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[The GIMP's color gradient editor]

When version 0.60 of the GIMP appeared, I saw that one could actually do cool stuff with its user interface toolkit, the Gtk. So I decided to write a color gradient editor. I had used some badly-done freeware utilities to create gradients for POV-Ray and I had not liked them. However, I did like POV's ability to let you create very precise gradients with a (supposedly) unlimited number of color transitions. I had also used Corel Draw's editor, which is very crappy and inflexible. And finally, I had also used the editor from Kai's Power Tools which was very glitzy but imprecise.

Trying to keep the old tradition of writing the Right Thing, the Ultimate Solution Once And For All (tm), I decided to create a really good color gradient editor. I wanted it to have the following features:

So I wrote the damned thing. The editor has changed a lot from the GIMP's 0.60 days and today. It is still changing, and I hope to finish it some day :-)

[screenshot] Here is a screnshot of the editor in action.

Get the source code (gradient.c) for the 1997/06/02 release. Read the comments in the file to see the latest changes.

I also have a useful collection of gradient files that you may find interesting. It is a available as gradients.tar.gz, and it was last updated on 1997/10/23. The gradients are also available individualy. Here is the list:

The authors of these gradients are as follows (in alphabetical order):

I would like to receive interesting gradients created by everyone. If you create something cool, mail it to me. The gradient data files are plain ASCII, so you don't need to use any encoding crap. Get listed here and become famous. Hah.

You may be wondering how I created the small previews above. I wrote a small script to do it automagically. Yes, I'm lazy. And script-fu is cool. The outcome is obvious.

Send comments, bug reports, and other stuff to federico@nuclecu.unam.mx That's Federico Mena-Quintero.

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