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One Tree Hill Season Four Episode Recaps
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One Tree Hill Season Four Episode Recaps

June 20, 2007
So much happened during the second half of Season 4! We'll bring you up to speed...

One Tree Hill Recap: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
June 13, 2007
The gang prepares to move on.

June 6, 2007
Nathan confronts Dan!

One Tree Hill Recap: Ashes Of Dreams You Let Die
May 30, 2007
Now that he knows the truth about Dan, Lucas wants everyone to know.

One Tree Hill Recap: The Runaway Found
May 16, 2007
Everyone grapples with what will happen when the truth is exposed.

One Tree Hill Recap: It Gets the Worst at Night
May 10, 2007
The gang takes a road trip to rescue Mouth from jail.

You Call It Madness, I Call It Love
May 2, 2007
Peyton and Brooke barely escape from psycho Derek while everyone else enjoys prom.

Season Four Recap (So Far)
It's been a season of surprises on OTH. Get caught up on the drama in time for all-new episodes, beginning Wednesday, May 2 at 9/8c!

February 21, 2007
Tree Hill preps for prom with some shocking results!

February 14, 2007
Haley gets mad; Mouth gets frisky. Plus, a shocking tape from Nathan's past emerges!

February 7, 2007
A class assignment reveals the deepest secrets and desires of Tree Hill High students.

January 24, 2007
Brooke gets closer to a new guy; Nathan gets cash in a creative way.

January 17, 2007
Lucas returns to school; Haley can't face Nathan.

December 6, 2006
Keith takes Lucas on a journey.

November 29, 2006
Haley is hit by a car and Lucas collapses!

November 22, 2006
Does Nathan throw the big game? Will Peyton finally tell Luke how she feels?

November 15, 2006
Nathan owes Dante money; Derek tries to help a freaked-out Peyton

November 8, 2006
Naley struggles with money problems; Brooke's crush turns out to be her teacher.

October 25, 2006
Haley's pregnant -- but is Nathan happy? Plus, Peyton's "brother" turns out to be psycho.

October 18, 2006
Rumors about Brooke's pregnancy run rampant -- plus, Lupe Fiasco performs.

October 11, 2006
Tree Hill gathers at a huge party; Rachel makes a play for Nathan, and Lucas gives up on Brooke.

October 4, 2006
It’s Brooke’s 18th birthday, but she doesn’t feel much like celebrating. She’s all alone -- even her parents didn’t remember...

September 27, 2006
After the tragic car crash, Tree Hill bands together to cope with the aftermath. Plus, someone else is pregnant besides Karen...

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