will remind you of that time you spazzed out and tried to punch Chad Peterson for giving you a wedgie in the fourth grade.


If Wii Sports is any indication of actual skill, then maybe I have a shot in a pro bowling league. Then again, it’s probably good that I never pursued that career in tennis. Honestly, I had a little trouble deciding what to give this title because it doesn’t really feel like a complete game. These five shallow mini-games might provide you and your friends with some early multiplayer fun, but will quickly fall to the wayside. Then again, we’re getting this one for free, so I’ll stop complaining.
An uneven intro to the system and its controllers, but at least it’s free
The game uses the Mii avatars on your Wii, but that’s the only eye-catching thing about it
The tinny sound that comes from the Wii remote is starting to really bug me
Sometimes there are inconsistencies between your movements and what happens onscreen
This is a shallow game by design, but it does offer some occasional fun
Moderately Low
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