Media Machines Management

Keith McCurdy

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Keith McCurdyKeith's career has spanned more than 20 years in the digital media industry where he has held numerous executive positions ranging from CEO of innovative early stage companies backed by leading venture capitalists to senior executive at Electronic Arts. Mr. McCurdy tenure at Electronic Arts encompassed the company's growth from 150 to over 3,500 employees and $8 billion in value, during which time he held a variety of positions including VP of Online, VP of Technology, and VP of Product Development. Mr. McCurdy has created new businesses in the interactive, online, and mobile industries, and has consistently been on the leading edge of innovation in products, technology, business models, and distribution.

Tony Parisi

Chief Platform Officer, Founder

Tony ParisiTony is a successful business entrepreneur and has been a software developer for over twenty years. He pioneered 3D graphics on the Web, first as co-creator of VRML and again as co-chair and editor of the X3D specification, today’s ISO standard for networked 3D graphics. Parisi was also founder and CEO of Intervista Software, one of the first Web 3D developers, which he went on to successfully sell to Platinum Technologies in 1998. Early in his career, Tony worked for innovators Lotus Development and BBN.

Dr. Jay Weber

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Jay WeberJay has been an influential innovator since the earliest days of Web technologies and businesses. In 1995 he designed and co-developed the Web's first content management software at Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) and for O'Reilly and Associates' best-selling Web server. After EIT was acquired by Verifone, Jay led development of the Web merchant and payment system selected by Oracle, Microsoft, Netscape and Wells Fargo. More recently, he was co-founder and CTO for RespondTV, an interactive TV company successfully blending ecommerce links with broadcast television. Jay's Ph.D. is in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Keith Victor

VP Software, Co-founder

Keith VictorKeith is the creator of Spazz3D and Vizx3D, market leading X3D modeling and animating tools for creating Web 3D content. He joined Media Machines in April of 2005 when the company merged with Virtock Technologies, a company Victor founded in 1999. Keith has also developed 3D technologies for mobile devices at Eyematic Interfaces, and early in his career developed CAD software for SDRC, an EDS company, as well as automobile automation software for Delco Chassis, a division of General Motors. Keith is a leader in the Web 3D community and is a contributor to the industry standard X3D and H-Anim specifications.