This page is inspired by a thread I saw at the FFO Forums. Basically, the thread was a discussion of which character is the true evil of Final Fantasy VII. The main two theories were that it was Jenova or Sephiroth, but there are also a few other possibilities - what about Professors Hojo and Gast, for example? There is also a theory that Jenova and Lucrecia are one and the same person, which is discussed on the Jenova = Lucrecia? page. Anyway, here we go:

Obviously I'm slightly biased, but I genuinely believe that Jenova IS the true evil of Final Fantasy VII. Countless times I've heard the opinion that the real evil is really Sephiroth - but even after reading them all, I still think that the theory that Jenova is the true evil is much more believable. Many have said that the real Sephiroth (not the cloned one) is controlling Jenova, and all the Sephiroth-clones, from the Northern Crater. Even though he is dead, he's still very much alive in the Lifestream and the Crater, and a common belief is that he can control Jenova from there. However, I believe that all the clones - AND the real Sephiroth - are being puppetted by Jenova, not the other way around. Remember that they are all called by Jenova to attend the Reunion, so she must have at least some control over them.

At this point I'd like to point out that without Jenova, Sephiroth would never have existed and never have been cloned - the Jenova Project could never have taken place had Professors Gast and Hojo not found Jenova's body. OK, so Sephiroth has vast amounts of power (especially in battle) and can puppet people and make them do his bidding (e.g. when he makes Cloud hand over the Black Materia after the party acquire it from the Temple of the Ancients) - but I think that this power is being made available to him through Jenova. Jenova is controlling (puppeting) the true Sephiroth, who in turn is controlling the cloned Sephiroth and the other clones - so when you trace back along the chain, it all comes down to Jenova's influence that allows her (and Sephiroth) to puppet people. The most important (and the most glaringly obvious, although people still miss it) point is that without Jenova, there'd be no Sephiroth. Which one is controlling the other is a matter for discussion, but for now I still think it's Jenova who has overall control.

It could be argued that Professor Gast and Professor Hojo are the true evils of the game - if not for the entire duration of it. After all, they were the ones who found Jenova's body in the first place and conducted the Jenova Project experiments - so it could be argued that every problem in the game boils down to them and is their fault. However, Gast and Hojo are both dead before the game ends - and Gast, as we know, did not remain a part of the Project for its full duration (see the Project timeline for more information), so it seems that he felt remorse for what he did and wished to be forgiven and have nothing further to do with Shinra, Inc or the Jenova Project. Also, there's a possibility that Hojo was also being controlled by Jenova - he reveals just before the party fight him during the return to Midgar that he has injected himself with Jenova cells, so maybe Jenova is puppeting him as well? It's certainly possible, and would be one explanation why Hojo tries to fire the Sister Ray again to give Sephiroth more Mako energy - Jenova is making him do it.

I'd be interested to hear your opinions on this issue. If you'd like to comment, drop me a line and I'll add your opinion to this page.

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