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Police received gifts from Church of Scientology

THE City of London Police is conducting an inquiry after it was revealed that officers had been "groomed" with gifts worth thousands of pounds from the Church of Scientology.

Officers accepted invitations to the premier of Mission Impossible 3 in Leicester Square in April and to a £500-a-head charity dinner where MI3 star and world famous Scientologist Tom Cruise was the guest of honour.

The force was also provided with free use of a £5,000 a night jazz band and the Scientologists donated £6,250 to the City of London Children's Charity, according to reports by The Guardian and Daily Mail.

More than 20 officers were reportedly targeted by the religious movement - which opened a new centre on Queen Victoria Street near St Paul's Cathedral last month - in the 15 months since the July 7 bombings.

Chief superintendent Kevin Hurley appeared as a guest speaker at the opening of the £23 million centre.

According to the reports, most of the engagements were approved by three senior officers, assistant commissioner Frank Armstrong, Mr Hurley or chief superintendent Ken Stewart.

There is no suggestion Mr Hurley has personally benefited from any hospitality.

A City of London Police spokesman said: "We are conducting a review to ensure that all members of staff are aware of the force policy on accepting hospitality and to assess whether clarification or amendment of this policy is necessary."

But the spokesman would not say if the officers involved would be spoken to about their relationship with the wealthy religious movement.

"We will not be commenting any further because this was a freedom of information matter," he said.

11:54am Wednesday 22nd November 2006

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Posted by: mike ricketts on 8:25am Mon 27 Nov 06
AS Scientologist myself for over 28years. I know that the church ahs worked with the police force ever since the Church was formed.Yes of course they cupport the police as they do many other organisations like the Red Cross . The royal life boat institution disabled charities. etc
The Church alongside the police are interested in reducing crime and they should be supported in their endeavours . This is really a no story and the investigations will come up with very little . We will continue I am sure to support police forces throughout th e UK offering help in their Fight against crime
Posted by: Roland on 8:18am Wed 6 Dec 06
The so-called "Church" of Scientology wants respectability so that their scam can work better. When the marks get sucked into the "church" it starts out as a self-help group only to turn out as a money-sucking UFO nut cult that says you are infested with the souls of dead space-aliens that they call "body thetans" and only by paying hundreds of thousands of pounds can you get rid of them. If they can get good things said about them by a senior police officer then that is a few more people they can scam.
Posted by: Nigel on 10:30pm Fri 30 Mar 07
Scientologists are sick parasites who pray on vulnerable people for financial gain. I wonder how Mike Ricketts was recruited?
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