Worked with just one shuttle, these dainty edgings are quick and easy!

Tatted Loop Make 12 double stitches with one shuttle, draw them together into a half ring and tighten the thread; the first knot of the next scallop must be so close to the last knot of the preceding scallop as to touch it.
Picot Loop Made with one shuttle: 4 double stitches, 1 picot, *3 double stitches, 1 picot, 2 double stitches, 1 picot, 3 double stitches, 1 picot, 4 double stitches; close the ring.
Leave sufficient length of thread before beginning the next ring for the rings not to overlap each other. Make 4 doubles, draw the left hand thread through the 5th picot of the last ring and repeat from *.

Modern notation for the above pattern is as below:
R: 4-3-2-3-4.
R: 4+ (to prev. ring) 3-2-3-4.
Repeat last ring for length desired.
The Picot Loop Insertion Make with one shuttle a ring of 4 double stitches (ds), 1 picot (p), *3 ds, 1 p, 2 ds, 1 p, 3 ds, 1 p, 4 ds; close the ring. Turn the work, leave about 1/4" of thread, and make a second ring; turn the work and leave the same length of thread free: begin a 3rd ring and after the 4th ds connect with the 5th p of the 1st ring; turn the work and connect the 4th ring in like manner with the 2nd ring. Continue in this way, turning the work after each ring.

C or ch chain
rw reverse work
R ring
. close ring
- picot
number number of ds
+ join
p picot
ds double stitch
double knot double stitch
reverse work turn work over

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