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Best Shared Hosting  
For the ISP that provides the best shared hosting services


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Best Shared Hosting

The 2008 ISPAs' finalists are:-

  • 123-reg

  • Easyspace

  • Exa

  • Namesco

  • UK-2

Category Criteria

Entrants will be tested on the following:

  • Entrants' shared web servers will be tested for availability and performance.

  • Entrants must be an ISP or a company offering a shared hosting service.

  • Entrants will be given a file that they will place on their shared hosting server.

  • Epitiro will then configure a satellite to periodically download this file in order to measure availability and non-cached download speed.

  • At the end of the monitoring period the availability percentage and average download speeds will be calculated.

Entrants will be judged on the following:

  • Hours of support

  • Offers firewall protection. With cost or at no cost - details of any costs

  • Security measures at data centre(s). Controlled access and monitoring, meets / working to ISO17799 standard. 

  • Describe your patch management process

  • Guarantees for connecting servers to Internet

  • Flexibility: Can the site grow and contract without financial penalty or being tied into a contract.

  • Payment options

  • Price and value for money

  • Domain / DNS management available (web based control panel)

  • Data centre availability / SLAs

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