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The Zimbabwe Gazette Daily News Online

Feb 28th

Last Updated: February 28, 2008, 1:39 pm  ET

Home arrow Sports arrow Zimbabwe Rugby Union doubts credibility of national team coach
Zimbabwe Rugby Union doubts credibility of national team coach PDF Print E-mail
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By Tawanda Jonas, on February 25 2008 16:00  

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Uncertainty surrounds the continued tenure of Brendon Dawson as Zimbabwe’s national Rugby team coach following a heated debate at the Zimbabwe Rugby Union’s annual meeting at Alex Sports Club in Harare on Sunday.

“I do not think that this is fair because we have the papers to show that we are qualified and at the end of the day someone who does not even have a single qualification gets the job.”

“Just because he (Dawson) is the most experienced as a player does not make him qualified.”

“So I do not see the reason why we have to apply for the job if at the end of the day the Union just picks someone who does not even have the documents required by the IRB for one to be a coach. It seems it’s getting racial.”

"It is actually an IRB requirement that one must have IRB recognized certificate(s) for them to be a national coach but we are not following that here," said Sibanda.

Mandenge also argued that the coaches with qualifications were not being rewarded for the efforts they were making to promote the game by attending the IRB and ZRU courses.

“Dawson left the game to die at Old Miltonians and at almost the same time most white players at Old Hararians, Harare Sports Club and Old Georgians stopped playing the game.”

"We then continued and we maintained the game to where it is now. Where would we be had we followed the same route as those who quit, where would the game be right now," questioned Mandenge.

Appointments committee head and former national coach Godwin Murambiwa, however, refused to disclose the recommendations they had made to the Union arguing that it was "unethical (for his committee) to do so."

ZRU president Bruce Hobson insisted that proper channels were followed in the appointment and revealed that Sibanda refused to work as a back-line coach under Dawson.

This, Hobson added, meant that Sibanda could not be considered for the technical set-up.

“The proper channels were followed and there were adverts in the local Press and we talked to a number of people for us to reach the decision with, the Appointments Committee included.”

“I am sorry you feel that way Mr. Sibanda.”

“Dawson had to come in as the coach while Falkenberg and Sibanda were assistants with Sykes (Sibanda) working with the back-line.”

"The Union has the strength to make the decisions," said Hobson.

Losson Mtongwiza - who is also the Sables manager - shared the same sentiments with Hobson and said the ZRU’s appointments were in order.

"At that time, we found out that Dawson, despite the fact that he did not have any qualification, was the right person for the job with his 100 caps for the national team and we had to give him the job," said Mtongwiza.

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