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Born in the wake of a national tragedy, Stand Up For America (SUFA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization that strives to promote unity and patriotism, increase our awareness of our identity as citizens of one nation under God, and instill a sense of duty and commitment on both an individual and community level.

On September 11, 2001 Americans woke up to a changed world, not just because an unspeakable horror had been visited upon the most powerful nation on earth, but because we can no longer escape the knowledge that there exists in this world rage of such magnitude that the planning and perpetration of the murders of thousands of innocent civilians is considered a valid political statement. That such an unconscionable act was committed in the name of God by persons posing as religious makes it all the more obscene.

What further proof is needed of the greatness of this country than the fact that in the aftermath of the grievous crime committed against us, we became a better nation? Even as the country reeled with shock and anger, a great outpouring of unity and patriotism not seen since World War II gave rise to hundreds of parades, marches, and rallies all across America.

Many of the changes overtaking the country are astonishingly ordinary. Family members, estranged for decades, are calling home to say: “I love you.” Much of the fluff that used to pass as entertainment now seems like the glitter on a child’s coloring book. Awakening within the collective hearts of Americans is the thirst for a deeper meaning to life. This shift within the national psyche is a clear sign of a vacuum that needs to be filled.

Stand Up For America hopes to fill that need by:

* Educating the people of Hawaii through classes, lectures, workshops, newsletters, media, and conferences on the ideals of American citizenship and values, patriotism, and the concept of how we are one nation under God.

* Increasing student awareness and appreciation for the Pledge of Allegiance, Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Hawaii State Constitution through the support of public policy and school curricula that fulfill this goal.

* Instilling in students respect and love for their country and a sense of duty and responsibility for their communities through class presentations at schools.

* Collaborating with veterans groups and other patriotic organizations in Hawaii and the nation to promote and educate the public about the importance of American citizenship, values, and patriotism.

* Organizing and/or participating in parades, marches, and rallies with the intention of promoting patriotism and unity in the community.

* Supporting public policies that will further the goals of upholding and strengthening the ideals of American citizenship, values, and patriotism.

* Recruiting and organizing volunteers to participate in the SUFA’s varied activities.

Stand Up For America was founded by Mike Gabbard.


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