Stopping the Illegal Mexican Parrot Trade

Defenders of Wildlife is pleased to release its report entitled:

"The Illegal Parrot Trade in Mexico: A Comprehensive Assessment"

This detailed study thoroughly analyzes the threat to Mexico's 22 parrot species posed by illegal trapping and proposes comprehensive policy solutions.

The conclusion reached is that only major reforms in the laws, in law enforcement, and in the behavior of the main actors in the Mexican parrot trade - including the buying public - will restore these beautiful birds to stable populations in the wild.

Written by:
Juan Carlos Cantú Guzmán, Director of Programs, Defenders of Wildlife México Office
María Elena Sánchez Saldaña, President, Teyeliz, A.C.
In collaboration with: Manuel Grosselet, Ornithologist, and Jesús Silva Gamez, Veterinarian
Published: 2007

Trafico Ilegal de Pericos en Mexico
Download the Spanish language version.
The Illegal Parrot Trade in Mexico
Download the English language version.

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Defenders of Wildlife, México Office
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Bosques de las Lomas
D.F. 11700 Mexico

For extra English copies of the report, please contact:

Defenders of Wildlife
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