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"Like many philosophers before me, I note that the universe could use more candy." Millie: Millicent Mehitabel Mudd. A little fox tomboy (though she probably hates that term), ten years old, torn between her thoughtfully introspective side, and her destructive side. The hero of our meandering story.
"The problem with finding your place in the eye of the storm is, you're basically surrounded." Ozy: Ozymandias Justin Llewellyn. Millie's best friend; Ozy is the calm to Millie's storm, which is why their friendship works. His name is from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley: "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair."
"Use fire in moderation, for burned hair stinks something awful." Llewellyn: Ozy's (adoptive) father, a dragon of only one name. He's a fountain, generally, of two things: advice, from a dragon's perspective filtered through a kind of westernized Zen, and fairly implausible stories about having been present at key historical events.
"What exactly are you planning to do with that large, blunt object?" Ms. Mudd: Millie's longsuffering mother. A lawyer and a single parent, she manages sometimes to be a step ahead of her daughter. She seems to spend a lot of time in Llewellyn's company.
"Look, if dignity were cool, Jimmy Carter would have groupies." Avery: Avery is Ozy and Millie's friend—for now. He's convinced that at any moment, he'll unlock the secret to being cool and stop having to associate with weird kids like his current group of friends.
"I get to be the hat! I call the hat!" Timulty: Avery's younger brother. Unspoiled, pure. William Blake spoke of primary innocence. So, yeah. His brother considers his entire existence a blight on his life. This is based on my childhood relationship with my own younger brother.
"A living? What kind of old-media fascist talk is THAT?" Stephan: Stephan Aardvarke, introduced to the strip back when dotcoms with shaky business plans ruled the economy, was once my vehicle for making fun of the sense of entitlement and superiority computer geeks seemed to feel in those days. Then, the bubble burst, and Stephan seemed to enter into a period of mourning. Now, I just don't have as much to say that requires his presence.
"You totally should try to be less of a dork, you know." Felicia: Felicia Laine is the "popular" girl, in spite of relatively little evidence that anyone of any importance likes her at all. Maddeningly, she's shown glimmers of intelligence, fixation on boy bands notwithstanding. She's every popular girl who ever teased me as a kid—and her species is no accident. If Millie has a nemesis, it's her.
"Nerd wedgie!" Jeremy: Jeremy Studley, by contrast, seems genuinely dumb, in addition to being mean. He regularly stuffs Ozy, and various other kids, into various receptacles intended for more socially beneficial purposes. Named after a football player from my high school who was mean to me until I helped him with a homework assignment, Jeremy will probably go to college on a football scholarship. He's a rabbit because that seemed funny.
"Dear Ms. Mudd: Your daughter is full of it." Ms. Sorkowitz: Just a kangaroo in a flower hat (I'm not sure why) who teaches Ozy and Millie's class. I suppose the reason she hasn't snapped from it is, she's one of those teachers who've been on the job for so long that nothing a kid can do fazes them anymore. Give her this, though: she's seldom openly sided with the bullies, which is not true of some authority figures, such as...
"Aggravated assault is part of growing up." Principal Beau Vine: Apologies for the absolutely horrible pun—I was going through a pun phase. Mr. Vine would just as soon not have to expend any extra energy on protecting kids from roving gangs of bullies. He seems to believe repeated exposure to unprovoked assault squelches unhealthy nonconformist tendencies. (Yeah, I have some issues from those years.)
On behalf of the American elementary school establishment, ouch." Dr. I. Wahnsinnig: The school psychiatrist. (Yes, "psychiatrist.") Perhaps the most sympathetic person on the staff, if you happen to be a freaky outsider kid. In anticipation of your questions, she's a ring-tailed lemur and her name is a German word (it means "insane").
"You practice roughly as often as you visit Saturn." Mr. Larnblatt: The music teacher at the school; the strip needed one because I was a band geek as a kid. My guess is, he got into his line of work out of a love of music, and has had to struggle to hold onto that love in the face of indifference and poor funding from the school, and indifference and poor practice habits from the kids.
"So we'll take this opportunity to kick some zen butt!" Isolde: Ozy's fourth cousin (on his father's side). The two of them were engaged, at one point, but weaseled out of it. Since then, Isolde has been a political operative, a media personality, and a part-time babysitter.
"ARRR! Say, I don't suppose you'd buy me some rum? I'm underage." Pirate Captain Locke: The fox child captain of the S.S. Banana, which sails the seas of a sort of alternate world that exists on the other side of Llewellyn's couch cushions. Not to blow a key plot point, but he ages backwards, had an affair with Millie's mother back when he was older, and...

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