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Vogrincic Turns Ljubljana Park into Enchanted Forrest
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Ljubljana, 17 December

Artist Matej Andraz Vogrincic, known for his dressing of houses and other site-specific projects, has been setting up an "Enchanted Forrest" in a park in the centre of Ljubljana. His latest installation, consisting of 1,000 potted fir trees, opened in Zvezda Park on Sunday afternoon.

The Enchanted Forrest is to allow Ljubljanians to get the feel of the festive mood of nature. They will be able to enjoy it until 30 December, when other festivities in the Fairy Town that Zvezda Park has been turned into end as well.
The sponsor of the project, Microsoft, will then move the trees to be wintered until spring, when it will donate them to the Slovenian Forestry Institute, which will use them to forest affected areas in the Posocje region, NW Slovenia.
Matej Andraz Vogrincic has been working with his team in Zvezda Park since Monday. He has covered the ground between the trees in white cloth so as to create the impression of a snow-blanketed forest.
Vogrincic has made his name as a "tailor for houses". Using donated clothing, he first "dressed" a dilapidated house in his hometown, and then presented a similar project at the Venice Biennial in 1991.
A year later, he created the project "Car Park: Members Only" - a wall installation consisting of 15,000 toy cars placed on a wall of a building in Australia's Adelaide.
In 2002, he put up a watering can installation in the Australian outback. The installation consisted of some 2,000 plaster watering cans arranged over the area of a football field.
As part of the 2003 festival in Australia's Perth, he filled up an area of 7,000 square metres with 10,000 balloons of red, orange, blue, pink, green and yellow colours.

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