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How & Why the Feds Will Investigate Roger Clemens

newsweek.com — The FBI is expected to make the initial call on whether to open a criminal investigation into whether legendary pitcher Roger Clemens lied about his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs when he testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing earlier this month.More… (Baseball)


Why Obama is Winning: A Look into the 50 State Strategy

thenation.com — Make no mistake, the myopic Clintonian view of electoral politics is history. More… (US Elections 2008)


NBA's All-time Best Dunkers view!

IMAGEsportsillustrated.cnn.com (Basketball) made popular 13 min ago

Obama Says He's Quit Smoking

seattletimes.nwsource.com — Barack Obama said he has successfully quit smoking cigarettes despite the pressures of a closely contested and lengthy presidential campaign. "I've been chewing on this Nicorette, which tastes like you're chewing on ground pepper but it does help," the Democratic candidate said in an interview that aired Thursday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."More… (US Elections 2008)


Oil Shoots Up to $102 Per Barrel

time.com — Crude prices rebounded Thursday, shooting up more than $2 a barrel to a new record as a falling dollar and the prospect of lower interest rates attracted fresh money to the oil market. Retail gas prices, meanwhile, rose closer to records above $3 a gallon.More… (World News)


Prince Harry fighting Taleban, MoD says

news.bbc.co.uk — Despite earlier not being sent to Iraq - and getting a lot of flak for it, prince Harry has been reported to have been on the front line in AfganistanMore… (World News)


Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 4-to-1 in Japan

reuters.com — Nintendo sold 331,627 units of the Wii in the four weeks to February 24, compared with 89,131 units of the PS3, Enterbrain said on Thursday.More… (Nintendo)


'Revolutionary' drug that prevents breast cancer created

dailymail.co.uk — A drug that could prevent thousands of young women developing breast cancer has been created by scientists.More… (General Sciences)


I've Got Measles! Thanks Mom!

news.bbc.co.uk — There are new measles outbreaks right now in California and New York. Why? Parents failed to immunize their kids. Please digg so more parents will read that the link to autism has been debunked. Measles is highly contagious and can cause brain swelling, pneumonia, and even death.More… (Health)


Top 10 Most Desired Unrestricted Free Agents

nbcsports.msnbc.com — Starting Friday, teams can make trades and add free agents as 31 teams try to catch up to the Super Bowl champion Giants, while they try to keep their well-earned place a top of the world.More… (American & Canadian Football)


Use of Google for Data Mining Triggers Fears

biz.yahoo.com — Automated 'Google Hacking' Software for Unearthing Data on Other Sites Triggers Security Fears. It's called "Google hacking" -- a slick data-mining technique used by the Internet's cops and crooks alike to unearth sensitive material mistakenly posted to public Web sites.More… (Tech Industry News)


America Loves Peace? Odd, Since We're Always at War

alternet.org — Sure, any war can be spun as some necessity against some Very Bad Person, preferably of brown skin, slanted eyes and/or differing deity. Not only can any war be so spun, probably every war there ever was has been, at least since the days when governments had to start offering some justification or another for their little foreign adventures.More… (Political Opinion)


Top Comic Movies Before 2000

retrojunk.com — Here are some movies (starting with my favorite and working on down) that I think were great representatives for the comic book world before the current boom of superhero movies.More… (Movies)

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