The Penelope Circle

In recognition of the many Canadian artists involved in The Penelopiad, nine remarkable Canadian women from across our country have given leadership gifts to champion The Penelopiad project and ensure that the National Arts Centre could create this valuable opportunity for Canadian theatre artists. These donors have come to be known as the Penelope Circle. Their shared vision and belief in the power of women’s leadership to effect positive social change have been an inspiration to us all.

Each member of the Penelope Circle has been encouraged to engage a young woman who she believes will have a profound impact on our society, as a protégé. The Penelope Circle is working to involve these emerging leaders in the life of the National Arts Centre, helping to ensure its vitality and relevance for the leaders, artists and audiences of tomorrow.

The National Arts Centre Foundation wishes to acknowledge and thank all of the donors who have made gifts in support of The Penelopiad. Their generosity has made this trans-Atlantic collaboration possible.

Gail Asper (Winnipeg)
Alice Burton (Toronto)
Zita Cobb (Ottawa)
Kiki Delaney (Toronto)
Julia Foster (Toronto)
Margaret Fountain (Halifax)
Leslie Gales (Toronto)
Dianne Kipnes (Edmonton)
Gail O’Brien (Calgary)

Hannah Taylor (Winnipeg)
Ming Tiampo (Ottawa)
Sharon King-Campbell (St. John’s)
Meaghan Ursell (Ottawa)
Melanie Foster (Toronto)
Allison Kouzovnikov (Halifax)
Kelsey Erin Mills (Toronto)
Elena Porter (Edmonton)
Shaun O’Brien (Toronto)

Valerie Angus
Alice Beland
Mary B. Bell
Mary Brebner
Susan Buggey
Beverley Burke
Shirley & Bernard Costello
Lynda Cox
Mary De Bellefeuille
Karen Fee
Robert Flynn
Mary Froggett
Teresa Gardner
Linda Gaucher
Nancy Greenway
John & Joan Kenney
Nona Macdonald Heaslip
Ms. Elisabeth Neelin
Jane Orsak
Raymond & Jacqueline Roy
Mirabel Russell
Jeanne d'Arc Sharp
Lelia Sponsel
Hub Stapper
Louise Stuart
Shirley Thomson
Kenneth & Margaret Torrance
Jane Tudor & Jeff Greenberg
Aline Van Dine
Mary Wilson
Peter & Cathy Wilson
Jennie E. Zajko
Anonymous Donors

For more information about the National Arts Centre Foundation, The Penelope Circle or how you can contribute, please contact the Donors’ Circle Line at 613-947-7000, ext. 355.