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Red Earth 2
The name Red Earth 2 reflects the hope that our earth will have a 2nd chance, as we are killing what the indians always knew was a gift to be cared for.

We place a value on land and then destory it with our neglect, I pray we learn soon before we have lost not only the gift, but our lives as we know it now.

Red Earth 2 is to educate, and spark your interest in the Chickasaw history and our family history.

This site also provides information on the White, Bailey and Cryus Harris Families.

You will also find information and links on Pawawan, Corregidor and Palawan Massscure.

Chickasaw Seal
Thank you to the Chickasaw Legislative Department for permission to display the Chickasaw Seal on this web site.

Pawawan and Bataan

God Bless the U.S.A. Pawawan, Bataan, World War 2
How many people remember the POWs and what they did for our country? Officially the United States Government presented each surviving POW the monetary sum of $1.00 a day for each day of captivity (approximately $1,000) above their normal pay and not much more. St. Louis, final rest In St. Louis, Mo., February 14, 1952, a mass burial was held at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for one hundred and thirty-nine American prisoners of war of the original one hundred and forty-seven burned to death by the Imperial Japanese Army during the reign of the God-Emperor Hirohito. Letters Home-Moments In Time
... Letters Home, moments in time!
Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a glimpse of the past and moments of deep love. When that happens we become closer to our family, history and who we are. Join me in these personal but touching looks, just small moments in time.

Red Earth 2
Touch of Love
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Cross Mark Inscribed on Cyrus Harris' tombstone; I once was as you are; As I am now the same shall you be; So prepare for death and follow me.

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