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One Tree Hill Season One Episode Recaps
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One Tree Hill Season One Episode Recaps

Season 1

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Moment | I Shall Believe | Suddenly Everything Has Changed | The First Cut is the Deepest | Spirit in the Night | To Wish Impossible Things | How Can You Be Sure? | What Is and What Should Never Be | The Leaving Song | The Games That Play Us

The Games That Play Us
Season Finale
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Greg Prange

May 11, 2004

What's the drama:
The Ravens are in their first playoff game and with Dan as coach, you know it won't be easy. During the game we flash back to events leading up to tip off.

What's up with Dan: Dan scoffs Deb's tears over signing the divorce papers until she mentions she stopped crying when she remembered what a monster he's been. He then tells her he was going to quit school and go back to Karen - but Deb told him she was pregnant. Ouch.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas approaches Coach Dan - otherwise known not-so-affectionately as Dad - to apologize for not thanking him earlier for saving his life after the accident and for being unaware Dan wanted custody in the beginning. Dan tells him he's late for practice and sends him off to do sprints. Nice.

After some practice at the river court, the newly friendly brothers discuss Dan's playoff game and what really went wrong. Lucas thinks Whitey blew it - because that's what Dan has always claimed, but Nathan corrects him. Seems Dan didn't like Whitey's idea of a winning play and sat down on the bench, refusing to finish the game.

What's up with Haley: She's bummed her best friend is leaving town but feels she's finally back on track with Nathan.

What's up with Keith: Keith asks Karen if she ever loved him - she says she does love him, but she knows what he really means. He lays out the fact that they both know the real reason he's leaving Tree Hill is because he can't stand to see her anymore after her refusal. Karen tells Keith she's sorry.

What's up with Brooke:
Brooke appears to be all on Peyton's side - that is, until we see her in the bar once again with Nicki. Brooke says she'll give up Jake and baby Jenny's whereabouts if Nicki buys her a drink. Seems Brooke isn't exactly over the whole betrayal thing and hopes Peyton gets a taste of what it's like to have your heart break. Still?!

What's up with Peyton: Happy now that Jake and Jenny are safely out of Nicki's grasp and Brooke is back in the friend category, Peyton thinks everything is working out.

What's up with Karen: Karen makes it clear she thinks her boy is leaving because of her. Lucas swears it's not that at all, he really loves his ma. It's just like she felt confronting the basketball boosters and her old high school rivals - she wanted them to see what she had become, not what she was all those years ago. He says after all the mistakes he made over the past year he needs to take a break and make a change. Plus, Keith needs someone by his side right now.

What's up with Nathan: Nathan gets soaked in the pouring rain waiting at Haley's house to win his girl back. He knows he should have deleted Peyton's pictures earlier, but he hasn't even looked at them since they were dating. Some sweet words and a statement of intent to kiss the one he loves later and the two are back together. Tumbling around in Nathan's apartment after removing the wet clothes, Haley decides she's ready to make the next move - after the game.

The game has been a tight one and Dan has decided Nathan should wait until there's five seconds on the clock and then make the shot. Nathan and Lucas decide there's a better way - Nathan gets the ball and hands off to Lucas who goes for the basket as the buzzer sounds. He misses. Oooh. In the locker room after the game Dan goes ballistic. He berrates Nathan for defying his direction and Nathan stands up to the old man. Dan knew that Lucas' shoulder was reinjured by a player on the other team before halftime and bullied him into playing anyway. He then cuts Dan down with a reference to at least actually taking the shot instead of chickening out, letting his teammates down and sitting on the bench.

How does it all wrap up: Brooke finally gives up the info to Nicki and we think our girl has just crossed the line into evil territory. But, when Peyton arrives after a smug Nicki leaves we learn that it was all a setup and Brooke has sent Nicki off to Seattle - a very long road trip for nothing, just like the girls planned.

Lucas visits Whitey in the hospital and his coach and mentor tells him he took his best shot, now let it go. Lucas thanks Whitey for teaching him so much, saying he'll miss him. After Lucas leaves we see Whitey getting test results - and it doesn't look good.

Keith goes over to Deb's house to hang out - he usually spends time with Whitey after a game but can't this time. They commiserate over broken hearts. Next, we see Dan walking in the house - to find Deb and Keith naked by the fire and obviously cuddled up. Keith goes running after Dan, who tells his older brother that they are no longer related, before smashing in the window of his SUV and walking away. Dan signs the divorce papers, ignoring a text message from Deb to call her, and promptly has a heart attack. Deb finds him on the floor and he whispers, "you better hope I die."

Nathan and Lucas share a brother bonding moment at the river court and Nathan admits he'll actually miss Lucas when he leaves. Who knew when they played their infamous one-on-one game that they'd end up friends - and truly brothers. Lucas swings by Nathan's to say goodbye to Haley and is flustered to find his best friend wrapped in a towel. He tries to flee but Haley stops him. Lucas thought she was going to wait until she was married. Nathan and Haley say they did wait - 'til they got married. See the ring? What?!
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The Leaving Song
Written by Jennifer Cecil & Mark B. Perry
Directed by David Carson

May 4, 2004

What's the drama: Nathan shows up at Lucas' house, waking the boy up at 6:00 AM. The go-getter wants his teammate to be ready for play offs - plus, Lucas stood up to his dad the other day so he figures he owes him.

Later Lucas asks Karen what Dan meant when he told him to ask her what kind of father he really is. She comes clean with the fact that Dan did eventually come to her and ask to be in his son's life. He asked for joint custody and she denied him. She didn't trust him then. Even though Karen knew she would have to have this talk with Lucas eventually she figured that she should take her chances. Later that night Lucas asks Keith about what happened and the story is all-new to Keith.

Peyton's pops is taking a short six-day trip to the Keys. Before he leaves he wants to know if Peyton is comfortable with him dating Karen. She's cool with it. But what's up with that? The two haven't even seen each other for weeks?

Coach Whitey tells the basketball team that he'll be having eye surgery next week when they are winning their first playoff game. Coach McCallum will be standing in for him for one game and one game only. Nathan tells Lucas that McCallum's JV team sucks so without Whitey around it'll be up to them to get the team to win.

What's up with Dan: Dan confronts Whitey, telling him he should coach the team during their first playoff game - he knows the team as well as Whitey does and everybody knows McCallum sucks. Whitey tells Dan that there's no way he would expose the boys to his evil.

The next day as Whitey arrives at his office Dan is sitting at his desk. Seems the athletic committee vetoed Whitey's denial of Dan. He'll be coaching the boys in their first playoff game.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas and Nathan continue to train together and take some practice shots down by the river. Lucas tells his bro what he learned about Dan wanting joint custody. Nathan, who is amazingly un-surprised about anything these days tells him no worries - he didn't miss out on anything not growing up with Dan Scott. Too true.

What's up with Haley: As Haley does her homework on Nathan's computer she happens upon his trail of internet porn. And then she finds even more porn bookmarked. When her beau arrives home she confronts him with it.

This is what she's going to be compared to? It's hard enough for her to compete with the hussies at high school but now porn stars too?

Haley dumps her problems on Peyton. She wants to know if she's right to be bothered by this. Peyton tells her that she doesn't have to compete with those Pam Anderson wannabes - she has Nathan's heart.

What's up with Keith: Not able to get over it, Keith confronts Karen with the truth about Dan and the fact that he asked to be in Lucas' life. He called Dan a liar all these years and it turns out that Karen was really the liar. She admits that she was afraid to lose him - afraid he wouldn't take her side over his brother. Keith admits that he would have thought differently about his brother but it never would have changed his opinion of her. She clearly doesn't know him very well.

What's up with Peyton: While Peyton and Brooke shop at the mall with Jenny in tow, they are confronted by psycho Nicki who grabs Jenny out of her stroller and takes off with the tyke. The girls freak and security is summoned but it's too late. Jenny and Nicki have disappeared.

When Jake arrives at the mall everyone continues to freak, including mall security. As they search Nicki simply walks up and announces that she and Jenny were shopping. No big deal.

What's up with Karen: When Dan comes to the Café Karen confronts him about his taunting of Lucas. She tells him to stay away from her son and he says he can't do that…he's his coach.

Later, Karen apologizes to Lucas about lying about Dan. Lucas admits that he can't turn it off - all these years he was sure he should hate him because he didn't want him. Now he questions his hate. How can he hate Dan if he doesn't know him? She loved him once so there must be something good about him. She tells him that Dan hasn't been that good person for a very long time.

What's up with Nathan: He admits to Lucas that he's been looking at some porn web sites and it has Haley upset. He explains that he's trying not to pressure the girl and Lucas understands. As the two brothers lift weights and bond Dan spots them and appears disturbed. Coach Whitey tells Dan that most fathers would be comforted by such a sight, but it must be a real nightmare for him. Dan has no reply.

What's up with Jake: Dan pushes the Tree Hill Ravens and decides that Whitey as been too soft on players like Jake for allowing them to miss practice to take care of their babies. Jake is benched for the game.

Lucas pushes himself too hard at Dan's practice - even Nathan is concerned that Lucas is not ready to come back so hard after the accident. He's afraid that he'll re-injure his shoulder. Dan doesn't care about injuries or Lucas. He continues to push and push and finally Lucas boots on the gym floor.

What's up with Deb: A package arrives at the Café for her. It's the divorce papers and she gets a little morose when she sees them. She never expected to feel sad. She may cry a little but she signs those papers anyway.

How does it all wrap up: Lucas asks Haley to give Nathan a break when it comes to the porn. He saw the kind of crap he takes from his father all the time and maybe he needs a little support. Haley considers this until she finds a very sexy photo of Peyton in Nathan's computer as well as the porn. She tells him that she can't be these plastic porn girls and she can't be Peyton. She's given him her heart and that's all she can give him. Is that enough?

Jake tells Peyton he's not angry with her - he's mad at Nicki for being so conniving. He knows that a judge will most likely go with the birth mother. He doesn't have the money to fight her in the courts and he's thinking about taking Jenny and running - maybe to Savannah. He has a cousin who lives there. Peyton has a way for Jake to leave but he'll have to depart right away - in the morning. He and Jenny could hitch a ride with her father on the boat. She doesn't want them to go but she understands what he's up against. After considering his alternatives Jake and Jenny leave the next morning.

Lucas pays a visit to Peyton in order to apologize to her for not being a better person. She tells him actions speak louder than words. He tells her that is why he came by - he's going to be making some changes in his life and he wanted to tell her before he did.

Keith is all packed up and ready to move when Karen shows up and asks him if things would have been different if she would have told him the truth about Dan all those years ago. He tells her that she and Lucas got what they wanted out of their relationship but what did he get? He's pushing 40 and empty. As they discuss their past, Lucas arrives to tell them both that he now understands that Karen lied in order to find herself, in order to start over. She had her chance to do that and now Keith is starting over in a new town. Lucas wants to do the same - he wants to start over and go with Keith. He wants to leave Tree Hill. [back to top]

What Is and What Should Never Be
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Perry Lang

April 27, 2004

What's the drama: Nathan wakes up in Haley's room for the fourth time that week, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having his own place. Tim keeps throwing parties at his apartment. Haley tells her beau they should throw a party of their own. Nathan agrees and decides that Saturday is the night. The plan is to keep it low key. That night Dan Scott barges into Nathan's apartment telling him he owes him for the sale of the Mustang and insists that his son pay him back the money he made on the car. He offered him a home. Selling the car and living off the money is not an option. Nathan reluctantly writes his father a check.

Keith breaks the news to Karen that he has an interview for a high school auto shop teacher at a school…in Charleston. She's surprised that he's really moving like he said he would.

That afternoon at practice, Lucas is back in uniform and he's cold. Truth be told, the boy sucks. Surprisingly, Nathan is there for some words of encouragement. The bad news is that Lucas doesn't get better as the practice goes on - even when he stays late. Peyton attempts to console the boy and Brooke happens by at the same time - naturally she tears into Peyton and Lucas about "getting a room." It seems that Peyton is as tired of Brooke's complaining as the rest of the viewing public and follows her ex-best friend outside. They officially decide to break up.

What's up with Nathan: Rock bottom, with no cash, Nathan gets himself a job at the local mall, working at the Hot and Twisted pretzel place. He may have natural skills on the basketball court but he's no good with the pretzels, the customer service and the cleaning.

Nathan's boss is in his history class and as it turns out, at Homecoming last year Nathan and some of his buddies kicked the kid's ass just for kicks and giggles. Boss man (er…boy) is grudgy. Nathan's second day on the job he forces the basketball star to work for a guy who called in sick and it's either that or get fired. Nathan stays at work and misses his party.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas and Peyton decide to go to Haley's party together - as friends. Things appear to be heating up between the two of them nonetheless.

What's up with Keith: Karen fesses to Lucas that Keith proposed, she denied him and now he's moving. Lucas immediately heads over to Keith's to console his lifelong friend and to ask him to stay. Keith assures him that wherever he ends up he can always call or visit. He will always be the guy Lucas can turn to. Lucas knows - he just always wanted him to be his dad one-day. That makes two of them.

At the interview Keith charms the interviewer by telling him that to him teaching is about giving students the confidence to do something they've never done before. Once you can do that you have their respect and then you can accomplish anything. He nailed that gig.

What's up with Brooke: Brooke's crankiness finally gets the best of her and she's officially not invited to the party at Nathan's. This makes her more bitter than ever… if that's possible.

Instead of going to the party with the rest of the school Brooke heads to the local bar where boozes it up and tells off a poor unfortunate fella who tries to pick her up. This bit of nastiness wins over the dreaded Nicki who is of course at the bar and happy to hear Brooke's bitching about her ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend cheating on her. At least it's new to someone. Nicki buys Brooke a round and Brooke decides to pay her back by taking her to the party.

What's up with Haley: The party girl is frustrated because people start showing up at the soiree but Nathan is still at work. The crowd grows big and a bit hostile - especially when Brooke and her new sidekick show up. Lucas tries to talk Nicki into getting Brooke out of there but Nicki would rather be nasty to Peyton and drink vodka straight out of the bottle while Haley runs around trying to make sure things are not broken.

What's up with Deb: Lamenting the fact that her husband won't give her a divorce but her son will. She comes to ask Karen if her offer to go into partnership still stands and Karen says "of course."

Deb is off to let Dan know that he has 24 hours to get his stuff out of the house or it goes to charity.

What's up with Nicki: Seems to enjoy tormenting Peyton. Armed with the fact that Brooke hates her and she hates Jake hanging out with her - she's really angry. Nicki and Peyton exchange quips until there's no more verbiage to be thrown and they come to blows - or hair pulling as the case may be. They toss each other around Nathan's apartment and break things.

Lucas comes to Peyton's defense and Nicki spills the fact that if he's coming to the defense of his women that should include her too. The fact that she was his bar skank is exposed to all. Brooke is all about the self-righteous and Peyton just storms out.

What's up with Dan: Stops by to pick up his things at his old home. In typical Dan fashion, he starts in with the fighting right away and it's obvious that Deb is drunk on expensive red wine. Dan complains that he doesn't want to start dividing up their lives, he and Deb argue passionately. That passion ends up pulling them into the bedroom. And into the bed! Deb must be drunk!

How does it all wrap up: The party comes to a screeching halt when the cat-fight is broken up and Lucas' ugly little secret is exposed. Nathan arrives home just in time to run into the cops who have come to break up the party officially. For some reason the cop has a very bad attitude and not just cites Nathan for serving alcohol to minors, which would be understandable, but decides that "mouthing off" is now a crime and drags the boy downtown to mouth off in a jail cell.

When Dan drags himself out of Deb's bed to bail his son out of jail he's accosted by Lucas who came with Haley to do the same. He sticks up for Nathan and Dan tells him to stay out of it. Lucas tells him to think twice about making the case regarding how great a father he's been. Dan tells him to go back to Karen and ask her what really happened after she got pregnant. Then he tells Nathan he's done with him too. Unfortunately Nathan's evening isn't done - he and Haley spend the rest of the evening cleaning his post-party apartment.

When Lucas heads home he talks to Karen about Keith rather than Dan. She gives her son the "I love Keith but I'm not IN love with him" line. Lucas understands but realizes that it just sucks for Keith. What doesn't suck is that Keith got the job - he'll be leaving to start his new life in just a couple of weeks.

That night as Peyton wallows at home, Brooke comes by and apologizes for bringing Nicki to torment her and asks her ex-buddy if they can call a truce. They realize that Lucas is just a guy who makes mistakes like everyone else - they just seem to hurt more because they expect more from him. The two decide they are tired, tired of arguing and tired of being apart. Unfortunately for Lucas that doesn't seem to be the case with him. Peyton tells him she is disappointed in him and feels that he and Nathan have changed places - now he's the jerk.

The next day Dan tells Deb that he'll give her the divorce. He realizes that the outside world will always come barging in and they can't go back. She actually looks a little disappointed. Is she still drunk?
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How Can You Be Sure?
Written by Karyn Usher
Directed by Thomas J. Wright

April 20, 2004

What's the drama: The bombshell Brooke dropped on Lucas leaves him speechless. But he wants to know for sure she is in fact preggers so he insists on heading to the drugstore and taking the test together. Brooke fails the test. Looks like it's for real. In typical Lucas fashion, the boy tells her he's there for her. And in typical Brooke fashion she's sassy and tells him he's no longer with her so he's off the hook, he dodged that bullet just in time. Lucas will have none of that.

Now that Keith has fessed the love and popped the big question to Karen, she's also speechless. She tells him she loves him too-he's her best friend. However the distance has given her new perspective. Tree Hill is such a small part of the world and there's so much more out there. For once she's feeling like more than just Lucas' mother-she needs to find out who she really is at this point. He means the world to her but she can't marry him.

Haley sneaks in to Nathan's apartment and wakes him up. He spots the Haley's number 23 tattoo on her back and kind of freaks to himself. Indeed it is a bit unusual. He doesn't know what to make of that kind of tribute of affection toward him.

At the locker room Lucas confronts Nathan about kissing Peyton. He tries to explain about the auction rules and the fact that he simply kissed Peyton goodnight the way Lucas kissed Haley goodnight and why is he so upset about it anyway?

Nicki stops by to see Jenny and invades Jake's life again. For some reason she's perplexed about Peyton's presence. Jake explains that Peyton is his friend and Jenny's babysitter. Nicki offers Jake money to help out with her daughter. She still has tuition money left over. As she snoops around the room she spots the Ravens team photograph…and Lucas.

What's up with Lucas: He wants to "deal with their problem together." But Brooke pushes him away, acting colder and colder. She throws the Peyton issue in his face again and reminds him for the hundredth time that he cheated on her with her best friend, she even goes so far as to call him Dan Scott. Peeved, he tells her it's not as if he's the first person she ever slept with. He's not even sure the baby is his! Brooke's doctor calls just then and she tells Lucas that he's confirmed that she is in fact pregnant.

Later that day Dan walks in to the gym as Lucas is working out. He tells Lucas he spotted him at the clinic with Brooke. He can see that he's got real trouble, the kind he's a specialist in. He can also tell he's scared and wonders if he'd like some advice. He advises Lucas to talk Brooke into getting an abortion, the way he wanted Karen to do. Lucas, very much alive, thanks to the fact that Karen did not take Dan's advice all those years ago, feels his advice is a bit evil and tells the man to mind his business.

Lucas finally tells someone about his little secret. Figuring he'll understand, he tells Jake. Jake wants to know if they're going to keep the baby. Lucas is torn. His future is uncertain if they keep the baby. And ultimately he's afraid his mom will freak out.

That night, neither Lucas or Karen can sleep. She's already up worrying (no doubt about the way she broke Keith's heart). Lucas tells her he's sorry for what he's about to tell her and breaks the bad news. Karen slaps his face and instantly feels terrible for it. She tells Lucas he has too much to live for and by the way - has she just been talking to herself all these years? He wants to know how close he came to not existing and she assures him she always knew she wanted him in her life.

What's up with Dan: Just out to spread more joy, Dan runs a credit check to get Nathan's address so he can go pester him at his new apartment. The concerned father wants to know what Nathan is going to do for money. He berates his son and gives him a week before he's out on the street - and then he'll be there for him at the beach house. Nathan isn't interested and is happy to tell his father to get out of his house.

What's up with Nathan: Worried that getting a job will hurt his basketball career he gets ready to sell his car in order to pay to stay in his apartment. He's also a little torn about what he wants to do with Haley. He's trying to keep his distance a bit and she reads it all wrong. Instead of thinking that Nathan is giving her respect she thinks he's giving her the cold shoulder and preparing to cheat on her. Later that night she wants to make out and he won't. He wonders how she can get something as permanent as a tattoo for him but she won't have the sex?

Maybe he is considering cheating? Nathan stops by to see his mom and asks her why she decided to cheat on his father. She tells her son that she and Dan grew apart and that doesn't make it right - they had a commitment and she should have honored that. Besides, look at all the people she hurt in the process. Cheating simply isn't worth it.

What's up with Haley: Haley admits to Peyton that she is afraid that Nathan will start looking elsewhere for what he's not getting from her. She figured she'd wait until she was married for the sex and now that she met him she's rethinking. She knows Nathan is the right guy. She's just not sure she's ready.

The next day Haley asks Lucas how often boys think about sex and Lucas reads that she's thinking about having the sex with Nathan. Lucas stops short of telling his friend his fatherly news and tells her he wishes he had waited. He advises her to think about it - if she's not ready she should wait.

What's up with Peyton: Nicki confronts Peyton in order to let her know that she's just temporary. All the babysitting in the world won't make her Jenny's mom. Peyton retorts with the fact that all the eyeliner in the world won't make her more than a freakish stalker bitch. Ouch.

What's up with Keith: Keith admits to Deb that he asked Karen to marry him and she said no. All these years he knew he'd ask her to marry him but he never pictured her turning him down. Deb assures him that Karen still needs him. Yeah, but Keith admits, she sure doesn't want me.

Later, Lucas stops by Keith's house. He would like to know why Keith stood by Karen after Dan left. He tells him it's because he loved her. But really, Karen was strong and didn't even need him. Keith tells Lucas his mom could have been anything she wanted in life but Lucas figures that would be true if only it weren't for him. Not exactly inspired by their conversation, Lucas stops short of telling Keith his bad news. Keith does the same.

How does it all wrap up: Stalker Nicki pays a visit to Lucas and tells him that Jenny is her daughter. He freaks a bit and tells her that Jake is a great friend and he had no idea. For some reason she thinks that Lucas can help her get her family back together. He's not exactly into it but we all know he'll probably end up helping. Lucas is a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Nathan is stuck in a new place for him - he doesn't want to do anything to pressure Haley sexually or drive her away. He tells her that he saw her tattoo and realized how much their relationship means to her. He tells her he loves her and that scares him. She tells him she loves him too. Aw, shucks.

Karen and Keith finally talk and he tells her that he's going to make a change. He's leaving town. He never thought he'd spend his whole life in Tree Hill and she just reminded him of that. It's not because of her - by saying no to him he did wake up and he appreciates that. It feels really good to have options. Keith pawns Karen's engagement ring. Gotta get the money for the plane fare somewhere but wouldn't it make better financial sense to take it back to the jeweler and get a full refund? Perhaps the ring is fifteen years old and it's too late to take it back.

Lucas stops by Brooke's house. She crabs about him being there and tells him to leave her alone when we all know that's not what she wants. He tells her all about what he's discovered about Dan and how he didn't want him to be born. The whole baby thing scares him but whatever she decides to do he'll be there. If she wants to have the baby then so does he. He promises her he won't let her down. Then Brooke fesses up to the fact that she lied and told him that she was pregnant. The call she got from her doctor was about her negative test results. Lucas wonders how she could do that? For the one hundred and first time she asks how he could cheat on her with his best friend? Rather than be ultimately relieved, Lucas is pensive and thoughtful. But he is happy to return home and tell Karen the good news.

Later all alone, The Evil Dan Scott goes through his old Father's Day cards from his son Nathan…and his collection of photos of Lucas' life. [back to top]

To Wish Impossible Things
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Billy Dickenson

April 13, 2004

What's the drama: The annual "Boy Toy" varsity charity auction is the hottest thing in four states with Coach Whitey as the official auctioneer. It's "Ladies' Night" as the females of the town bid on the Ravens basketball boy toy of their choice for the evening. The highest bidder gets her favorite player until they kiss goodnight at midnight. Jake is bid upon by a mystery gal and fetches $100 bucks! Haley bids on Lucas for a whopping $115.00 dollars and in a jealous effort to get Nathan away from the other she-devils the team of Haley and Peyton bid $112.53.

Deb has her own big evening planned as she does a "charity" charity bid on Timmy (for chores purposes only). She gets the player for a bargain $8 dollars and tells him he's got a "hot" evening ahead of himself.

Low on cash but heavy with credit, the desperate Brooke is forced to head down the street to the closest cash machine. She ends up bidding $200 bills on "microphone boy" simply because she's competitive. She had the entire night planned out and it didn't include Mouth but what-the-heck, it's go time and the gal agrees to make the most of it, even though the evening is a complete waste of a Brazilian wax. So she takes the newbie to the raunchiest club in town…complete with naked girls. A couple of lap dances later and Mouth is a new man.

Peyton's father Larry asks out Karen - it's just "two new friends having some food." She's apprehensive but takes him up on his offer.

As the evening progresses, it's kind of strange when the auctioned couples break off. Haley is excited to have an entire evening with Lucas - to do "childish" stuff she can't do with Nathan. Then things are kind of icky when Nathan takes Peyton to his new apartment. The theme of the evening seems to be water as Lucas and Haley have a water balloon fight and Nathan and Peyton take an impromptu swim in the pool outside his apartment building.

What's up with Jake: The mystery woman is revealed and it looks like the ex owes him…again. Nicki (slutty bar girl) is Jake's mystery bidder and she treats him to a fancy meal at the local burger joint. She announces that she wants to be part of Jenny's life and his too.

Jake is disgusted and plays the hurt and angry one until they get into the car and she almost gets him with the kissing and the making of the nice nice. But Jake comes to his senses and boots her out of the car telling her he'd rather be impressed with her maternal instincts - if she has any. He sends her off to fetch items she thinks Jenny would need. She returns with a bunch of baby stuff that the kid doesn't need - and ice cream for him. She tells Jake that she still loves him. He's bitter yet though and tells her he wanted to hear that for so long but now it's too late. He finally turns his back on her the way she did to him. Hey! It's not midnight yet! And where's the kiss goodnight?

What's up with Deb: Her big plans for Timmy include the bath but it's a plumbing thing not a sex thing. He misunderstands and arrives in the bathroom his tighty-not-so-whities (read leopard skin) just to see her pulling out a big hairy clog. Exposed, he runs toward the door and she follows to apologize. As Tim struggles to re-clothe himself, and Deb attempts to help, Dan happens to walk in. He smiles and says, "The lawyers are gonna love this one!"

What's up with Lucas: He's surprised to see Haley's number 23 tattoo on the small of her back. The "ink" the gal has recently had done ain't no tribute to Michael Jordan either - it's a little surprise for Nathan who also happens to be number 23 on the basketball court. When Lucas asks her why she did such a permanent thing (awfully judgey for someone who just recently got his own ink done) she declares that it's because she's in love with Nathan.

Lucas is curious about why Haley bought him at the auction instead of her lover boy and she tells him it's because she wanted to remember how it was when life was simple. She knows she loves Nathan but she's not sure if he loves her.

What's up with Nathan: A heart to heart in the pool leads Nathan to ask Peyton for a little "let's remember" sex. Peyton denies him, telling him that he's a fool to even think about cheating on his quality girlfriend. Nathan tells her that the only reason why he even brought it up is to tell her that he's not pressuring Haley. Nice out. Not.

What's up with Keith: Keith pays a visit to Whitey and the old guy tries to snap the man out of his funk. He tells Keith that if he could have his wife back for one day he would take it, he misses her that much every day. Whitey knows Keith loves Karen and tells him that every day he waits is a day he'll never get back again.

What's up with Brooke: As Brooke and Mouth breeze along in the limo she rented Brooke asks the nerd why he doesn't have a girlfriend. He seems like a nice enough guy. Mouth tells her it's because he's too nice and asks her what women want and the driver announces "half your paycheck." Brooke does not agree. She wants a nice, attractive guy with a sense of humor. Like Lucas was a real laugh riot. Nevertheless, Mouth buys her explanation.

They hit another club and a random guy whom Brooke does not remember asks her if they are going to hook up again. She's a little blown away at what must be her blackout lover and runs out of the club. Mouth follows her to the car and she admits that what girls really want is to have someone love them back. She's kind of pathetic as she cries on Mouth's shoulder. But it's still the best evening he's ever had.

What's up with Karen: After dinner Larry convinces Karen to dig up her time capsule. They're like two kids together what with the prowling and the digging in the dark. They dig up an old photo of Karen and Dan with Keith lurking in the background. Larry announces that the guy lurking in the background is clearly in love with her. They laugh and reminisce until they are caught by Whitey and Keith.

How does it all wrap up: As Peyton and Nathan clean up after their swim he admits that he was kind of trying to hit on her in the pool. Ya think? He also admits that the nice guy thing is all new to him and he's trying because he knows that Haley deserves better than that. Peyton knew he had it in him all along. As Nathan walks her to the door he realizes that by the rules he owes her a kiss goodnight to end the date. Rules are rules after all.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Haley decide to stop by Nathan's apartment and say hello. Naturally, just as Nathan and Peyton share that goodnight kiss Lucas walks up and sees them mid smack. Lucas does an about face and tells Haley that no one was home. He drives his best friend home and tells her that even though they have grown apart he will always be there for her. He does not tell her about the kiss and he gives her the most unromantic kiss goodnight to end the evening.

Mouth tells Brooke that a night with her is like flying first class and his life is coach. She's still bummed about the random dude back at the bar and Mouth tries to make her feel better by telling her he'd be surprised if she and Lucas couldn't work it out. She gives him a kiss good night and tells him it wasn't for the charity - it's just cuz.

Unrelenting, Nicki shows up at Jake's door. He told her he'd promised himself that his daughter would never feel the pain that she caused him. She broke his heart but she'll never get the chance to do that to his daughter. She tells him she'll be in her daughter's life - with or without him.

Larry takes Karen home and tells her he hopes he didn't cause any problems between she and Keith. He realized that they have a history together. She tells him they do have a history together, she's just not sure they have a future. Larry kisses her and leaves. Just then Keith rings the bell at the other end of the house. He finally opens up and tells Karen that the past few weeks have been the worst of his life. He tells her that he loves Lucas and pops out the ring he's been carrying since the night of the accident. He also pops the question. Karen is speechless. How's that for no future?

At the end of the evening Brooke hunts down Lucas to tell him that she thinks she's pregnant. Lucas is shocked. Of course the poor guy would obviously think that she would be pregnant with his child but we all know that Miss Brooke isn't exactly the monogamous type.
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Spirit in the Night
Written by Terrence Coli
Directed by Duane Clark

April 6, 2004

What's the drama: The gang hits the road to Charlotte where Brooke is determined to win first place at the annual cheerleading competition, The Secret Sparkle Classic. She's sick of Claire Young and the Bear Creek Warriors beating them every year. She is admittedly a "psycho hose beast" and even hires "Lips"…er…Mouth to scout the other cheer team for her. Spying ain't nice Brooke! But it works. Lucas wants Haley to come to the tournament for the weekend. She agrees and Nathan seems pretty excited about her coming as well. Even after they arrive in Charlotte, Brooke drives the entire cheer squad insane with practicing and just when things look really ugly, squad member Theresa ends up getting the chicken pox. The practiced routine requires exactly ten cheerleaders and rather than let Brooke down again, Peyton begs Haley to fill in.

What's up with Karen: A fill-in chaperone is needed for the weekend in Charlotte and Karen gets finagled into it. Peyton's dad makes up for lost time by spending some quality chaperone time with the kids as well.

What's up with Lucas: The boy agrees to do some extra coaching for Whitey - unfortunately the subject is Nathan. He'll be getting double teamed more with Lucas out and he can use all the help he can get. Whitey wants Lucas to help Nathan "get open." Nathan declares that he can get to the rack without his help. To make matters even worse, Whitey assigns Lucas and Nathan to the same room.

Haley is naturally caught in the middle of the Scott boys. When she goes to get on the bus (Lucas is saving her a seat), Nathan asks her to ride with him in his car and when she is supposed to meet Lucas for pizza Nathan wants to make out a little. Lucas gets a bit miffed that his "friend" is spending the entire weekend with his nemesis.

What's up with Keith: Dan brings a cardboard stand up of himself into the shop (such marketing genius!) and makes Keith wear a fancy jump suit. He's trying to keep the shop up to his high standards but Keith is beginning to feel beat down and bullied. He goes by the Café for a coffee and Karen offers him dinner the next night. Baby steps she figures.

Karen ends up calling Keith from Charlotte to take a "rain check" but the man is clearly disappointed. Later, when Dan is frustrated that Keith and his other employees are not keeping up to speed he berates his brother for never going to college.

What's up with Nathan: He drained his savings in order to get his apartment. But he's officially emancipated and he's especially happy to be out of town without his dad. Dan is proving that basketball isn't his life by staying away from one tournament. Of course he bought a satellite dish in order to get the live feed. Naturally! But will he have time to catch the game with all the Keith torturing he's doing?

What's up with Brooke: Somehow Brooke and Peyton end up sharing a room and it's a nightmare. When Brooke needs some comforting after Theresa falls ill, Karen comes to do the consoling. She tells Brooke how sorry she is that things didn't work out between she and Lucas. As they talk, one Ravens head cheerleader to another, Brooke presents their savior…stand-in Haley! As the cheerleaders head upstairs to practice the basketball team heads out to a club that is "easy on the carding."

Mouth shows up to the cheer rehearsal with the Bear Creek Warriors' exact routine memorized for Brooke, and with the news that three other squads are using the same song, Brooke gets a bit intimidated.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton steps up to help Brooke and the cheer squad. She finds a totally different and original piece of music and gets Brooke's back when the other catty cheerleaders come around to talk some smack.

What's up with Haley: She looks cute in her cheerleader uniform and Nathan digs it but Lucas ain't exactly thrilled for her. He tells her she looks ridiculous and she tells him that he should be happy for her that she is having fun for once.

When Nathan asks Lucas what he's doing to Haley Lucas explains that she's changed. She used to be her own person and now she's not. Nathan tells him she's the same - she's just with him now. Maybe Lucas has trouble with that.

What's up with Dan: When Dan wields his power once again and tries to get the guys into the shop early from their break Keith decides he has had enough. Dan gets low and tells his brother that if he would have had a better work ethic to begin with he wouldn't have lost the shop in the first place. Keith tells Dan that he'll be taking Nathan's lead and getting away from him. He quits the shop.

How does it all wrap up: At the strip club Jake confides to Lucas that Jenny's mother has unexpectedly returned. He's freaked a bit and he doesn't even know that his friend has already gotten to know the dreaded Nikki. Intimately. It's "Ladies Night" at the Peppermint Zebra. The basketball team figures it's not worth the "easy on the carding" situation and they head back to the hotel where they happen upon the cheerleaders in the hot tub. Everyone ends up in the pool (hey - those chaperones aren't doing such a great job!) and just as things seem to be getting really fun…Whitey walks in. He's curious to know how he'll win a game the next day with a bunch of hungover idiots.

The next day the Tree Hill Ravens (ettes) take the floor and Brooke thanks Peyton for all her help. If it's important to Brooke it's important to Peyton too. They share a moment. The performance is a knock out and even Haley does a great job! Unfortunately the Bear Creek Chicks take first. But best original choreographer ends up going to Brooke Davis so it's still a victory of sorts. After the competition Lucas comes to tell Haley how amazing she looked out there. He also explains that he misses his friend. She tells him it's hard juggling him and Nathan and if he wants to be part of her life he'll have to make Nathan part of his life too. He reluctantly agrees.

Later at the game Nathan is double-teamed and when time is running out he puts up the fade away (as Lucas suggested earlier) after all. The Ravens win and Whitey gets his 500th win. When they get home Nathan tells Lucas he would have gotten the shot without him. Lucas jokingly tells him not if he were guarding him. They actually have a nice conversation and Haley is happy to witness it.

When they get back to town Brooke tells Peyton that it was nice to get away and forget all their troubles - but they're not friends anymore. Peyton says she is still Brooke's friend, and she'll prove it.

When Keith shows up to see Karen she is hanging out with Peyton's dad - the two definitely have a connection. Keith recognizes it and promptly leaves.
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The First Cut is the Deepest
Written by Mike Kelly
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

March 2, 2004

What's the drama: At school Brooke gives Peyton the cold shoulder as expected and unexpectedly Jake asks Peyton to baby-sit Jenny while he goes to his cousin's wedding that weekend.

Dan gives Nathan a five-speed, fully-loaded Mustang as a gift (read a sort of pay off) for sticking by his "old man." Nathan sees the car for what it is - a bribe. He tells his father thanks for the car-now he can get away from him whenever he wants. Haley advises her beau to give back the dreaded bribe-mobile and he tells her he's going to take his father for whatever he can get. He's earned it. Later Haley informs him she'd been up all night trying to bid on Sheryl Crow concert tickets on Ebay and she still didn't get them-no sleep and no tickets. Bummer.

Lucas starts to push himself in the gym in order to get back to basketball as soon as possible but his real friend (remember Skills?) tells him to take it easy or he'll ruin his chances to come back…ever. Even Coach Whitey tells Lucas to take a seat on the sidelines and stay out of the weight room - he'll need him for playoffs, so chill for now. Lucas doesn't like the waiting game and tells his coach as much and bails. As Lucas attempts to storm out of the gym he happens upon Dan who expects a little kindness from the boy whose life he saved. When he doesn't get it he sarcastically tells Lucas "Your welcome" but Lucas comes back with an ugly, "You think saving me makes you a good guy?" They argue in front of everyone on the team, and the cheerleaders, Dan tells him he pulled him out of the wreckage just to make his life miserable and Lucas really storms out.

What's up with Lucas: At school, "We didn't mean to hurt you" and "We didn't plan any of it" are platitudes that don't help Lucas get back in the good graces of Brooke. The girl almost seems pleased with herself for her saltiness.

Later, when Lucas retells the story of Dan's appearance that afternoon at practice and Karen comes to Dan's defense the boy storms out again-this time to a bar with his fake I.D. He orders a beer and a total hottie at the end of the bar picks up the tab for him. She invites him to join her and kind of amuses him with silly bar tricks and as much silly bar banter. He tells her his name is Lucas and she tells him to buy her a drink and maybe she'll tell him her name. She attempts bar philosophy (What do the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus have in common??) and when that doesn't work she convinces him to leave with her. They go to a merry-go-round and she tells Lucas her name is Nicki.

At the merry-go-round the bar philosopher advises her new friend to pay attention to the important moments, sometimes they only come around once. They get hot and heavy as the merry-go-round goes round and round.

What's up with Nathan: Deb tells Nathan she can't compete with Dan on the handing out cars level. But Nathan tells his mother that all she would have to do is tell him her secret and this would all be over.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton confronts Brooke and tells her she will have to talk to her sometime. Brooke tells her she could smile and act all fake-Peyton style. Brooke wants to know if they slept together and if she loves him. Peyton assures her no on the first question but has no comment for the second. Forget it sister - Brooke's not interested in the answer anymore. They deserve each other.

Later that night, while studying, Peyton disables the bedroom cam. Too little too late. Suddenly Karen calls looking for her storming out son. She's worried about him and figures he must be with either her or Brooke

What's up with Brooke: Brooke isn't answering her phone. She's home sulking and prefers horror to romance while she enjoys her Chinese comfort food.

Peyton stops by looking for Lucas and Brooke snaps at her. Peyton tells her that If she can figure out where he might be, at least call his mom and put her at ease. Brooke leads her ex-best friend to the bar where she and Lucas had their first date. The girls inquire with the bartender who knows Lucas was there but also that he didn't leave alone. After this news both girls stick around for a beer. Guess everyone has a fake I.D.

As they sip their frothy beverages, Brooke really lays it on thick with Peyton. She understands how Lucas could do this to her but they were supposed to be best friends. It's hard for Peyton to leave the glow of Brooke's love but she has a baby-sitting job to get to. Can they ever get past this Lucas thing? Brooke doesn't know and doesn't care.

What's up with Dan: Stops by Keith's garage and offers to buy the place. He tells his brother he'll purchase the garage for market value and pay him a good salary to work there - until he can pay him back and be the owner again. Dan hates to see his brother to go down for doing a good thing. Keith is skeptical but Dan tells him he's turned over a new leaf. For some reason Keith believes him.

What's up with Keith: Karen comes by Keith's shop looking for her son. She wants to know what's up with the for sale sign and if it has something to do with Lucas' hospital bills she will take out a loan against the Café and pay him back ASAP. He reminds her that Lucas wouldn't have a hospital bill if it wasn't for him. He tells Karen that he isn't exactly selling the garage, he's just looking for some financial backing. He got it and it's legit. They close the deal the next day. Karen is suspicious.

The next day Keith shows up at Dan's beach house to sign papers and prays that Dan will prove his misgivings wrong.

What's up with Deb: Karen thanks her again and again for all the wonderful work she's done at the Café and she suggests that they join forces and partner up-business has never been better. Deb tells her she'd love to but wants to spend all her extra time with Nathan - admits that Dan is embarking on a smear campaign and Karen tells her she needs to talk to him, no matter what the secret is, she needs to be up-front with her son.

Later that night Deb tells her son the truth. A few years ago, when she and Dan were having major troubles she left him to go be with another man. He was away at basketball camp for part of that summer and when she realized that she may lose him she came home for good. Nathan remembers that summer-it was Hell and she just handed him over to his evil father. He remembers calling her crying about the crap Dan was putting him through and all the while she was with a guy? Deb tells him she ultimately came home for him and he tells her he knows that she came home simply because her fling ended. He's done with the Scott family and he's especially done with her. He grabs his belongings and bursts out. So much for being straight with her son.

What's up with Haley: She's there to scoop up Nathan and his feelings of abandonment. He tells his gal that he doesn't want to live with his mom or his dad. Haley helps him look into emancipation. Later Nathan proudly presents the papers to his mother and asks her how it feels to be abandoned. She responds with tears.

How does it all wrap up: After the lovin' Lucas and mystery hottie have banana splits at the Café. He asks her to tell him her darkest secret and she asks him for Tobasco sauce. When he goes to the back to get it she disappears. When Lucas returns home he apologizes to his mom. He admits that he has been going down hill since he left the river court but he promises that he'll do better from here on out. Karen forgives her son.

Peyton shows up to baby-sit Jenny while Jake heads off to his cousin's wedding. He's never left the kid with anyone besides his parents so he's a little nervous. He should be because Peyton isn't exactly the matronly type. Little Jenny cries and cries but gets over it just in time for Daddy to return and be fooled by the calm. Jake gets home early and offers to get a pizza and pop in a movie to thank his new buddy Peyton.

When Keith shows up to work at the garage the next day, his new boss Matt Perry awaits him, as does Dan and his new "Dan Scott" sign. Keith is angry and refuses to work under that condition. It's supposed to still be his garage! Dan explains that the deal wasn't a hand out it was a legitimate business deal. What does he expect? When Keith tells him he is going to get out of the contract Dan assures him that if he does that he'll find himself out of the business altogether.

Later that night Sheryl Crow shows up at the Café with her band for a cup of coffee. Haley who hated missing her concert just happens to be the only one there with Nathan she trips over herself in a very cute fan-like way and charges Sheryl one song per cup. Looks like the girl got to go to the concert after all.

And at the Scott household Deb brings Nathan's emancipation papers to Dan and tells him that their son is leaving them…and she doesn't blame him.

As Jake cleans up after Peyton leaves the doorbell rings and he answers it to a big surprise. It's crazy Nicki from the bar and the merry-go-round…and she's Jenny's mom.
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Suddenly Everything Has Changed
Written by Mark B. Perry
Directed by David Carson

February 24, 2004

What's the drama: Lucas continues to recover but he's ready to leave the hospital. He asks his mother why Dan can walk all over her for years and Keith gets cut off after one mistake. Karen ponders the answer and is saved when the doctor walks into the room. Lucas asks her about basketball. What are his chances of getting it back and she tells him that he hurt his shoulder pretty badly. Full recovery may not be possible. This somehow doesn't ever seem to bother him as much as his girl troubles do.

When Lucas arrives home he's confronted by a surprise from his girlfriend Brooke. She feng shuis his room to promote healing. He thanks her by breaking up with her. Ouch! Maybe he is Dan's kid after all. Later Peyton pays a visit and Lucas tells her he's broken up with Brooke. When Peyton offers to tell the poor girl the entire truth Lucas suggests they wait a few days and then tell her together. Yeah, cuz that will hurt less.

Deb warns Nathan that things could get really ugly between she and Dan and Nathan realizes that the two of them splitting up is a good thing. Later, at litigation the gloves come off as once again Dan threatens to expose Deb's "ugly" past. She asks her husband if he really wants to do that to Nathan and Dan responds with, "Do you?"

What's up with Lucas: Not long after he returns home from the hospital Lucas heads down to the river court to check out the impromptu homage to him. Karen shows up to tell him to get his recovering body home. He tells his mom what he's been going through with the Brooke and Peyton situation and his mother tells him he should simply have healing on the brain not chicks. Okay - we say that but his mother should have!

What's up with Keith: He comes to visit Lucas when he knows that Karen is at work. Lucas tells him he knows he wasn't drunk the night of the accident and asks him if Dan was really the hero he's being made out to be. Keith admits that in fact Dan saved his life and Lucas wants to know exactly where he should store that bit of contradictory and freakish information.

Later Karen shows up at Keith's garage to give him the last of the things that he left at her house. Read between the lines guy - good-bye forever. He explains that he simply made a mistake and he wishes he could take it back. She cries that mistake almost cost her her son. Not much Keith can say to that fact.

The next day Keith attempts to get a loan at the bank in order to help pay bills but he is denied because his savings have been depleted. He used every last penny to pay for his nephew's hospital stay. The day just gets worse when Karen stops by the garage again. Keith tells her he wasn't drunk and she says she knows he wasn't but that's not what this is about. (What? That's exactly what we all thought it was about!) Keith vows that one day she will look at him and see the person she used to see and she wants to know where that leaves them now. Keith replies, "I guess it doesn't."

The poor man ends an already terrible day by putting his beloved garage up for sale.

What's up with Peyton: She hits the mall with Haley and happens upon her friend Brooke who is clearly broken-hearted. She asks how she's supposed to be "just friends" with Lucas and Haley tells her mainly by doing the same stuff, except without the sex.

Later, feeling terrible guilt Peyton begins to avoid Lucas. He realizes something is up and risks his health to sneak out of his house to visit her.

What's up with Nathan: The guy is truly changing. He notices Haley's new outfit and tells her how fantastic she is and that he couldn't get through all the hell that his parents are putting him through without her. When she asks him if it's really that bad at home he admits he feels that he'll end up having to live with the parent who hires the best lawyer. Haley tells her beau that knowledge is power and turns to the internet to look up his rights. Turns out he can plead his case to the judge and live with whichever parent he chooses. He happily breaks this news to his squabbling parents.

Later Deb apologizes to her son. She realizes that he's caught in the middle of the ugly mess and she promises that if he stays with her everything will change. He agrees to stay and heads to the beach house to tell his father his decision.

What's up with Dan: When Nathan comes to visit the man at the beach house he tells his son that he is relieved that he wants to choose. He knows that Nathan is smart and he'll make the right decision - to come live with him. As Nathan attempts to tell him he in fact will be staying with Deb, Dan starts in with the guilt trip and hints to Nathan that his mother has deep secrets that she won't want exposed. Nathan is curious and Dan tells him to go live with Deb if he really wants to discover the "truth" about her nasty past.

What's up with Brooke: Still broken-hearted, Brooke pays a visit to Lucas' home. Karen thinks he's sleeping but he's really over at Peyton's. Brooke tells Karen that she's just there to bring some information about some healing tea she discovered on the internet. She's all about the healing that girl. And she's obviously gotten to Karen. They talk about love and loss over photos of Italy and Brooke admits that after Lucas is healed she's hoping he'll give them another chance.

How does it all wrap up: Karen hires Jake as a waiter at the Café and before he even gets his first table his father calls him and tells him to come home. His real job needs him. Jake thanks Karen for the job but tells her he doesn't think it's going to work out. His first priority is Jenny and she needs him. Karen offers Jake Lucas' old crib in the back telling him sometimes people just need a little help. He keeps the job.

While sneaking out to visit Peyton Lucas collapses. He's burning up with fever and Peyton starts to call Karen. One problem, she's with Brooke. Peyton decides to call anyway and Karen tells her to get that boy to the emergency room - she'll meet them there. Concerned and a little more than suspicious, Brooke heads out with Karen. Once they arrive they ask Lucas where he's been. The river court he lies. Brooke doesn't seem to believe him.

At home Karen wants to know why Lucas is pushing someone out of his life that truly cares for him. He asks why she is doing the same thing to Keith.

Meanwhile, Nathan arrives at his mother's house. He's come to tell her he's decided to live with his father. Apparently she has something to hide and Nathan wants to protect her - if he agrees to live with Dan he won't be able to use whatever it is against her. Deb tries to get him to stay but he's out. He rides off with a very smug and victorious Dan as Deb cries in the doorway of her empty home.

That night Peyton comes to visit Lucas and explain her past with her best friend Brooke. It was Brooke who was there for her when her mom died and she's been there for her ever since. Lucas tells her that life is short and she says too short to live it as a bad person. Sadly, Peyton tells him they have to be apart.

Later Brooke pays Peyton a visit. She tells her she knows that she and Lucas were sneaking around behind her back and if they wanted to keep their relationship a secret perhaps she should have turned off her 24/7 internet bedroom cam. She knows for a fact that they betrayed her and she isn't interested in being "friends" with either of them.
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I Shall Believe
Written by Jennifer Cecil
Directed by Greg Prange

February 17, 2004

What's the drama: The E.R. staff quickly brings the paddles when Lucas flatlines. They bring him back from the great beyond and immediately begin surgery.

After Nathan admits to Haley how their relationship started with him trying to get back at Lucas she's surprised and very, very peeved. Before she can fully lay into the guy she gets a phone call informing her of the accident and that Lucas is in bad shape.

Speaking of admissions Peyton is about to break the news of her fling with Lucas to Brooke. Brooke lets her know she can tell her anything but just as the admission begins the phone rings informing the girls of Lucas' accident.

The next morning the doctor tells Karen that Lucas is out of the woods, he'll need physical therapy and they almost lost him for a moment during surgery.

What's up with Lucas: Alive but just hanging on in a coma.

What's up with Keith: As Karen is checking in with the hospital front desk a police officer informs her that (her husband) Keith's blood alcohol level was just one point shy of the legal limit - just one small point from being in a whole lot of trouble. But legal limits mean nothing to a mother in pain. She tells Keith how disappointed she is in him, how she trusted him with her son and how disgusted she is. She tosses him out of the hospital and presumably her life.

What's up with Haley: She avoids Lucas and the hospital out of guilt. She feels terrible that they fought the last time they saw one another and is afraid she won't be able to take back her harsh words. Peyton tells her she'll be glad to come with her to the hospital - strength in numbers.

Nathan inquires about Lucas and gets a very snippy answer from Haley. She's sickened that she has been spending time with the user Nathan and not her best friend.

Later Haley tells Peyton that Nathan was just using her to get to Lucas but Peyton tries to tell her that the boy is truly into her. It doesn't matter. They're taking a break for now. Both girls agree that they need to have Lucas in their life.

What's up with Karen: Deb comes to Karen's side at the hospital. She brings her food and tells her not to worry about anything other than her son - she'll take care of the Café. Karen tells Deb she is feeling that she is getting payback for being selfish and going to Italy. Deb assures her that is stinkin' thinking. But Karen tells Deb everything is crazy since she returned - that she can't believe that she's grateful to the wrong Scott brother and breaks the news that Dan saved Lucas' life. Deb is surprised to say the least.

Later things go from bad to worse when Karen finds out her insurance doesn't nearly cover the treatment Lucas has received and continues to receive.

Karen notices Lucas' tattoo and after meeting Peyton and Brooke asks her sleeping son if anything has not changed since she left.

When Whitey comes to pay a visit. Karen asks him how Keith could do what he did. Coach reminds her that no one ever loved a boy more than Keith loves Lucas.

What's up with Brooke: Spending plenty of time at Lucas' bedside with Karen and spending a mint at the hospital gift shop as well. When Brooke asks Peyton to join her to visit Lucas she tells her she's not comfortable with it. Brooke reads this as her friend is not comfortable because her mom died in that hospital after a car accident but reminds her that Lucas needs his friends around him right now. Peyton agrees to come visit with her the next day.

What's up with Deb: She asks Nathan how he is with the whole divorce thing. He tells her he's okay with it and they both realize how sad that is.

Deb pays a visit to Keith's garage. She tells him to give it time with Karen but he feels that she won't snap back from this one. Her son is comatose and he is to blame. And he was so close to real happiness.

What's up with Dan: He refuses to go to mediation with Deb. He thinks their marriage isn't a mistake and she threatens to hire a lawyer. He reminds her to think back to a long time ago when she almost blew it. He wants her to give him another chance the way he did. She tells him she's all out of chances. As Dan departs he tells her he will never give her a divorce. We'll see about that. She hires a lawyer.

What's up with the gang: Mouth and the boys from down at the river court (including Jake) make a get well video for their friend Lucas. They also start a chalk art tribute as each team member draws a little something on the court to Lucas.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton takes Haley down to the river court to show Haley the art tribute the guys from the team are creating. Haley is not shocked that Nathan is not around adding to the art. Peyton pays a visit to Nathan in order to snap him out his funk and to let him know that Haley is the best thing that ever happened to him. He agrees but realizes he blew it when he admitted that he originally got together with Haley in order to get back at Lucas.

How does it all wrap up: Keith finally gets the courage to show up at the hospital again just to leave a gift for Lucas. The woman at the front desk tells him that the billing department has a note to discuss payment with Lucas' parents and he's the dad right? He wants to know which way the billing department is.

The woman from hospital billing department reveals that anything not covered by Karen's insurance will be put on her husband's credit card. Karen realizes her Keith has come to the rescue again.

Brooke makes a sign and hangs it up in the hospital room for Lucas to appreciate when he wakes up but Karen wonders why there's nothing from the tattoo parlor. Brooke fesses up to the fact that she talked her son into the tattoo because he is always so serious. Another black mark against the new girlfriend. Brooke tells Karen she gets nervous when she's stressed out but she's crazy about her son, which is enough for Karen. She invites Brooke to stay and have dinner with her.

Nathan finally comes to visit Lucas in the hospital and talks while his brother sleeps. He pleads Haley's case and tells him that all she wants is forgiveness but that's all any of them really want. As Nathan talks Lucas slowly comes to. He asks for water and wants to know what he's doing there. Nathan wakes a sleeping Karen to show her the good news.

Nathan heads straight to see Haley to tell him that Lucas is awake, to tell her that he was there when he opened his eyes. He went to see Lucas because she couldn't. He apologizes for how their relationship started and lets her know that he's not that person anymore. He takes her to see her best friend in the hospital. When Lucas sees her he tells her he missed her and she hugs him.

Karen shows up at Dan's car dealership and as she walks through the door he immediately gets defensive - insisting he had to sign the consent forms and as he goes on she simply lunges forward and hugs the man, telling him "Thank you."
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Hanging by a Moment
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by John Behring

February 10, 2004

What's the drama: Haley is stressing on her school situation and having crazy dreams as a result. Apparently the girl is "flagging P.E." because she can't seem to make a free throw. She asks Lucas to help her out but he's too busy with his own dramas.

Peyton and Lucas discuss their "episode" at the motel and Peyton decides she would rather simply "bury" it but after some thought Lucas decides he can't do it. Peyton wants to be true to her friend but Lucas convinces her to betray Brooke when he kisses her. He tells her that Brooke is great but she's not Peyton. He feels it in his heart that they can make it work together. But what are they going to do about Brooke?

Deb and Dan continue therapy. Dan compares his situation with Lucas and Karen to the mountain climber who had his arm wedged in a boulder and had to cut his arm off in order to save his own life. He had to cut out the part of him that was weighing him down. Deb wonders how she differs from Karen since she got pregnant just a couple of months later. Why wasn't she considered extra weight? He tells her because with her he saw a future.

What's up with Lucas: He's looking forward to his mother's return.

Lucas and his "girlfriend" pay a visit to their friend Peyton's home to help her paint her room. While the two girls are alone Brooke admits that she is totally falling for Lucas. And hard. Peyton tells Lucas she just "can't do this" to her best friend and calls off the redecorating party. Lucas and Brooke head out to get hot chocolate and just as Lucas appears to get the courage to break the bad news to Brooke she tells him how excited she is about his mom coming home. She really wants Karen to like her and besides - she isn't close to her mother. This will be a nice change for her.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton comes to Haley for advice. She wants to know how she was able to risk losing her best friend Lucas for her relationship with Nathan. After their discussion Peyton tells Lucas once and for all that she doesn't want to risk losing her best friend over a "fling." He tells her he understands how she feels but he has to be with her. They kiss among the rows of books in the library and who should happen to see the whole thing? Haley catches the big show and is disgusted.

What's up with Keith: He stops by Coach Whitey's office to toast him on what is about to become his 500th win. Coach tells his friend that they can have a double celebration because he's thinking about stepping down. He confesses that before she died he and Camilla agreed that he would coach for twenty years and then they would start living. It's been thirty-five years and he's still there.

What's up with Coach Whitey: Later, as the coach gazes at his list of life goals he goes down the list, and crosses out "Win 500 games," but stares blankly at "Make a difference." Later when Whitey asks Nathan if he made a difference, Nathan can't answer him. Then he finds Coach's list of life goals.

After some research Nathan heads back to the Coach to congratulate him on 500 wins and tells him that he's made a difference…at least to him.

What's up with Nathan: Nathan steps up and offers to help Haley with her free throw skills (or lack there of). The girl is worse than Shaq before he started working with Magic Johnson. Dan stops by to ask his son to join him for steaks at the beach house but he denies his dad, telling him he has plans with Haley already.

What's up with Deb: During a heart-to-heart at the Café, Deb tells Keith that she's not sure she and Dan can find their way back. Keith admits he's nervous because he's supposed to pick up Karen at the airport soon. He asks Deb for a beer to ease his nerves. He's anxious about starting to live the life he's always wanted.

What's up with Dan: While walking on the beach in front of the condo he happens upon Carrie, an attractive neighbor. She seems very interested in Dan and he seems very unmarried.

Later that evening Neighbor Carrie shows up on Dan's porch. She notices he has an extra steak and she invites herself to dinner. He's cool with that. He even busts out the candles, the romantical tunes and the good wine. But it's no good. Dan tells Carrie he has a wife he loves very much and she retaliates with the coincidence that she has a husband who she loves very much but it just so happens that neither of their spouses are around at the moment…oops…but just then Deb walks in. Guess one of their spouses is there. Carrie splits real quick-like and Dan gives his wife the worst line ever - it doesn't look as bad as it is. She walks out the door and then he tells her he loves her.

What's up with Haley: She confronts Lucas with what she witnessed in the library. He tells her to butt-out…it's complicated. No actually, she tells him, it's quite easy - what he is doing is wrong. He has a girlfriend. She doesn't like the person he is becoming. Lucas throws Haley's relationship with Nathan back in her face and somehow tries to compare the two situations. Haley tells him that the next time he sees her he shouldn't bother talking to her. He's fine with that.

How does it all wrap up: Coach Whitey unpacks in his office and changes his life's goals from "win 500 games" to "win 600 games." Looks like he's sticking around.

Dan heads to the Café to see Deb - he's got to talk. For once he was misunderstood and he was trying to do the right thing. He arrives at the Café and tells his wife he needs to come home. Deb tells him she needs a divorce. Dan departs and drives home - dejected.

While Peyton and Brooke wait for Keith, Lucas and Karen to return from the airport Peyton tells her best friend that she has something she has to tell her…

On the drive to the airport Keith admits to Lucas that it seems like just yesterday he was kissing his mother goodbye at the airport. Lucas asks Keith to try to keep the P.D.A. to a minimum. The two joke and share the love. It really feels like the new situation is going to work out. As Keith pulls into the intersection for a left-hand turn another car slams directly into Lucas' side of the car. The metal crushes. Dan happens to be sitting at the same intersection and runs to help. 9-1-1 is busy on the cell phone so Dan carries Lucas to his car and drives the victims to the hospital himself. The doctor tells Dan that the boy will need surgery and asks Dan if he is the legal guardian. Dan admits that the boy is his son.

Meanwhile at the airport, Karen receives a page and in surgery Lucas flatlines.
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Crash Course in Polite Conversation
Written by Jessica Queller
Directed by Sandy Smolan

February 3, 2004

What's the drama: Peyton's dad is up on the "George Jetson" computer-style phone to say "hey" to his little girl. He announces that he'll be home soon and Peyton asks Lucas to help restore her dad's classic Corvette. But soon after the good news is announced Peyton gets bad news. It seems there's a category three storm in the area where her father was traveling.

Grandma and Grandpa Scott pay a surprise visit to the land of unhappy Scotts. It's a surprise for Danny's birthday and a surprise is what they get. Dan never gave his folks the news that he and Deb have separated and Deb ain't about to give it up. When it comes right down to it Deb wants Dan to tell them the truth. He elects to go through the motions and put on the happy family show…just for the night. She reluctantly agrees.

While in town, Father Scott stops by Karen's Café to say hello and inquire about her son as well. He leaves word with Haley that "an old friend" stopped by, though he doesn't give her his name. Pops also pays a visit to the car lot, and brags about his beloved son Dan. We see where Dan gets his glory days trip - directly from Dear Old Dad.

Nathan invites Haley to come to the dreaded family dinner, which will be much less painful with her there. Buffers are always nice. Needless to say it's a little awkward when she arrives and she and the elder Scott exchange knowing (or we've already met) looks over formal introductions.

What's up with Peyton: News gets worse when Peyton receives a call that her father's transport ship is missing and a body has been found. Officials want her to come to Hilton Head to identify the body. Always the gentleman (and good friend) Lucas offers to drive her, even in the middle of a storm. Brooke tells them she'd be of no help and she'll hold down the fort at Peyton's home while they are away.

The drive to Hilton Head is tense and when Peyton thanks Lucas he tells her "that's what friends are for." They come upon a roadblock - the storm has closed the a bridge and the ferry won't be operating until the morning. Might as well get a room at the motel. Lucas offers to sleep on the floor but she offers to share the bed.

What's up with Lucas: At the motel that evening, Peyton has trouble sleeping and tells Lucas she doesn't know what she'll do if her father is dead. Just when she thinks things are going okay something goes wrong. Later that morning they arrive to identify the body and luckily for Peyton, it doesn't end up being dad. She immediately puts in a call to Brooke who tells her she just received a call and he's safe. Peyton is overcome with emotion, hugs Lucas and hands him the phone. Brooke tells him she loves him and he says goodbye.

As the friends celebrate Peyton realizes that she has lost her heart bracelet that her father got her. They return to the hotel to look for it.

What's up with Nathan: During dinner Father Scott wants to discuss sports…only. He wants to know how many points Nathan is averaging per game. Big Dan averaged 27 points after all. Dan doesn't want to tell his folks that Nathan has left the team so he jumps in and lies for Nathan - he's still getting 24 points per game. Dinner continues with the major uncomfortable tenseness and finally Pops tells them to stop changing the subject and finally asks Nathan and Dan to come clean. Nathan admits that he quit the team and Deb tells them the entire ugly Dan versus Nathan story. Grandma tells Dan he should be ashamed of himself after the way his father bullied him…and the way he dropped out of basketball himself. It is revealed to the entire family (and Haley) that Dan's infamous knee injury wasn't exactly a "forever" thing. He simply used it to get out of the sport. Father Scott is incensed! Dan asks his mother why spill all the beans now? Rather than be angry at his father for all the pain he caused him in the past he blames his mother for finally telling the truth.

What's up with Deb: She is angry about the injury lie too. Deb complains that she dropped out of school when he did. Dan corrects her, reminding her that they dropped out to raise their son. Deb fears they've been living a lie all these years. When Dan tells her he was trying to protect her from the truth she tells him she doesn't know what the truth is anymore. Who does?

The next morning Mother Scott has a heart to heart with Deb. They're both glad she spoke up. Dan…not so much. He's cranky but Moms tells him he'll really hate it if history repeats itself. He needs to do right by Nathan. Instead he goes for a run.

What's up with Dan: Dan's heart to heart with his father goes much worse than Deb's went with his mom. His father was on the road when he hurt his knee - it wasn't a degenerative knee condition it was only temporary. But rather than fail in front of his dad he quit. Either way he lost.

What's up with Haley: Nathan confides in Haley. Some things were set in stone when he was growing up - one of them was the fact that Dan Scott would have been a pro if he wouldn't have blown out his knee. She tells him now that he knows the truth he's free from the pressure of his father. Nathan doesn't seem so sure.

How does it all wrap up: The next day Dan fesses up to Nathan that he allowed his mother to talk him into quitting. At the time it was good to get out from under the pressure of his father. Soon after he officially bagged the game he realized that he was playing for himself - he loved the game but it was too late. His knee never responded to the rehabing after he had let it go awhile. Now he pushes because he is simply trying to help Nathan not have to live with the regret he's lived with all these years…the regret of giving up.

Grandpa corners Nathan and tells him he's sorry about his dad and Nathan tells him he understands why his father did what he did - he must have really loved him to be so afraid he would disappoint him. Nathan decides he now has an opportunity to beat his father. He'll out-succeed him and continue to play ball. It's the only way he'll be free of him. Nathan has a new determination.

Back at the hotel, in search of the heart bracelet, Peyton finally lets the emotion and the pressure get to her. She finds the bracelet and her father has been found. In a moment of weakness (or clarity?) she kisses Lucas. He kisses her back…and then some. But during the heavy petting Peyton's hair gets caught on the necklace Brooke got for Lucas. Reality returns and the passion is brought to a screeching halt.

There's a serious stanky cold silence as the couple drive back to town. When Lucas attempts to talk about the awkward moment Peyton defensively tells him it was a mistake and it didn't mean anything. It didn't?

Lucas and Peyton arrive home to a Brooke who is ready to comfort them both with open arms. The little scene may not have meant anything but the guilty looks they share mean oh so much.
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The Living Years
Written by Mark B. Perry
Directed by Tom Wright

January 27, 2004

What's the drama: Family therapy is fun. Dan is hostile. Deb recaps the ugly situation for the therapist. Dan can't loose the unhealthy obsession with basketball. He disagrees. They do agree that things have gotten out of hand. Nathan sits silent. The confused therapist asks Nate what he thinks about the family's situation. Is basketball part of the family's problem? Nathan tells the therapist it may be.

At Karen's Café it's obvious that Deb is a little flustered. Keith asks her how she's doing. She admits to the disastrous counseling session the day before. Keith offers to help Nathan if he can. Dan shows up and in typical fashion is really rude. He lets his wife know that he's taking Nathan to dinner and wants to know if there's a problem. When she says there is he tells her he's doing it anyway - he'll pick him up at 7.

That Dan…always so considerate.

Later, Lucas stops by Peyton's house and spots a strange man pilfering through the kitchen. He confronts the strange man with a rake. When asked who he is - strange pilfering man, a.k.a. Larry Sawyer, tells him he's Peyton's father. Embarrassed, Lucas puts the rake back.

What's up with Lucas: All work and no Brooke make a very boring boy - at least according to Brooke. But Lucas seems happy with his books and other interests. When the cheerleader realizes that she and her beau have nothing in common she offers to try the switcheroo again with Lucas. She proposes to read another "Steinberg" book and then they can trade. She wants to know everything about him. He agrees to bring her along next time he does something he loves. And she will plan something legal and fun for them to do, but this time she promises…nothing that involves tattoos!

What's up with Nathan: Nathan admits to Haley that he's not exactly missing the basketball since practice has been cancelled - he can find other things to occupy his time. She tells him he's brave to rebuild his whole existence. Nathan tells her that practice is supposed to start up again that afternoon and he's not sure if he will be there.

Later, Nathan shows up at the shop to talk to Keith. Keith knows his nephew is going through some tough times. Nate asks him why he quit basketball when he was a kid. Keith admits he couldn't take the constant competition with his father. He tells him it was easier to let it go than to compete with a man like Dan.

Later at dinner Dan flirts with the restaurant hostess and discovers that Nathan didn't go to practice - on the advice of Keith. This is clearly very bad news to Dan who tells him not to listen to his uncle if he wants to get anywhere in life. Nathan admits he's not sure what he wants in life.

The next day at school he decides to "cut out early" and asks Haley if she'd like to join him for some fun. They ditch together, steal a convertible from Dan's lot, and get drunk at the beach house. When Dan shows up acting all authority figure, Haley barfs on his lap. Not that Dan doesn't deserve it, but she could have leaned the other way - out the window!

What's up with Peyton: Brooke wants to know who's got Peyton smiling so much. Peyton tells her it's her father Larry - back in town, just for a little while.

Later, when Lucas asks Peyton what's up with the father figure suddenly around, she admits that she wishes he'd stick around but he loves his job and it's not fair to ask him to give it up after her mother died.

That afternoon at practice, Jake brings his daughter Jenny and when Coach gets cranky about the kid being there, Peyton agrees to watch her for Jake.

The next day at school the two new friends discuss his fatherhood. He explains to Peyton that he's so in love with his daughter he can't see straight. He wants her around all the time. She wonders what her father must feel about her since he seems to have no trouble leaving her for long periods at a time. He makes it perfectly clear that night at dinner when he tells her he got a great, big money job in New Zealand. He's hoping he can make enough money to send her to art school.

What's up with Brooke: She admits that she and Lucas have nothing in common. He likes art and books and stuff and she…well, doesn't. She likes to make out and stuff.

When she shows up to meet Lucas at Karen's Café she glances through the window and notices Lucas, Peyton and Peyton's dad discussing literature all cozy-like at the table together and she's a bit taken aback knowing her best pal is much more suited to her boyfriend, intellectually speaking.

The next day at school she confronts Lucas with the fact that he and Peyton look more like they are dating than they do.

What's up with Haley: Haley ended up missing a pop quiz in English the day she ditched and she received her first F. She ditches one day and her life's headed down the toilet.

The next day Nathan apologizes to Haley for dragging her down and though he's happy to spend so much time with her he doesn't want to hurt her and pull her into his troubles. She tells him she likes hanging out with him and being there for him but he insists that he wants the "good girl" he fell for. One of them "rebuilding" their life is more than enough. She tells him she's still there - no rebuilding.

What's up with Dan: He confronts Keith with the quitting basketball issue. He doesn't mind him playing daddy to one of his offspring but he'd like him to leave the good one alone. Ouch!

The next day at therapy it's the Dan and Deb show. They quibble about Nathan and Dan blames Deb for their son's reluctance to hit the basketball court. The therapist wants to know what Dan thinks about basketball. He tells her that it's good for Nathan, the boy can feel good about himself and Deb tells her it's more for Dan than Nathan. The therapist wants to know about Dan and Deb. Who are they together? They stare blankly at each other - no answers.

How does it all wrap up: Lucas tells Peyton she should talk to her father about how she really feels about his new job and being away. She agrees to talk to the man but it's too late - he's already officially taken the job. He's excited and she congratulates him.

Later, as Larry is installing new webcam software on Peyton's computer he notices her dark art adorning the walls. Lucas arrives at the Sawyer home in time to show him Peyton's latest comic strip - a ship leaving a little girl at a dock. Larry is blown away. He decides then and there to take only local jobs so they can become a family again. He loves what he does but not nearly as much as he loves his daughter. Larry tells Peyton that she deserves to be happy and he hopes to make her so. Oh and by the way…he likes her comic strip. Lucas is busted…but in a good way.

That afternoon Nathan drives by the gym and spots Whitey's car in the lot so he goes in for a chat. He admits his basketball confusion to the old guy. Whitey tells him to remove his father and the pressure - does he still love the game? Nathan says he does.

Brooke comes to the conclusion that Lucas uses Peyton for intellectual and emotional times and he just uses her…period. This time Brooke is the one sulking and admits to Lucas that she's jealous of his friendship with Peyton. She tells Lucas she is who she is and he says that's why he likes her. He enjoys the fact that they are different. She admits he's the first really great guy she ever dated. She never gave a rat's ass before but she does now. Aw shucks - he gives a rat's ass about her too. They make out.

That night Dan and Nathan talk - for real. Nathan apologizes for all the crap he's pulled lately. Dan tells him they'll get through it. Nathan wants to know how. He's afraid that he is ruining his parent's marriage and he's afraid he'll never be the player his father wants him to be. Perhaps he chose the wrong son. Dan tells Nathan that whatever he decides, he's his son, he's proud of him and he loves him. Clearly aliens abducted Dan and left behind this good-hearted man in his place.

Nathan makes his decision and heads to the riverside court to tell Lucas that "he's done." Lucas wanted his world and how it's his. He heads to the gym to clean out his locker. A saddened Whitey watches from the shadows. [back to top]

You Gotta Go There to Come Back
Written by Mike Kelly
Directed by Keith Samples

January 20, 2004

What's the drama: The uncomfortable moment between Lucas and his two gal pals that seemed to last forever finally ends and the poor boy broods about it so much that he experiences a fitful night of non-sleep. Brooke apparently has no trouble getting herself some shut-eye and arrives the next morning bright eyed and calling her bushy tail "boyfriend." Keith reminds Lucas to be home in time for his mother's phone call that evening at 6 o'clock.

Speaking of sleep, Nathan and Haley sleep together - just sleep. The next morning he tells her it's not about sex and when she's ready he'll be too.

The next morning also brings the walk of shame of sorts for Dan who is big with the sucking up to his wife - we're talking flowers and reservations at a posh resort. But Deb tells Dan to spend the weekend with his son. He's the one Dan needs to do the patching up with and she's having none of it.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas attempts to confide in Haley about his Peyton and Brooke problem. He has made his decision and fears that Peyton has too many issues and baggage while Haley simply tells him - "Yeah, and Brooke is just easy."

When Lucas finally comes around to talking to Peyton she backs down and tells him she doesn't want to come between him and her best friend. Well that's mighty big of her. But she still mopes.

What's up with Nathan: Whitey tells the boys they've lost track of what the game is really about. They should think about why they love the game and they'll have plenty of time to do so because practice is cancelled until further notice. Nathan seems more relieved than anything. Perhaps he's still recovering from his "dehydration" episode.

What's up with Brooke: Confused about what Peyton was telling her new beau when she walked in the night before, Brooke confronts her about the seriousness of the conversation. Peyton lies and says she was simply returning a borrowed CD. Never one to dwell on the heavier issues, Brooke is all about blowing off all responsibilities and celebrating her first day off of cheer by hanging with her best gal. Peyton tells her she's rather brood…er…work on her ghoulish drawings. So rather than stick around with her best friend, Brooke blows her off for her new boyfriend, exactly the way she just told her she never would.

What's up with Dan: He's peeved with Whitey for canceling practice and risking his perfect season. Whitey stresses that he has simply taken steps to ease the pressure and advises Dan-O to do the same.

Dan doesn't have to be told twice. Or perhaps he does - so he packs bags for both Nathan and himself for the weekend. On the drive to the posh resort Dan assures his son that things will be back to normal soon. Nathan stresses that things need to get back to better than normal. Their normal was no good. And speaking of no good, upon arrival Nathan discovers that the weekend with him was "Plan B" and that's just because Moms denied Dan. Naturally Nate's a bit annoyed with that but Dan distracts him by expressing his excitement regarding the turn of events and the fact that he'll "school" him on the links the next morning. Unfortunately the golf just turns into another version of basketball. No fun. Nathan finally throws a fit on the 18th hole (we can't believe it took him that long), telling his father that he almost died for him, that he took drugs for him. He calls Dan a big bully and tells him that's why his mom wants out - he's a walking ego!

What's up with Haley: The lack of customers at Karen's inspires Haley and Deb to come up with creative ways of getting bodies into the place - like an open mic night! Haley tells Deb she'll ask Lucas if it's okay and Deb tells her she's rather do it herself. It's not too obvious that the boy hasn't been hanging out there much lately. When Deb runs into Lucas at the Stop N Shop he's naturally uncomfortable and aloof but not for the reasons Deb thinks…seems she's interrupted Lucas and Brooke purchasing prophylactics and whipped cream. Talk about embarrassing!

What's up with Peyton: Haley asks Peyton to help her out with the flyers for open mic night and she happily agrees. Anything to take her mind off of Lucas right? Peyton admits to Haley that she "blew it" with Lucas and the worst part is that Brooke is her best friend. Yeah…we've got that they're best friends already. Haley comforts her by telling her that Lucas and Brooke are hardly the "romantic epic" but he did ask her to give them a chance. Both girls agree that they can do that…for now.

Later Peyton runs into Gavin DeGraw (special guest star and incidentally the crooner of the One Tree Hill theme song!) at the magazine. He's a big time musician type and she's excited to meet him so she invites him to open mic night. He tells her maybe - as long as it's low key.

What's up with Deb: She immediately narks on Lucas to Uncle Keith. Keith is perplexed but happy the boy is at least being safe. He decides to confront the kid about his unwise choices of late.

How does it all wrap up: As if his talk with Deb about the wayward Lucas wasn't enough, Keith then walks in on Lucas and Brooke in the middle of some very heavy petting. This is after the boy missed the 6 o'clock phone call from his mother in Italy. Keith covered for him but feels the need to lecture the kid about his bad judgement and the fact that the Lucas Scott he knows is better than this.

With no Saturday practice Lucas goes looking for alternate games and stops by Jake's house. Jake can't leave the premises and when Lucas asks him why Jake finally gives up his big secret and introduces his friend to his baby daughter Jenny. He and his parents are raising her and he asks Lucas to keep this new information on the down low. Lucas tells him not to treat her like a shameful secret - it will follow her around forever. Lucas speaks from experience.

When Keith hits up Whitey for advice about Lucas the man tells him he could be like him and step back or be like his brother and smother him with his own shortcomings. Keith decides to back off and tells Lucas he's going to do so but if he ever needs him Uncle Keith will be there for him.

The crowds really turn out for open mic night - including Jake and Baby Jenny who he proudly introduces and sings a song to. Aw shucks.

Just as it appears that open mic night is hitting its high point, Gavin DeGraw shows up and goes very unacoustic (and very non-low key) on the crowd.

And they love it!

Nathan shows up after cutting the father-son weekend short. Haley advises him to take a little Dan break the way he is from basketball but it seems the basketball break will have to wait. Lucas organizes an impromptu game down at the river court and even invites Nathan. They want to play for fun for once. While the guys actually enjoy the basketball game by car headlights Keith and Whitey look on, realizing that a break was all it took to get the guys back into the game - to remember why they love it.

There is no love however when Dan tries to discuss the weekend with his wife. She tells him she wants him to go to therapy and if he doesn't he will not be seeing his son. He doesn't think she'll go through with it.

Just try her.
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With Arms Outstretched
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Greg Prange

November 18, 2003

What's the drama: Peyton firms up the fact that Lucas is "cool" with them being just friends. He's cool all right. Across campus the serious PDA makes it painfully obvious that Nathan and Haley are much more than just friends.

That afternoon at practice, Coach Whitey tells the boys that he wants them to take a good look at the sun because if they lose to Cove City on Friday night and do not end the season undefeated that same sun will not rise Saturday morning.

Lucas wants Brooke to read Steinbeck's "The Winter of Our Discontent" and she agrees as long as she gets to have him do something fun after she's done being scholarly. He's game for the fun to be named later.

Dan stops by Karen's Café to offer his wife a little help. Lucas pops in just after and kind of freaks to see the reality of Dan and Deb running the place. He jets.

Later that night Keith convinces Lucas to give Deb a chance. She's good people.

And at the Scott residence Dan attempts to give Nathan his version of a pep talk before the big game. He reminds his son he made 42 points against Cove City back in his day. A record! When Nathan tells him he plans on beating that record, Dan tells him no way. He's not tough enough inside, he can't bang down low like Dan did when he was a kid and he has no conditioning - heck he never sat on the bench when he was on the team. Nathan leaves the dinner table, goes directly to his room and looks into purchasing some performance-enhancing drugs. His "connection" explains that what he has to sell him are basically amphetamines but they'll get him "jacked" for the Cove City game.

The next day at practice Nathan is extra irritable and kind of sweaty.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas tries to relate to Nathan and tells him that he knows what type of pressure his dad puts on him. Nathan denies it and tells him if he stepped up every now and then that would take off some pressure.

What's up with Nathan: The guy is on edge thanks to the pills he purchased.

He gets all testosterone-y at practice and yells at Whitey and the team. He explains to Haley that he's just a little excited about the upcoming game. Plus…his heart races whenever he gets near her. Nice out!
That night, while they're supposed to be studying, Nathan wants to make out instead. Haley gives in a bit but then he pushes her further than she wants to go. And then it's time for him to go. She throws him out of the house.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton is starting to get the dreaded Lucas Jonze because now he's not pursuing her or even bothering to call her. For some reason Peyton and Haley have a heart-to-heart and Haley tells her she's a virgin. "Good for you" says Peyton and moves directly on to the topic she'd rather be discussing - Lucas. Yeah, he told Haley about what happened between them. She's just not ready for a relationship. "Good for you." Somehow we're thinking that Peyton is second-guessing this whole relationship thing.

What's up with Haley: Haley admits to Lucas that she's been kissing Nathan. And what if he asked her to stop? Haley tells her oldest friend she'd do the same thing he would do if she asked him to stop kissing Brooke. Touché!

What's up with Dan and Deb: Whitey approaches Dan in order to tell him that he's concerned about Nathan's behavior. He thinks he puts too much pressure on him at home (and the belittling doesn't help either). Dan tells him he was the one who ruined basketball for him by being so critical and controlling. Whitey tells him he's doing the very same thing to his son.

Later, Dan offers Deb a diner of her very own. She explains that she's not interested. She's just helping a friend and hoping to do some good in the meantime. Dan tells her if she's running the Café in order to find absolution for him he doesn't want it.

What's up with Brooke: The novel is completed and now it's her turn to make Lucas do something. We're calling foul here - certain there were Cliff's Notes involved but we'll play along with Brooke reading for the sake of fun.

That night, some fake ID's, a game of pool and a couple of pitchers all turn out to be "just drinks" before the fun. Brooke drags the boy into the corner and asks him what he thinks about her tattoo, way down on her hip, directly next to the panties. He declares it very sexy and they proceed to make out.

Guess that was what she wanted Lucas to do…or was it the tattoo? Lucas arrives home, still a little drunk and proudly reveals the new tattoo on his arm (the ancient symbol of fun) to Uncle Keith who is, needless to say, enraged. Karen trusted him to watch over Lucas and he took advantage! He grounds the boy.

How does it all wrap up: At the big game Nathan is on fire! He's a basket away from his father's record when he collides with another player and picks a fight. A little edgy Nathan? At the bench Lucas notices the boy's hands shaking. Nathan heads back on the court telling his teammates to "just give me the ball."

Suddenly the room begins to narrow and Nathan collapses on the court.

Dan is there when Nathan wakes up in the hospital (we're thinking deep down he's happy his record is still intact). Turns out the boy was severely dehydrated and the doctor wants to know what type of amphetamine he is taking. Dan denies the fact that his son would be on drugs and he berates the doctor and threatens to sue him if he ruins his son's chances at college. When Deb shows up to the hospital her son has disappeared.

The Scotts arrive home, arguing about where Nathan could be. Dan tells her not to worry about it - he was out of harm's way. But Deb tells her husband that as long as he's controlling him he's still in harm's way. He blames her for not being around - for being at the Café. She tells him to get out of the house. If he doesn't get out she'll stab him in his sleep. As he leaves he's somehow still smug and tells her there's no way Nathan will choose her over him.

Coach Whitey got his win but at what price? He reflects upon how hard he pushed the boys and how his pressure clearly added to Nathan's collapse. Keith shows up to let him know that Nathan will be fine. Whitey tells his friend that after 35 years he's realized that he is part of the problem. The two share a drink as Keith commiserates about wild Lucas.

Nathan surprises Haley when he walks into her room. She was just leaving a message for him - hoping he is okay. He hugs her and opens up to her - admitting he was terrified of failure and even more terrified when he fell on the gym floor. The only thing he could think about was her - if he could just get up and get to her it will all be okay. Haley allows him to stay the night.

Peyton makes a surprise appearance at Lucas' house. She admits she made a mistake. She wants all he wants - a relationship - with him. Just then Brooke walks in and realizes she's interrupted something.

Hey - we thought Lucas was grounded!
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The Search for Something More
Written by Jennifer Cecil
Directed by John Kretchmer

November 11, 2003

What's the drama: It's the morning after Brooke's evening of drunken meddling and she wakes up with a foggy memory as Peyton wakes up with regret. Peyton regrets freaking out on Lucas but decides she's still not ready for so much emotion as Brooke decides she needs to change her karma by undoing her evil deeds from the night before.

Nathan comes crawling back to Haley once again and she accepts his story about Brooke and the card but she's over their whole tutoring/hanging out thing.

Karen and Deb share breakfast at the Café and Karen gets exciting news. She's been accepted to a cooking school in Florence, Italy but must leave in two days if she plans on leaving at all. Karen figures there's no way she can do it but Deb tells her to get on board - this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Later, when Lucas hears the message on the voice mail he tells his mom to go for it as well. It's just six weeks after all! She's been putting off her life for him for years and it's time she does something for herself.

What's up with Nathan: In an attempt to make up for her wrongdoings Brooke shows up at the Café to invite Haley on a perfect date with Nathan. He'll be at the Café at 7:00 that night to pick her up. Nathan shows up as scheduled and the card date begins. One card leads to the next and all of them point to fun. The two end up walking around town and talking more than they ever have with questions like "Tell the other person three nice things about them" to spur them along. They end up at a romantic dinner spot complete with a fantastic view of the river. Their card tells them to order their favorite dishes for each other. She orders mac & cheese and he orders lobster. The next card forces them to tell a secret about themselves that nobody knows. Haley admits that she cheated on a geometry test last year and that is what made her decide to tutor - her way of paying back because she never got caught. Unfortunately the date ends abruptly before Nathan tells his secret.

What's up with Lucas: Lucas heads back to the court down by the river after a real dry spell from his friends. He's jonzing for a little street ball but he remembers how to play. The fellas give him grief but are more than happy to have him back. Unfortunately the game is interrupted by a phone call from Brooke. Peyton is in trouble and they need his help.

What's up with Peyton: Peyton and Brooke hit the college party scene all decked out in trampy animal print lingerie. Brooke immediately hooks up with Mr. Abercrombie and Peyton wanders into a room containing one brooding alternative type named Gabe. As they listen to the boy's collection of boffo vinyl, he suggests he make her one drink. She balks but when he offers to bust out his bootleg collection the girl gives in. One drink can't hurt. Unfortunately Gabe feels the need to slip a roofie into Peyton's drink. It's not long before she realizes she's been slipped something (which one would figure would be a pretty good sign that she isn't all that out of it). But Peyton realizes too late as Gabe slams his bedroom door. Suddenly she can't move and is helpless when it comes to defending herself as he crawls all over her. Lucky for cell phones. With one push of a button Brooke is called, comes looking for her friend - retrieves her and immediately calls Lucas for help.

Luckily for them a med-student recognizes what happened to Peyton. They just need to find out what she was given. Lucas busts into Gabe's room, knocks him around a little until he shows them what he's slipped Peyton and then he knocks him around a little more just for good measure.

We're going to take an editorial privilege here and assume, even though it wasn't shown in the episode, that the police were called on the evil scoundrel Gabe and he was taken away in handcuffs.

Brooke and Lucas take their friend home and consult the internet on roofies. The plan is to watch her all night until she wakes up. Brooke is wracked by guilt.

What's up with Dan and Deb: Naturally Dan is snobby when Deb tells him that Nathan is out on a date with his tutor. She's from the wrong side of the tracks after all and just not good enough for their son. But unlike Dan, Deb took the time to get to know Haley and she defends her son's tutor and new friend to her nasty judgmental husband.

What's up with Karen and Keith: Karen offers Keith dinner if he'll come over to the house and put up some shelves. Of course he's in. That evening he admits that he's tired of settling. He wants to take risks like when they were kids. Karen and Keith both agree that they want to become the people they want to be and both want to open up about something that's been on their minds. Karen goes first and tells him about cooking school in Italy. He tells her to go with her instincts and go for her dream. She gets so excited she decides to go to Italy right then and there. But Keith never gets to tell her what's been on his mind.

What's up with Brooke: She is so kind and caring for her friend Peyton during the evening of crisis, Lucas is impressed. Brooke and Lucas end up talking the whole night - opening up to one another and Lucas sees the cheerleader in a different light.

How does it all wrap up: Right in the middle of Haley and Nathan's romantic dinner "the guys" happen by and tease Nathan about the company he's keeping. He tries to play it off like it's a tutor thing when they know it's a date. Being denied publicly clearly sucks and Haley tells him so and splits (she tells him she doesn't need a guy who is only nice to her when they are alone), leaving him with his mac & cheese. The next day Nathan comes crawling to Haley again. She tells him she keeps putting herself out there and he keeps blowing it - she's tired of his game and nothing he does will surprise her - except what he does right then. He kisses her. She kisses back. Later at school Nathan is actually affectionate to Haley in front of the guys.

The morning after the morning after at Peyton's place, our groggy girl wakes up and Lucas explains the previous night's events. Peyton apologizes for "lots of things," but it's not Peyton he's interested in as he drives Brooke home. He admits that he's pleasantly surprised by what he's learned about her now that he's gotten to know her.

Lucas returns home after caring for Peyton all night and is confronted by a nervous mother. She's already anxious about leaving the country and now this - an all-nighter. He updates her on his evening and she understands but explains that Uncle Keith will be staying with him for the six weeks she's away. He's cool with that as long as she goes. He's so cool with that in fact that he purchased a non-refundable airline ticket on their emergency credit card.

Unfortunately as Karen prepares to leave for Italy she realizes she can't afford to shut down the Café for six weeks. Deb offers to fill in for her and Karen takes her new friend up on her offer by hiring her. When Deb breaks the news of her new job to Dan he's more than unhappy. She tells him he made all kinds of Nathan decisions without her and she tells him this is her payback. He retaliates with "payback is an ugly emotion." Now…is payback actually an emotion?

Karen's good-byes to her son are tough and Keith sees her off at the airport. He tells her that all will be waiting for her when she gets back. She tells him he gave her good advice to trust her instincts and she goes with her instincts once again just before she departs and plants a juicy good-bye kiss on him.

Monday at school it's clear that Peyton has had a revelation and tells her knight in shining armor that she owes him one. As she and Brooke walk away Lucas has a sort-of revelation of his own. He appears torn between the two friends. [back to top]

Life in a Glass House
Written by Mike Kelley
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

November 4, 2003

What's the drama: Lucas claims he'd rather spend his evening with F. Scott Fitzgerald than go to Dan Scott's annual basketball appreciation party. But Peyton tempts him with a bit of flirting and some potential sex…or something like it, that evening. Looks like our boy needs a new dress coat!

Later, Deb drops by Karen's Café to personally extend the invitation to Karen and Keith and to apologize to them about Dan's abominable behavior the past weekend. That Deb is just so nice that Karen and Keith agree to stop by the "Annual Kiss Dan's Ass" party. Later, Keith tries to bring up the whole "I love you" comment by admitting that some "crazy" things were said after dinner the other night. Karen tells him she doesn't recall anything crazy being said and Keith is put at ease.

Meanwhile, Brooke is up to some kind of matchmaking and Coach Whitey goes above and beyond to help out Jake with his troubles in life away from the court by allowing him to arrive at practice late and leave early.

What's up with Lucas: Haley fesses up to Lucas about how she is falling for Nathan even though she knows he's a total ass. When he gets crabby about the announcement she reminds him that it's quite similar to they way he has the hots for Peyton. He finally gives her the okay but tells her to "be careful." Hey - Nathan ain't the one who gets his kicks by running red lights!

What's up with Peyton: She finally gets up the nerve to ask Haley who it was she was referring to when she mentioned that "…he really cares for you." Was it Nathan or Lucas? Haley tells her it's both - lucky girl. Peyton gives her new friend permission to date Nathan if she wants…not that she needs it or anything. But it's a nice gesture.

What's up with Nathan: After Brooke gives him the newly lit green light, Nathan feels a bit more confident when it comes to his ex-gal Peyton. He even kind of puts the moves on her at the party and asks her if they can go "talk." They both quickly realize that the crafty Brooke was telling each one that the other wanted to get back together so she could get Peyton out of the way and Lucas would be wide open for her.

What's up with Brooke: In her drunken state the girl finds Dan's annual basketball party a bit of a bore so she kicks off a rollicking game of "Dare or Dare" (because no one tells the truth anymore). After some random gal is made to go pinch Coach Whitey's butt (something we'd really like to see but didn't) Brooke immediately makes Peyton kiss Lucas. The kiss is pretty passionate for a game and as soon as she finishes, she runs off. Brooke quickly becomes the least popular cheerleader at the party. You know it's bad when even Nathan calls the girl out for bad behavior.

What's up with Dan and Deb: Dan's not so happy that Deb made sure that the "other" side of the family was officially invited. The paper invitation was enough and that was simply a formality. But he does at least attempt to be cordial and play the "host with the most."

What's up with Karen: You would think that after 20 years Dan's ego would cease to amaze her. Coach Whitey approaches her at the party and welcomes her back to society - good to see her out and about again. He even tells her that in his humble opinion she raised a fine son. Kudos for Karen!

Later, when the cakes for the party are accidentally delivered to another party, Karen offers Deb her assistance. She calls Haley to bring some tasty dessert type treats over from the Café, ASAP.

What's up with Keith: At the party Keith is placed as per his usual, brooding by the bar. But this time he's drinking seltzer water so he won't haul off and punch his brother in his own home. Dan pretends to be nice and offers up an apology but Keith tells him if he feels like apologizing he should start with Karen or Lucas...or even Nathan.

What's up with Haley: She brings the desserts to the dreaded Scott home. Karen calls her out on the whole tutoring Nathan thing (Deb Scott spilled those beans) and ends up giving Haley her blessing. Always the hostess, Deb invites Haley to stay, have some food and hang out. Nathan seems truly happy to see her. Just as Haley reluctantly begins to enjoy herself, Brooke comes along and gets ugly with another lie. She publicly exposes a kind letter Haley wrote to Nathan and secretly stuffed into his study care package. Nathan had yet to see the letter but Brooke found it, quoted it publicly and claimed that Nathan showed if off all over school. Haley flees the party, distraught.

How does it all wrap up: Lucas chases off after Peyton when she flees after the big kiss. He asks her if that was all a game. She tells him no and they go for it again just to be interrupted by Delivery Gal Haley as she arrives at the party with the desserts. She's incredibly cool about a very uncomfortable situation and Lucas and Peyton put it on hold until they can be alone a bit later (in a room, at a party where his Mom is hanging out!) Peyton ends up freaking out when Lucas pulls out of sex mode and moves on to matters of the heart. She takes off again but this time Lucas doesn't run after her. Dan spots a distressed Peyton running down the hall and walks in to see Lucas putting on his shirt. He tries to give Lucas a little advice and Lucas is having none of it.

At the same time, in the kitchen Karen and Deb have a heart to heart. Karen admits that she's glad she's had a chance to get to know Deb and the feeling is very mutual. Naturally they have questions for one another (as does the rest of America!). Deb tells Karen she met Dan in September at freshman orientation - Karen realizes, a month after she told Dan she was pregnant. A few short months later and Deb was knocked up (Dan was always an overachiever). If we all do the math here we can assume that Lucas and Nathan are approximately six or seven months apart in age. The crazy timeline confusion is now officially over. Now we just need to solve the mystery of Peyton's bedroom cam. Why does it exist?

At the end of the evening, Karen wanders into Dan's office to retrieve her coat and he catches her having a look around. He asks her why she is doing this (we're assuming all the party going of late not the looking around his office thing) and she tells him it's for Lucas, and for her as well, so she can move on. She tells Dan to take a look around. He has a wonderful life. Stop living in the past.

As they say good-bye to their guests Deb thanks Dan for being on his best behavior. She's proud of how he stepped up. He tells her that's funny because he's never felt more off-balance in his life.

Back at the Café, Lucas runs into a weeping Haley. She tells him that Nathan is a jerk and he tells her that Peyton ain't no walk in the park either. They're glad to be "back to normal" for now.

As Nathan cleans up from the party he finds the note Brooke was talking about. He immediately runs to the Café to talk to Haley and try to explain. She denies him and refuses to open the door. Nathan Scott feels real rejection for the first time.

Turns out the whole mystery reason behind Jake being late to practice and leaving early from the party is because of a babe…his baby.
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Every Night Is Another Story
Written by Mike Kelley
Directed by Jason Moore

October 28, 2003

What's the drama: Two very unlikely scenarios: Peyton and Haley cruising down the road together in a car, cranking the tunes and Nathan and Lucas attempting to start a car together, realizing that the car is stuck in the mud and then standing in the road waiting for a ride. The two scenarios come together and we're all wondering what kind of mixed-up world we're suddenly viewing.

12 Hours earlier we're at the high school and Peyton is presenting Lucas with a CD that she burned for him in order to thank him for getting her through her difficult week last week. And Nathan invites Haley to the game that evening, promising that it's worth the road trip.

Meanwhile, Deb and Dan prepare to depart for the annual Small Business League Dinner. Dan does so despite the fact that he'd rather be at the basketball game. Deb tells him that she's made reservations for them to spend the evening at a Bed & Breakfast because even though the dinner is a mere 30 minutes away, they could use a 48-hour stint without basketball. Dan unhappily agrees, no basketball. Guess he'll have to pay some attention to his really nice, hot wife for a change.

Karen agonizes over the perfect dress for the very same dinner. Unlike Dan, she's looking forward to going out like a grown up for a change and Lucas asks her if it's a date with Keith. She denies all, but Lucas tells her he wouldn't mind if those two crazy kids got together.

Later that night, at the game, a mid-court knock-down-drag-out gets the Scott brothers tossed out of the game and ends up injuring cheerleader Brooke as well. The team almost loses the game which really peeves Whitey, so on the way home, as a way to teach the boys the value of teamwork, the Coach kicks the Scott brothers off the team bus - no phone and no money. Hopefully they'll both make it the 30 miles back to town together. Oh that Whitey…he's so wise.

What's up with Lucas and Nathan: As the boys begin their long walk back to town, thugs from the opposing (and losing) team pull up and offer them a ride. Lucas thinks it's a bad idea but Nathan takes it. Wrong move. They shove a gun in his face and tell Lucas to get in. He does and the boys (who call themselves Thing, Thing One and Thing Three) make Lucas and Nathan strip down to their skivvies and shop for hemorrhoid cream , feminine hygiene products and beer. This doesn't appear to be entertaining enough for the Thing thugs who then force the boys to play "Gladiator" and beat one another up. Lucas isn't up for it until Nathan sucker punches him and then it's go time. But always the crafty one, Nathan grabs the keys from the ignition mid-brawl and it's a game of clothes for keys in a trade-off that the thugs don't really enjoy. After the Scotts established that the gun was not real it was kind of all over for the Things. The boys end up getting most of their clothes back and when they realize that the Thing's car is stuck in the mud they are back on their feet again - this time, running.

What's up with Brooke: As she's getting her ankle taped in the locker room, Brooke uses her charms to sweet talk the resident college boy/team doctor to give her some really strong pain pills. Not sure what idiot would put their entire future on the line for a smile from a pretty girl but Brooke gets her way. She pops both pills, without water and is now in need of a ride home. Peyton offers to drive her car and when they spot Haley walking by a belligerent Brooke invites Haley along. At least Peyton will have someone to talk to on the way home as she clearly doesn't speak slur.

What's up with Peyton and Haley: The gals make some small talk on the way home but run out of gas before any real juice is spilled. They leave Brooke and her hobbled ankle back in the car as they begin the hike to go get gas. They both start to open up about their respective boys and finally Peyton simply asks if Haley "likes" Nathan. Haley tells her no - it would be tough on Lucas but Peyton tells her that Lucas wouldn't ask her if he wanted to ask her for a date. Hmmm…light bulb time for poor Haley. When the closest gas station is closed Haley figures out how to siphon gas from a parked truck and Peyton is so impressed she credits the girl with being the fourth Charlie's Angel. The two seem to be bonding a bit but back at the car Brooke brings it all back to reality telling the two they didn't expect to be friends at school the next day…did they?

Even if people really thought that - who would actually say something like that out loud? And how did Brooke get so sober so quick?

What's up with Dan and Deb: Somehow Dan and Deb end up at the same table as Karen and Keith. Typically ugly, Dan talks trash about Keith to the poor couple who happened to get stuck at the dysfunctional family/sordid history table. He credits Keith's failure for his own success. But Keith rebounds nicely with a little tell it like it is reality check - we all know that Deb is the reason for Dan's success, she bankrolled it.

Later, Deb catches up with a sulking Keith, buys him a few cocktails and tells him that he and Karen go nicely together. He tells her that Karen is amazing but a relationship would complicate things. He asks Deb how she puts up with a husband like Dan and she says that some days he's the man she married but others, she just hangs in there for Nathan. Touching.

How does it all wrap up: Back at the dinner, Keith returns to the table a little less sober and Dan makes sure to beat a dead horse. He starts in on Keith being there with Karen (his used goods) and Keith tells him to stop worrying about his relationship and start concentrating on his own. The brothers start smacking each other around at the table. Later Dan sips at his own cocktail at the B&B, worrying not so much that he humiliated his wife and himself at the Small Business League Dinner but because he's discovered that his son was thrown out of the basketball game earlier that evening. Deb declares their little "romantic evening" attempt over and departs to get their bags. They're going home.

Back at Karen's home, Keith gets a little first aid for his shiner. He apologizes for the disastrous evening. He wishes Karen could count on him. She tells him she does - more than he knows. She admits that Lucas called their evening a "date" and she believed it. Keith says he did too. Then, out of the blue he tells her he loves her and promptly falls asleep.

After some walking and some male bonding, Nathan tells Lucas that he should consider himself lucky sometimes that he doesn't have to deal with a dad like his. He tells Lucas about a time when he was pitching in Little League and he intentionally walked the best hitter on the opposing team. His father walked out to the mound, grabbed him by the arm and kicked him so hard he flew into the air. Then he benched him for the rest of the game. And Dan wasn't even coaching! Okay - that last part is not true. He was coaching. But the fact is, the man is clearly obsessed. Nathan tells Lucas to think about that little scenario the next time he starts feeling sorry for himself. Lucas brings up Haley and tries to get all protective and just as it seems the two will fight again. Nathan thanks Lucas for getting in the car with him earlier that evening. He didn't have to - especially after he warned him not to get in. The boys don't get too much farther before the girls come along and offer them a ride. The next day all relationships return to their old dysfunctional state.
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Where I End and You Begin
Written by Ann Hamilton and Mark Schwahn
Directed by Duane Clark

October 21, 2003

What's the drama: Haley manages to avoid angry Lucas until he confronts her. She spills about the whole tutoring for charity (The Lucas Foundation) gig she has going with Nathan and how she's doing it all for him. He admits he's an idiot and they both admit that they miss hanging out. Lucas actually thanks her for trying to get Nathan to be a good guy.

Nathan thinks Peyton's break up is just a moody PMS thing and he knows she'll come around…like always.

The Scott boys - Father Dan, and both his sons Nathan AND Lucas are featured front page in the newspaper and the article has the town a'buzz. It's clear that this year's Father/Son charity game will be more eventful than usual. Father of the Year Dan is annoyed by the coverage but so revved up for the game that the article ends up taking a back seat, until another Scott decides to play in the game.

Lucas is put off by the newspaper article and not feeling like joining the Father/Son game until he gets Uncle Keith to come play with him. For some reason Dan is miffed with his big bro joining in the Father/Son fun and pays a little visit to the auto shop where he ends up hurting Lucas by telling him he now has an obligation to the family name and he'd better not blow it. Rather than be obliged to the dreaded Scott name Lucas decides to get rid of it all together.

What's up with Lucas: He downloads the name change form and contemplates taking on Karen's last name. Uncle Keith tells the boy to think about it. After all, he's a Scott and Lucas and his mother are more like family to him than any other Scott in town. He and his brother never saw eye to eye and that Nathan is just a stranger. He tells Lucas he was honored that he asked him to play in the Father/Son game. We feel the love.

What's up with Nathan: Still not giving the whole school and studying thing a real chance but blames his lack of commitment on his difficult breakup with Peyton. He pretends to Haley that he's learned and if only he could get another chance…

But the crafty boy also realizes that he and Haley have talked more than he and Peyton ever did. Of course Haley corrects his grammar all the while so that kind of tends to drag out the length of the conversation.

In another conversational twist, Mom Deb attempts a heart-to-heart with Nathan. She assures him that if he doesn't want to play the game he just shouldn't do it. His father will get over it. Nathan tells his mother they both know that's a lie.

What's up with Peyton: An emotional outburst at cheer practice and the true Peyton comes out. She's not the cheer type and we all knew that. The girl takes to ditching class, attempts to take up smoking, commences crazy suicide runs through red lights and starts to hang out at the local graveyard.

While at the graveyard Coach Whitey happens along and we learn that Peyton is there visiting her mother who died several years ago. Peyton doesn't even feel like she ever got to know her mother. Whitey is there to visit his wife who passed away about the same time Peyton's mother died. Whitey ends up becoming a confidant to the girl and he tells her that it's hard to lose somebody but she can't search for answers - they just aren't there. After a couple of talks Whitey admits that he feels like he hasn't been much help but he can tell her one thing for sure - her mother is proud of her.

Peyton's pity party continues - hosted by her. Lucas joins in from time to time and admits that he would gladly erase his father if he could bring back her mom. She thanks him and tells him that her mother was late to pick her up at school one afternoon and ran a red light. She was killed instantly-hence the red light fascination. Lucas tries to help but she won't allow it.

What's up with Haley: She asks Lucas to support her and her accomplishments in tutoring the way she supports him with his basketball. After all, tutoring makes her proud just the way she is proud of him on the court. Lucas comes around but makes her promise that her relationship with Nathan is just tutoring. She promises-just tutoring.

What's up with Karen: Tells her son to face his problems and his name head on. She tells him the story of why he has the name Scott in the first place - of the way Dan promised he would marry her and the day he was born. Dan never showed up to the hospital but Keith was there. And he's been there ever since. Keith is a Scott too and that proves that it's not just a name it's what you do with it.

What's up with Dan: Dan is not exactly overjoyed at the fact that Keith is playing in the Father/Son game. He complains to Coach Whitey that Keith isn't a father and doesn't belong. Whitey retaliates with the fact that he's not ever been a real father to Lucas and one day he'll need to admit that he made a mistake and claim the kid as his son. Dan is unmoved.

What's up with Keith: Dan is all fired up and pays yet another visit to the Scott Auto Shop. Keith reminds him that it's just a game. Dan Scott clearly needs that tattooed on his shooting arm. Inside part. Dan comes back with all he has and tells Keith he doesn't even belong at the game because he isn't a father. Yup-opened himself up for that one once again! This time Keith just tells him that he can be ashamed of him and he can be ashamed of Lucas but what makes him think that they aren't ashamed of him as well.

How does it all wrap up: It's like Christmas Eve for Dan Scott the night before the big Father/Son game. Deb tells Dan that he pushes Nathan too hard-so much so that he won't enjoy basketball anymore. Dan quickly relives his glory days and tells her that his time playing the game was the best time of his life and they both kind of realize in their own way that he currently lives a pathetic existence.

Not so wrapped up in the game, Nathan pays a visit to Peyton and brings up his own glory days of when they first dated. He invites her to come to the game that night and they can hang out afterwards. He misses her. Later, with his other gal, Nathan proudly shows Haley is 84% on his test-right in front of Lucas. Haley and Nathan share a celebratory hug but Haley doesn't realize that she just royally pissed off her best friend.

In the locker room before the game, the fathers are bonding and one asks Keith what he's doing in the game. He tells them he's a stand in, as one of the boys doesn't have a father. The game is truly a mockery of a real game, so much so that the sons begin to make it look very Harlem GlobeTrotters like. At half time the Fathers rub their muscles and laugh it off but not Dan Scott. He gets all competitive with is son (the one he actually admits to) and Keith ends up sticking up for his nephew. Is there no end to the embarrassment that Dan Scott will bring upon himself? Apparently not because when the second half starts the announcer makes the score 0 to 0 and declares that the next basket wins the game (clearly he's ready to get home early), Dan gets extra Hulk-like competitive. He even goes so far as to block Nathan's jump shot with a dirty play and Nathan ends up going down-hard. The boy hits his head on the floor. When he's able to stand, it's Lucas who ends up helping him to his feet. Lucas tells him he'll help him win and although he could, he ends up very obviously letting his father dunk and take the win. Even Dan knows how pathetic he looks to his sons and to the crowd. Sometimes winning isn't everything.

After the game Lucas tells Keith that after what he did for Nathan and what he's done for him he's proud to have him for a father for the night. He decides to keep the Scott name and hopes to wear it as well as his uncle.

Peyton continues to run red lights and after a mega melt down mid-intersection, she shows up after the game. Nathan gets stoked thinking she's come around like always and she tells him that her mother died 7 years ago that evening. Did he know that? Nope because he never asked. She didn't come to see him. She came for Lucas.
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Crash Into You
Written by Mark Perry
Directed by David Carson

October 14, 2003

What's the drama: Karen can't seem to remember to pay the water bill so Lucas has a tough time with the showering before the big game. Meanwhile, the real and mysteriously allusive Missus Scott arrives home finally and has actually made dinner in her enormous designer kitchen!

Later at the big game, Coach Whitey tells the team to act as if they know one another. Sharing is caring after all. Minion Tim sees that Lucas is completely open and actually ends up passing the ball to him rather than Nathan and Lucas is the hero of the game once again.

Post game, Father-of-the-Year Dan gives his son Nathan the silent treatment. Look Pops - it ain't the starting line-up for the Lakers! It's high school basketball. Nathan shakes it off and for some crazy reason ends up inviting Lucas to the "Team Party" at his folks' beach house. Luke brings Haley and she brings her ugly hat.

What's up with Lucas: The boy doesn't exactly have the time of his life at the big soiree. He checks out the second home his natural father shares with his small family and thinks about what he doesn't have. And worse, he mistakenly takes part in a little drinking game called "I Never." Seems the goal of the game is that one person in the circle announces something that they've never done (ie - been to Disneyland, but typically not as clean) and then if someone in the group has actually done said deed then they have to drink. What ever happened to quarters kids? So it comes around to Nathan's turn and he announces that he's never had a father who wishes he was a stain on the bed sheets. Both disgusting and cruel. Rather than take a drink or the much-preferred action - come back with a verbal zinger like every single audience member in America wants him to - Lucas calmly tells Nathan he can take his drink for him and walks away. Mouths agog.

What's up with Nathan: When Nathan spies his gal talking to Lucas out on the porch he fires back with a little blast from the past in the form of a video that for some reason his father still keeps around the vacay house. It's of Karen and Dan being interviewed while still in high school, before their dreams were crushed like so many cockroaches. They were happily discussing their future, marriage, family - the whole nine. When someone at the party asks who the girl is, Nathan smirks and Lucas sadly says, "My mom."

Meanwhile, Nathan's mom Deb fears that she doesn't know her son anymore. She asks Super Dad Dan how he has been and he proceeds to give her basketball stats, not life stories. Deb may be out of town for ten days a month but she's around enough to recognize that her son has become quite surly and Dan's attitude toward him and the team is clearly not helping. She tells Dan that his constant pressure is making their son unhappy and a not-so-good human being type.

What's up with Peyton: While at the big Team Party the cheer squad laments over a comic strip that has recently been published in the local newspaper. It depicts cheerleaders in a negative manner…they think. And what's worse - it makes them look shallow. Peyton doesn't fess up to being the artist but both Lucas and Nathan recognize, despite the clever nom de plume. It seems the gal with the 24-hour webcam in her room wants to be anonymous. Such a mystery that girl!

What's up with Haley: Ends up walking out of the bathroom to an awaiting Peyton who chats with her about the tutoring of her oh-so-charming beau. Perhaps she can teach him not to be a jackass? Haley promises to put that in the lesson plan but is a little perplexed that Nathan gave away their little tutoring secret.

Later after the ugliness between Lucas and Nathan, Haley kind of defends Nathan to Lucas who doesn't appreciate the seeming lack of side-taking. He splits the party and Haley begs Nathan to try to be cool to her friend…though that seems unlikely. She tells Nathan that she doesn't feel right with the tutoring and tries to get out of it. He ends up getting her with a giant sob story about how his dad is so demanding. She reluctantly accepts a ride home with Nathan in Peyton's car. He continues to guilt the poor girl with stories of his bad grades and the fact that he may end up screwing up his only shot at happiness (basketball), not to mention his dad's only shot at happiness. Pathetic really as this would be Dad's second shot if we were to be keeping score. Haley gives in and gives the boy the semester and then he's on his own. And by the way - lay off Lucas for once and for all! Yeah like that was so effective the first time.

What's up with Karen: Karen receives a surprise visitor at the Café, Deb Scott. She comes in for a coffee and biscotti and to tell Karen that she doesn't want to be part of the whole Dan and Karen history, she wants them to start making their own history. She's hoping to be friends and make the nice. The woman actually admits that she's seen Karen and her son together and is a bit jealous that they are so close. She's done a great job of raising him.

Karen comes home on a high and is confronted by a very angry son who accuses her of not standing up to Dan Scott so he and his son are free to walk all over them. She should have made him pay so they wouldn't have to live in such poverty. The next morning he sort of apologizes and tells his mother he had no right to yell at her as he is the reason she lost out on all her dreams. She assures her son that she got EVERYTHING she wanted and that if she would have made Dan pay he would have tried to help raise him and that would have been a much bigger price.

How does it all wrap up: Nathan ends up smashing up Peyton's car on the way back to the party from dropping off Haley. This ain't no fender bender - the car is a mess! Lucas just happens to catch the guy in the act and threatens to call the police. Nathan figures he can get one of his lackeys to vouch for the fact that he never left the party and walks away from the accident, figuring that Peyton can take the fall. Lucas ends up willingly taking the blame for the entire accident. He even leaves a note for the owner of the car he supposedly hit.

Meanwhile back at the Casa de Scott, Peyton asks Nathan where he's been for the past two hours and where the Hell is her car? He lies to her on both accounts, telling him that he loaned Tim the car, and she sees through most of the lies but believes the car one. Nathan's surprised when she doesn't want to "join him upstairs."

When Minion Tim arrives the next morning he's clearly not hip to the "he had the car" story and Peyton finally becomes really suspicious about the whereabouts of her wheels.

Luckily Uncle Keith calls and squeals on Nathan and when Mommy Deb sees what a mess Dan has made of their little family while she's been away she decides no more travel. With Moms leading the Scott family again Nathan is forced to face his troubles and heads to the garage to offer to have his dad pay for the damage. Lesson learned. Lucas tells him to stay away from him and after he found Haley's ugly hat in Peyton's car, he can stay away from Haley too. Nathan tells him they're just talking like he and Peyton do. That must sting our hero cuz we all know his feelings for Peyton aren't exactly of the innocent kind.

Later, Peyton finally wises up and tells Nathan to take his things from her room and get the Hell out of her life. And P.S., thanks for being such an ass the night before and allowing breaking up with him to be so easy.

And on the other end of town, Luke goes to confront Haley with his ugly hat discovery but attempts to get her to talk first - they're always honest with each other right? She assures him, "Of course." Just when she begins to think that everything is okay between the two of them again Luke gives her back the hat he found in Peyton's car.
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Are You True?
Written by Jennifer Cecil
Directed by Michael Grossman

October 7, 2003

What's the drama: At the big game - Nathan is double-teamed as he passes to Lucas who tosses the ball straight in the basket. Nothing but net for a three-pointer and the win! Nathan gets the assist but Luke gets the basket…and the victory at the buzzer. Dan Scott is disappointed to say the least and as he strolls out of the gym he hisses at his son, "I thought this was YOUR team."

What's up with Luke: After the game, a surprise named semi-naked Brooke awaits Luke in the back of his car. It appears that taking the game at the buzzer really turns the girl on. She sees a change in the New Scott (not to mention serious popularity potential) and although Luke is simply being a gentleman and being kind to the cheerleader, Brooke continues to stalk him daily.

What's up with Nathan: He takes a moment away from thinking and talking about himself (not to mention wallowing in his own self-pity) to notice a change in Peyton's room. She tells him that she's taken down her sketches to which he replies-"What sketches?"

At practice the next day Coach announces that he's moving Nathan from shooting guard to small forward and the boy is anything but pleased. Somehow word gets back to Pops who is even less pleased. He passes off his anger by saying that he always wanted more for Nate but we all know that Dan is freaking because it's clearly not as fun living vicariously through a small forward as it was living vicariously through a shooting guard.


Dan tells his son that sometimes getting what you want means getting mean and ugly. So mean and ugly it is. Nathan begins the nasty hazing ritual on Luke, including all types of torture, mayhem and nakedness.

What's up with Peyton: Thud magazine called and left a message about their serious interest in her sketches. Rather than a hearty "Thank you!" to Lucas, Peyton gives him a verbal spanking for turning in her work without her permission. Crusty or not, the artist goes to the magazine to talk business but they're surprised that she's so young and they do have deadlines after all! They give her a test to see if she's up for the publishing biz. They want another strip and they want this one to reflect the happy side of high school and cheerleading. So not Peyton.

What's up with Haley: The academic coach gets a nice assist herself when one of the fellas she's been tutoring gets a B+ on his exam. She's "the bomb." But when Nathan hits the little smarty up for some scholarly help he's denied. Haley refuses the Bad Scott on the grounds that she's best buds with the Good Scott. That and she simply doesn't want to do it. She sees right through his shenanigans. But the pursuit continues. Nathan gives her a guilt trip about the "F" he received in English and he even calls her at Karen's Café and begs. The resolved tutor hangs up on the poor boy but Karen advises her to help out this mystery boy (Haley doesn't let her know it was Nate who called to grovel). Maybe there's something in there worth saving. If she only knew.

What's up with Karen: Mom is forced to re-live the dreaded high school drama years all over again when Shari the ex-cheerleader runs into her at the big game and lets her know that now that her son is a member of Varsity she is eligible to join the Boosters. Not really the joiner but deciding to give Shari and the rest of the fruits the benefit of the doubt, Karen shows up for the big Booster meeting and a verbal altercation breaks out almost immediately. Karen leaves after she tells Shari that she's the same petty bitch she was in high school. Guess the Boosters are out but we don't see it as a big loss as we don't really understand what said Boosters do anyway.

What's up with Dan: He continues to blame Coach Whitey and his past troubles with him for the switch in positions for Nathan. Dan tells his son to encourage the rest of the team to gang up on Lucas. Young and impressionable, they continue to play dirtier and dirtier.

How does it all wrap up: As if he's not taking enough of the hazing ritual at school and on the court - Lucas heads to his place of solace, to his home court down by the river…to find it trashed.

As he begins to clean up the graffiti, Peyton shows up to tell him she's not doing the comic strip. They loved the stuff but they wanted her to change it too much. She finally thanks him and apologizes for the vandalism if Nathan did it.

Jake comes by the garage to commiserate with Lucas. He's the only team member who won't follow Nathan's lead and he encourages Lucas to take the high road. And if he can't - he'll "have his back."

Nate continues to bring the nastiness and somehow Lucas manages to rise above by continuing to come to practice and kick some b-ball booty as the newest guard on the team. The success of others is clearly more than Nathan can handle so he and the Ravens kidnap Luke. Once out in the wilderness Nathan makes it clear that this is the part of the hazing where they usually welcome the newbie to the team but it ain't gonna happen this time. It's time for Lucas to quit.
Luke decides to fight back at Nathan and the team and tells Haley about his plan but Haley has plans of her own. She agrees to tutor Nathan with two conditions. First - Lucas never finds out and second, he must leave Lucas alone. He agrees though it's clear that plan B is now in full effect. Destroy Lucas Scott's best and only real friendship.

Peyton ends up telling the magazine they can take her art or they can leave it and they decide to take it. Her strip will run in the next issue.

Like her son, Karen rises above and apologizes to Shari in the hope that they will get to know one another as they are, not who they were back in high school.

Unbeknownst to Nathan's big plan B, already being put into play, Lucas tells Nathan that he can bring all the games he wants. He's not leaving the team. He's there for good and not only that - he plans on breaking all his previous records.
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The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Bryan Gordan

September 30, 2003

What's the drama: Luke's first game in the gym belongs as much to the rest of the river gang as it does to him so they're all making sure to be there (microphones and all). Karen however, decides to sit this one out, saying she can "use the business" and staying at work instead. Everyone knows it's because she's mentally declared herself an "Ex-Free Zone." And who can blame her with ex's like Dan Scott.

When Uncle Keith shows up for the game, Big Dan chides him for "…finally coming to see his nephew's game." Yeah - exactly. Sadly, a few bricks, a couple of air balls and more than one untimely choke later, Lucas Scott has played the worst basketball game of his life. When Uncle Keith reports the miserable evening to M.I.A. Karen, she admits that she has a serious case of the guilts - finally fessing up to the fact that she isn't completely ready to face her son's father in place where he dumped her.

What's up with Luke: It's clear that the boy did not have his game face on. Truth be told, he stunk up the joint…publicly. So he decides to mope at the old stompin' grounds, the court down by the river, where he just so happens to run into Peyton who recently received the royal boot out of Nathan's love mobile. The nice Scott brother offers the damsel a ride home. And what kind of thanks does Lucas get for his troubles? Just a little tease and a shut down on the front porch.
Tough night.

What's up with Nathan: He's smart enough to realize that he's taking out his anger on Peyton. She's tired of being his rag doll but tells him it's "ok" even though it isn't. The next day at school when the teacher asks Peyton to describe Lucas in one word she plays into her popular chick role and says "choke," and then Nathan chimes in with "bastard." Oh - thems is fightin' words for Luke who drops his half-bro right in front of God and their English class and of course is held completely responsible for the brawl that ensues.

What's up with Peyton: She's out of place with the whole cheer gig but sticks it out for reasons that are still a bit unclear. It's obvious that the gal has zero in common with her fellow "Spirit Bunnies" and she'd rather be listening to music and doodling. When Peyton catches Lucas checking out her sketchbook (which reflects the true anti-Peyton rebel gal), she freaks. She yells a little and tells him it's like reading her diary! But the boy recognizes her anarchistic artistic skills and tries to encourage her to submit them to a magazine for publication. She declines. He wants to go all out strong or not at all. So it's not at all.

What's up with Karen: Moms finally fesses up to the whole truth and the reason why she couldn't bring herself to walk into that gym again - even to see Luke's first big game. Though she doesn't regret a single minute with him, she went through some hard times before he came along and the last time she was in that gym "he" told her he was leaving for college - choosing basketball over her.

What's up with Dan: Dan opens up to Nathan about his past troubles with Coach Whitey. He claims that it was because of a disagreement during a championship game. It seems that Nathan buys the whole story, though it does appear that the man continues to re-live his "glory days" through his son…Nathan that is. Later Dan has the nerve to confront Whitey, telling him to lay off Nathan and accusing the coach of recruiting "Karen's son" in order to get back at him. It's always about Dan isn't it? At least according to Dan.

How does it all wrap up: The in-class fight gets all the Scott parents really riled up. Both are frustrated with their boys, who they must realize are simply playing out their decades old arguments in present day.

Finally it seems that some of the guys on the team are starting to warm to Luke. Jake actually introduces himself, talks books, and advises not to let Nathan "take him." But later at the riverside court, Nathan arrives to gloat and tells Luke that he was looking forward to taking him down slowly but if he's going to crash and burn in one shot than that's fine too. Luke is rattled enough to skip practice. He's ready to quit the team all together.

Coach Whitey is unconvinced that Lucas is finished with the team and he knows where to find the boy. He's at his favorite comfortable court and Coach tells him he has a place on his team until tip off of the next game - the rest is up to him. Coach advises him to put a face to his fear and he'll beat it. Even b-friend Haley tries to encourage the boy not to give up so easily. He admits (as he gazes at Peyton's sketches that he dug out of the trash) that he can't be who he wants to be in that gym, in that uniform. He's afraid that Dan gets a piece of him when he's in the gym. But Moms says that the man has already taken enough from them and he doesn't have to give up anything to be in that gym.

So after a quick trip to the magazine office to submit Peyton's work, it's off to the gym for Lucas - for the big game, where he takes the floor, inspired by Peyton's drawings - wearing his nameless jersey.
Take that Dan Scott!
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Series Premiere
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Bryan Gordan

September 23, 2003

What's the drama: Nathan Scott dunks it for hundreds of his adoring fans during a Varsity game at the Whitey Durham Forum while Lucas Scott plays some hard-core yard ball with his buddies in the dark at the court by the riverfront. It's clear that both players have skills.

Luke's Uncle Keith recognizes this fact and decides to take matters into his own hands. He drops by the high school to tell Coach Durham about the untapped talent named Lucas who chooses to play "down by the river" instead of on the high school team. It's obvious that even though the elder Scott, Dan (an aging ex-basketball hero who continues to relish his glory days himself), only recognizes his son Nathan and refuses to recognize Lucas - the rest of the small town knows the dirty Scott family secret. After catching a game "down by the river," Coach tells Uncle Keith he'll give the kid a chance.

What's up with Lucas "Luke" Scott: An unusual boy who splits his time between the basketball court and the reading of Steinbeck. Luke has a good set of core buddies who talk him into going for the team even though he's not so sure himself. Mom Karen is clearly disturbed by the sight of the uniform. Oh the bad memories - how they linger. But rather than have her ugly past with Dan Scott rule her son's future - she encourages Luke to go for it. It seems that Luke is the only one in his inner circle who isn't interested in seeing him on the high school varsity team.

What's up with Nathan Scott: After stealing the team bus and nearly killing himself, his teammates and a few select cheerleaders, Nathan is somehow exonerated while half his teammates are suspended and unceremoniously booted off the team. Somehow, his father Dan is still cranky because now his son will be "double-teamed" for the rest of the season. Later, while in the weight room, Nathan confronts his father and asks for the truth about Lucas. Did he really get Luke's mother pregnant right out of high school and choose to go off to college rather than support her and his own child? He doesn't get anything near the truth from his father but he does get a challenge. Confront the "bastard" Scott boy and talk him out of joining the team. Nathan ends up challenging his half-brother to a little one on one on the court. If he wins Lucas doesn't join the team. If Lucas wins Nathan quits the team.

What's up with Petyon Sawyer: Peyton is a bit of a loner for a cheerleader. She drives herself home from the big game rather than take a ride in Nathan's Magic Bus. She listens to her own style of music and drives a cool convertible - that ends up breaking down on the side of the road. She's forced to be rescued by Lucas whose Uncle Keith owns a repair shop. It's a bit uncomfortable, being helped by Luke, who she doesn't really know but has heard all about. While Luke hooks Peyton's car up to the tow truck, the cheerleader calls her beau for a ride. It's clear from her side of the phone conversation that Nathan is perturbed by her disturbing him at the gym and never ends up showing. So the "nice" Scott gives Peyton a lift home. She asks her strange hero how it feels to have a father who won't recognize him and he admits that he doesn't really mind but it does suck for his mother, Karen.

What's up with Karen: She finally decides to break a fifteen-year silence to speak with her ex in order to stick up for her son. She tells Dan that he's kept out of Lucas' life this far and asks him to continue to stay out. If Lucas wants to play basketball he has every right. As much lip as we've heard from Dan throughout the entire episode - he is a little tongue-tied during Karen's visit.

How does it all wrap up: The one-on-one Scott brother game is on - Midnight at the Riverfront. Before the big game Nathan tells Peyton that the real bet is that if he loses Luke "gets" her and she seems surprisingly unmoved by her new role as commerce for barter. Could there be a slight attraction between Peyton and Lucas? As the game gets underway the Scott boys trade dunks and the match seems pretty even, despite the fact that Nathan plays dirty. He throws elbows and when it comes down to the winning point he has the moxie to tell Luke that their father has never mentioned his name…once. This is just the fire Luke needs to toss in the last basket for the win!

As it turns out - the bet Lucas really made with Nathan was that if he were to win, Nathan must stay on the team.

Nathan goes home to his father in shame.

Peyton leaves, seemingly a bit disappointed that she wasn't "won" by Lucas.

And Luke shows up for practice the next day.
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