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Broadband Applications Research Centre (BARC)

What we do

The Broadband Applications Centre was created in April 2004 to support BT's broadband vision. With Broadband firmly at the heart of BT, the centre aims to answer a number of key questions:

  • What applications and services will drive broadband growth over the next 1 - 5 years?
  • How could BT make new additional revenue from broadband applications and services?
  • How will broadband applications and services impact on our networks, platforms and business?

For example, in the future the ubiquity of audiovisual content will bring new opportunities and challenges to businesses and researchers engaged within these areas. As the boundaries between the real and created worlds blur, and the ability of the ordinary consumer to flexibly personalise and generate content increases, there will be an explosion in the creation and consumption of exciting new forms of dynamic and interactive media. In support of this vision, the centre is at the forefront of research into the generation, transmission, retrieval and understanding of advanced multimedia content.

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